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  1. Tommy, the Soliloquy from "Carousel" is awesome....and what an incredibly difficult number. I wouldn't even want to try and perform it. I agree wholeheartedly about how terrific "Some Enchanted Evening" and "Somewhere" are...also must submit the whole "Shall We Dance" scene from "The King and I". (Another show I was in - beat mellie to that one!) That whole sequence is one of the most romantic in musical theater without being overtly so. We're certainly on one of my favorite topics here when we're talking musicals...:::sigh::: An underrated number from recent years is "There's A Fine, Fine Line" from (of all things) "Avenue Q". Yes, quite an irreverent show overall, but that number....darn...beautiful in its simplicity and nails it. Leaves me with a pit in my stomach feeling every time I hear it. Love it. As for my time in "West Side Story"...lol...I played Graciela...but a rather padded version of the role because, being high school and all, they had to do that. Had the major dance number in the Dance Hall Sequence. Amazed me I was allowed that much because I was on call for the pit if the flautist went down. Not a lead in large part because I wasn't a soprano - knew that going in - that's just how it was there. Even their Anita was technically a soprano! S*
  2. I need to visit here more often....so my answers don't have to be so brief... I'm a Marvel gal....but owned more than my fair share of Archies...the comics, not the recordings. *susana* back tonight for a little catching up
  3. Well, piffle...at least that frees up Monday night completely for me. I'm watching Invasion right now, and they promo'ed another new show to begin in its time slot in two weeks. If Invasion goes away, then I can be pretty much TV free, except for the occasional episode of Criminal Minds. As for Stockard - what about West Wing? S*
  4. Thanks for pointing that out, Bernie. It's been a crazy week and I'm still in the "thumbing through" phase of my copy, so I latch on to tidbits like this. 😜 And, Tony, look at it this way - the shameless plug is ammo for Kathy to use in her campaign for a second edition. S*
  5. Oh, Don - I'm not going to throw anything! LOL Your idea of "California Nights" is a good one. I've always been partial to "Brink of Disaster" - I vote for that one as the Lesley Gore duet. S*
  6. susana


    GMTA, TT. Maybe Lew will go for it once he gets sufficient feedback on his botox. Truly amazing results there, Lew - it looks like a whole new "yew".
  7. I knew there was a reason I liked you, paulie. ICAM about Emily Proctor...it's almost as if she tries to be as bad as possible. And, I just don't get it when it comes to her being eye candy, either. (Sorry, BHPat!) She's average looking at best...the role could be played by any other blonde wanna-be-actress, and probably better. I really do try to find a positive in all situations, but I just haven't been able to find it in this one. Oh - and TT - if you like "2 1/2 Men" so much...what do you think of "Out of Practice"? That's the one I think is hysterical. Can't believe they've put it on the shelf just to run out what they shot of the Jenna Elfman show (yawn) and whatever the heck one it is that starts next week. Its ratings were decent enough....so now they've killed the momentum...oh well. I'm not married to any sitcoms since "Frasier" ended. S-Girl
  8. random thoughts/comments... -- welcome (again) to the board, erico -- can't say enough about the powers of visualization -- agree that the brushed stainless look would have been great on the dan armstrong *susana*
  9. If ScentLady's in, then I'm in...I keep saying I want to do one of these things so may as well finally do it! This should be a hoot.
  10. eeewwww, TT. balance...everything in moderation...are you saying that doesn't work for you? S-Girl who thinks salt & grease is a food group (bring on the chips!)
  11. Hey Bern - have you ever seen Lou do a show? Talk about a cheap thrill when she was going through her "EC period"!
  12. I hear you, Tony - I have been known to have that kind of title among my friends, but I quickly ceded to Dar as soon as I started lurking here... She has truly elevated it to an art form. (And that is a compliment! Not enough people in the world who do opt for the sunny side of things.)
  13. Hey, Kath - does that mean I shouldn't mention the Louise Mandrell duet??
  14. :::Waving at EricH!!::: Hi back! (and to stay on topic - hope you get your blank 8 tracks. )
  15. That's neat, Darlene - wish I could hear it! And agree about the video...a killer...
  16. (or maybe it was 1977...one or the other...close enough...)
  17. Thanks, Matt...heeheehee....I'm going to pass it along...
  18. Hey, Don - slightly off topic here...do you know whatever became of Shannon who used to do evenings on KSTP, circa 1977??
  19. "I'm Through With Love" gets that dubious honor in my book..jmho, of course.
  20. Guess I just lost my spot in line as the one who lurked the longest before joining as a member. Like everyone else is saying - welcome, Erico. And I had to smile a huge smile at Jeff's opening line on his post above. Made me think of a t-shirt I saw back in 1976...
  21. Hey, EricH - I still have a stereo that will record 8-tracks to cassette (does this make us kindred spirits?)...never did have an 8-track recorder, though. Maybe you should check out the ebay listing paulie found.
  22. Thanks, Gene - love them! I can't see enough to tell - is that an ES-335 that Jesse was playing?
  23. Is your version one of the ones I have, Cartmill? Or the one Mellie pointed out is listed in the "Overnight Sensation" book? Heck - there may be a plethora of these things out there!
  24. That's what is making me wonder about this whole thing, Mellie! I'll listen carefully to both and see what the mixes sound like...one was actually still sealed until I opened it to get more detail for this post. Both have markings on the liner to indicate an overseas release. And now I'm not sure how many times it has been released!
  25. This question came to my mind when I saw Bernie's reference to his 24 bit version...oh, great IAA Bernie, Genius...maybe you can answer this for me. I have two versions of the CD. One "label" shows Arista, with a 1980 date, on the left side and BMG/BVCM-7322/(74321-53493-2) on the right. Also, one of those awkward little "attachments" to the cover made a note that it is "20 bit K2 Super Coding". The other only shows Arista sideways on the left. Number on the right shows as BVCA-2021, with a 1992 date attributed only to Arista and made in Japan. So IAA Genius - can you tell me the differences between the two? Thanks...also thanks to anyone else who chimes in on this.
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