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  1. did they six tonight (local time), too, or did I dream that part?
  2. ...for the US...and, of course, Wim and his show (and contacts in the radio world) to cover his corner of the world...
  3. Maybe what it will take is more (lots more) people like Jonesy with the shows to really get the word/music out there.
  4. How appropriate - "Jessie's Girl"...with that great line EC has mentioned...
  5. Hey, Pat - dar's not here, so I had to be the one to try and put the positive spin on it. (Translation - a girl can dream.)
  6. I thing I just died and went to raspberry heaven...
  7. acoustic TONIGHT! This thing better not cut out now!
  8. Speaking of teases - was that a new music tease from Eric?
  9. Hopefully one of our west coast friends was able to record it...what I heard of the song was terrific!
  10. mine's working again, too, but missed the end of our little concert
  11. I was hoping so, too, Tommy - but I don't have the capability with my 'puter... Oh, be still my heart - am loving the acoustic number!
  12. whew...it's back... It went off just as Eric was saying he has two children...now Jonesy is doing clothes...what did I miss?
  13. OMG - did anyone else just lose the stream?
  14. gmta argee - I was wondering.....maybe now?
  15. What a bonus for us to be turned on to this station while waiting for the 'Berries interview/number. Something tells me we may be streaming it more often...
  16. so we have another 45 minutes of Jonesy before the boys, argee?
  17. I had to turn off my firewall and all pop up blockers...but I'm in and listening.... Anyone else have any ideas?
  18. Officially BUMPING... 4 minutes till radio show time!
  19. I'm with you, Tommy...that's why I referred Mark to mellie. If it was ever available at all, she would have gotten her hands on it. (After all - we're talking Dave Smalley here!)
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