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  1. Thanks, Matt, for the heads up on "Cast of Characters". Hopefully, we can turn some more people on to it...they did a nice job of putting the set together.
  2. Hey, Bernie - excellent idea. Like the Rhino suggestion...Hip-O Select is another one to check out for it. Is Varese Sarabande still around? (They released Rupert Holmes' first LP on CD quite awhile back, with bonus tracks from the second one.) As for the topic of the thread...this is kind of like that Manilow thread was for me: I'm percolating a reply. (You've all been warned - my keyboard may spew without any warning.)
  3. Not sure if this really fits the definition - might be a little too "heavy" in the lyric department if one list I looked at is correct...but.... almost anything by Rupert Holmes...EXCEPT the one he is best known for, "Partners in Crime". While a great pop album, just didn't have the chops so many of his others did. "Widescreen", "Rupert Holmes" and "Singles" are all distinct, yet wonderful. "Pursuit of Happiness" and "Full Circle" (this one grows on a person after repeated listenings) might fit the catgeory best. "Adventure" is still very pop, but overall I enjoy it much more than "Partners...". "Scenario" is more late 80's-early 90's pop sounding, and probably the one I consider weakest overall. But, by that time, Rupe was ready to move on to other things...to say the least...! This is a catalog I think any of us here on the EC board would enjoy. They were all released on CD as a set (titled "Cast of Characters) last summer, along with bonus tracks. A nice addition to anyone's collection, trust me.
  4. We've lost two more.... http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/02/27/entertainment/main1350376_page2.shtml http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/02/26/entertainment/main1346191.shtml
  5. And, Laura - we'll have to compare notes on how our respective farm teams are doing this year!
  6. Oh, TT - I can't resist...not that I hold a grudge or anything, but I remember those Yankees/Royals playoffs of yore. (eegad - talking about dating yourself.) Anyway...I suspect that George would think that in just about any given year, wouldn't he? As would Gussie B., etc. etc.!) I'm ready for the season!!
  7. ***bump!*** Keith, Phil - I'm in - are you still thinking about doing this? If we're the only three interested, then I guess you can let me know on PM Hey, Phil - how about that turn around in the MVC standings last night??
  8. BUMP! Darn it all - I have a show ticket on Friday night and if it is like other productions by this theater group, while well done, it will run veeerrryyyy long. But I will try to be there...have both my snow boots and slipper socks ready for late night dancing on tired tootsies!
  9. Slightly OT here...but oh my! Not only is the Mah Jongg on the Post site Tommy told us about very addictive....I can't stop with the Pyramid solitaire! And Billy K. - love the Allan Sherman reference - always got a huge kick out of him!
  10. Thanks, Dar...at least I know I wasn't totally blind yesterday. Took me forever to find the very obvious games link on the Post site when it was sitting right in front of me. Derr.... I'm all about this mah jongg thing we seem to be getting in the works...maybe we should even find a time and on line place to play in the same area...just to get our feet wet and all. Though from what I understand the "real thing" is pretty different from what we play eletronically...I'm guessing I should help investigate this in my (ahem!) time off... (And, everyone, this time off really needs to end soon, so please hold good thoughts...thanks!)
  11. Thanks for the link, Lew. Dar - color me dense, but I didn't see a pic of Mrs. Carmen, so wondering how you came up with the hair comment? (Just point me in the right direction.) As for the game in question, I play it on my GBA and was just looking for it on pogo before I came here. Paulie - where is it? I didn't see it listed in the free games there... And TT - I'm checking out the Post link now!! All that said, I would love to play the "true" board game, putting together my own layouts and all those details...
  12. Good article, Anne - and so many good choices. Combining this with the "Anti-Valentine's" thread...I think of "It's a Fine, Fine Line" from "Avenue Q" and "I know Him So Well" from "Chess". The "Avenue Q" song really cuts to the chase and is another one of those beautiful in its simplicity tunes. I couldn't believe this poignant little gem was in the middle of that hysterical show!
  13. This is a fun one, Bernie. May I humbly suggest the addition of "Someday" by our own esteemed Mr. Carmen??
  14. susana

    Manilow #1

    Wow....positive comments! I expected to be hiding under my desk after getting on my soapbox. LOL TT - the "white version" of "...Magic" is basically a "kinder, gentler" version....the trademark "punches" were added on the resissue. (Hope that makes sense.) Cartmill - oh my ! Are we kindred spirits in an appreciation of quality schmaltz??!! (How about "This One's For You"?) Tom - thanks for the concert broadcast info. MAM - I like Paradise Cafe a lot, too...which leads me to Mike - I agree about wanting to hear him try different genres. And seconding Jeff...gotta give him credit for trying different things. (That's more than we can say for a lot of performers!!) OK, I'll be quiet now.
  15. No more Lenny, eh? Well....that would have been the only reason I would have gone to the show... :::ducking and running!!::
  16. One more thing before I go... John, I am going to have to have this one!! Sounds like a hoot - thanks for the heads up! Really leaving the building now...
  17. Oh...and at or very near the top of my personal deportation list would have to be Fantasia. And I mean the screecher - I mean, singer (??) - not the movie. When is someone ever going to put a muzzle on that woman??!! I'll sign off now that I've ruffled enough feathers for one evening... (Aren't all of you glad I resisted the urge to post my rant about the people performing in the Sly Stone tribute on the Grammies? )
  18. I dunno if I can support the sisterhood on that request, Sugar....maybe if it means there's no way Kenny G or Michael Bolton can get out of being deported....
  19. Congratulations, Ernie!! I'm delighted to hear the good news!! I'm not going to be at the Choir shows...but... Bernie? Kathy? Can you buy him a drink from me, too? (Let me know what I owe you and I'll send it pdq - please be sure and tip the wait staff well. )
  20. susana

    Manilow #1

    My name is Susana and I revel in my Manilow geekiness. There - now that we've established that fact, on to the rest of my post. I have been a fan of his since early on his recording career and saw him for the first of many times at about the time "It's a Miracle" was a hit. While he has appeared to be rather reserved in comparison to what he projects on stage, he also appeared to try and be responsive to people, even when the legion of fans was growing so large, it seemed impossible for someone with that demeanor to cope with it. Anne, you hit the nail on the head about him being thoughtful towards his fans. The first time I saw him I took with me both the white cover (original) version of "Barry Manilow" (the reissue was titled "Barry Manilow I") and "Barry Manilow II". As it turned out I was staying at the same hotel he was and I ran into him going back inside after the shows. He was gracious enough to speak with me for a few minutes and sign both album covers - this after flying into town following a gig the night before, doing a full sound check and then performing two shows at an amphitheatre. While there is much to be said for performers who stick to certain principles of musicality, there is also something to be said for knowing what one's strengths are and endeavoring to maximize what is done with them. Manilow's success can largely be attributed to a gift for knowing what is strong commercially, and thus, will sell. Look at the jingles he has been involved with and we still know instantly today when we hear them: "I Am Stuck on Band-Aids", "Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is There", "You Deserve a Break Today..." and many more. That part of his resume reads like a "Who's Who". As for the music aside from that, the man does have talent enough to be an accompanist, band leader and record producer. (Can anyone say "Bette Midler"?) You can't fake your way through those type of gigs for as long as he played them. Yes, he played songs written by others, but he also wrote or co-wrote many of his memorable songs. In addition to knowing the sounds that sell, he also does a heck of a job pouring himself into the deeper songs. Good examples of the latter are "Sandra" and "Lay Me Down". A live version of "Trying to Get the Feeling" runs circles around the recorded version and once again, the audience is left feeling as drained as he looked while performing it. And then we have "Could It Be Magic". Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing it on the "white cover album" I mentioned earlier knows how beautiful that song can be. The revised version on "Barry Manilow I" and the shortened single version don't do it justice. That song predates "All By Myself" and they follow a similar path: pianist takes a favorite classical piece and crafts an extended pop ballad around it. Hmmm....and Clive Davis was all about signing Eric....hmmm.... Now before anyone has a screaming meemie attack on me, I am not implying in any way, shape or form that a) Clive Davis "told" Eric to write "ABM" or that Eric "ripped off" a concept from Manilow. Merely making an observation...but now that I think about it, giving the fact we are sitting here talking about Manilow, there could be someone somewhere on a Manilow message board saying those very things! But that brings us back to the business side of this. The mixing that overemphasized certain things in "Magic" and those darn modulations that seem to happen in almost every ballad are what made them popular to the masses. And I bet chances are we would rather have that type of "music" in the "music business" rather than the schlock (trying to keep the language clean!) we have today in the form of Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and those ever-present boy bands. At least there was some true music in Manilow's biggest hits. Bob, good point about the "guilty pleasure". I think that's how I look at a lot of the Manilow songs I like. Will I buy this latest album? Doubtful. Does the idea of it even appeal to me? No. But he does have a fan base who will like it very much and my money's on the fact that it hit the right nerve with a considerable number of other people or it wouldn't have debuted at #1. Stepping off of my soapbox now, for a breather. susana P.S. Bernie - did you ever hear Captain and Tennille's version of "I Write the Songs"? Was released prior to Manilow's (on their first album) and for the life of me, I never knew why they didn't release it...then it was plucked for Barry and the rest is history, for what it's worth.
  21. Oh - I didn't answer your question! I was right there with everyone else, in front of the TV, ooh'ing and aww'ing with the best of them.
  22. And to this day, I'm a Ringo fan! (I know, I know - I never was one to go for a pretty boy.) I wondered if they would make mention of this anniversary on the Grammies last night...
  23. OK, OK, Cartmill...so I'm guessing the thong would not be considered appropriate in your book, either...harrumph.... I'm going to clean out the undies drawer since apparently they won't be needed for this upcoming protest...
  24. Yes, must give big kudos to Paul for that final collaboration...both for his performance and his demeanor...all the performers on the charts today could learn a lesson in grace.
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