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  1. Oh me. I'm positively verklempt. (Can't even spell at the moment so don't beat me up on that one if it's wrong.) The balcony buddies are smiling now because they know the look on my face. Though I remember that TV performance well - and though that song is almost a part of my very being, it never ceases to do me in... What a wonderful respite to the 100 degree heat... Gracias. S*
  2. Apologies for my part in contining to beat this to death by posting, but I do want to join in with my thanks to Eric for posting in general and specifically for not holding back on this topic. As I'm sure we all have been, I was involved in a hurtful situation years ago that focused on twisted words and situations, and know the pain it causes. Add to that the fact this involves something as intimate as a person's art form...well...having not been there, I won't pretend to be able to relate to that, but if I can feel a knife in my stomach over it, I won't even go near trying to guess how Eric feels. Thank you again for weighing in on this, E. *Susana* P.S. And, Bernie, thanks for the Cheap Trick quote - a big "amen" to what RN said!!
  3. Please don't faint, but I'll try to come and play for a little while...provided the next two days don't go completely belly up on me. Muzza - I know exactly what you mean about that sleep factor. The person formerly known to be ubiquitous, now given to cameo appearances, aka *Susana*
  4. Wonderful story, Eric...thanks for sharing that. Along with Bernie (and apparently quite a few other people here), those lyrics are among my favorite of all time, from any composer. I relate to the "sippin' on a scotch and soda" phrase in particular... In fact, I'm hoping to sip one and mull over those words on October 6. (Waiting anxiously for confirmation as the flights in and out of here seem to get stickier every day. If I don't make the show it's because of the flight schedule, or lack thereof. Bleah.) But I digress. Back to the subject at hand. Funny how some of us developed such a jaded/cynical streak at a relatively young age, isn't it? Thank goodness we have your lyrics to see us through. S*
  5. Agreed, Steve. I may have liked "Life and Breath" almost as much...think I almost wore out the 45! S*
  6. Gracias, Brian! I'll check it out now... S*
  7. Brian - off the top of my head, I think it's because Sonny's voice has a unique sound (at least to me)...can't put my finger on it, but there's something about the quality I really like and could listen to all day. And, of course, we all know that when I was a young girl, his looks couldn't have hurt my opinion of him either! LOL I saw him a couple of times (once in the 80's and once in the 90's...or maybe both in the 90's...I'll have to check) on oldies shows and he was great. However, haven't been lucky enough to see the Jimmy Webb show you mentioned - would love to. I still prefer his version of "Rock and Roll Heaven" - you know, the one that was released before the Righteous Brothers used it for a comeback. Nothing against them, but their production was too "strident" for my tastes, after having heard Sonny's. I still have that 45...one of my treasures. Like I said, I love his vocal quality and could listen to him sing all day. Please let me know if you ever have any news on him that is intended for public consumption...I'd love to know if he is recording, performing anywhere nearby, etc. Thanks for asking - S* P.S. Now I'm motivated to try and record that Climax LP on to my mini-disc. Not set up (yet!) for a digital transfer to puter or CD burner, so that will have to do for now.
  8. What the heck was I thinking??!! Oh - I know - I wasn't thinking. I can try to blame it on my friend's arrival, but that's no good...suffice to say, this makes it one of those weeks all the way around. Sorry, Gene - that's what I get for trying to catch up all at once on my reading here...Mellie, will you help me scrape the egg of my face??? Yes, Gene , I do love the idea! S*
  9. Can I get an "amen" to the NOT featured comment??!! Lesley Gore has to be included, though. Plus I'm a sucker for Sonny Geraci, in whatever band incarnation he might appear. The obvious suspects, too: Ronettes, Little Eva, Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield....too many to list right now as one of my visitors from the west has arrived and we're headed out to dinner in about 5 minutes! Love your idea, Ira. S*
  10. It was originally released on the "California Nights" LP - recorded 11/30/66. It's also available on her "Greatest Hits, Volume 2" album and "It's My Party, The Mercury Anthology" two CD set. (The double CD was released in 1996.) Hope that helps. It's still going through my head today though it came up in my iPod shuffle 24 hours ago, and I've heard many things since. Since I seem to "imagine-hear" different arrangements for several of her songs, just thinking about it makes me ponder yet again what you would do with the arrangement of the "melding". S*
  11. Not sure of a whole set list/wish list, but this seems like a good time to put forth a medley I've always wanted to hear...more of one of those "melding" of two songs things, than just snippets of each back to back...you get the drift... "Love Goes on Forever" by Lesley Gore and "Let's Pretend". I've heard it in my head for years and now I really want to hear Eric, sitting at his piano, sing it. I've always wondered if "LP" wasn't partially inspired by that one line in "LGOF"..."...every let's pretend that had to end..."...especially given that EC was (is?) a fairly avid LG listener. So, Eric, did "LGOF" perhaps play at least a subliminal part in that title? S*
  12. OK...editing myself...but still in angst mode. Replace "3" above with another Rupert Holmes song, "I Am My Lover's Keeper". S*
  13. Just a quick check in so everyone will know I'm still alive out here....getting closer every day to getting things back to normal.... Anyhoo...this is a tough one, but I'll give it a shot...at least these are my picks for the moment, in no particular order. I took pains to leave out EC tunes....too many! "I Can Remember" drains me to this day and will still bring tears on occasion, always when live. (Gee, as if you didn't know!) Not to mention "If You Change Your Mind", "The Way We Used To Be", "Nowhere to Hide"...the list goes on. Also, I keyed in on "angst" versus "tears" when it comes to my reactions. So maybe I'll do this again in a few days...an EC-exclusively list and a tearjerker list...but would that be cheating?? 1 - "Lay Me Down" - Barry Manilow - angst ridden tearjerker and a half, especially live (OK, so maybe this one was in order at #1 on this list.) 2 - "The People That You Never Get To Love" - Rupert Holmes - not a tearjerker for me, but full of angst..."The saddest words that anyone has ever said are 'Lord, what might have been' - but no one said you get to win" 3 - "Cold" - also Rupert Holmes, ideal blend of musical and lyrical angst...not offering any quotes, here as this post is already becoming much longer that intended. I'll revisit this song with anyone who might be interested. I know I've left out so many...those just sprang to my mind tonight.... susana*
  14. And, Mellie...my hat's off to you for that little picture you painted!
  15. I should probably read all of this chain before posting, but I was stalking after Mellie (heeheehee) and saw this. Oh puh-leeeeeez. American Idol???? Pardon me while I wretch. Sorry, but this is one of my soapbox topics. A friend who has a friend who is connected to the show (who is an acquaintance - long story), has promised to tell me when I need to think of turning on this go round and following for the first time ever. I still have not received the word, and someone told me today that we are getting down to the finalists. Hmmm.... Sorry for any offense I have caused...I'm tired so am especially cynical....looked here for the first time in ages and saw this topic, so I bit. Cartmill, I guess people will be going after me now. Can I come to your house and play, or have I offended you, too? Time to sleep - I promise I'll come back and play someday. (Gee...that would make a good song title...<eg>) S*
  16. susana

    Be My Baby

    I know everyone wants to hear from Eric on this before anyone else, but give me two glasses of - ahem - grape juice at the end of a long day and I can't sit quietly by... One of my favorite live music moments to this day was the 'Berries in 1973...front row center, slightly house left...and "Be My Baby" and "The Loco-Motion" back to back. A little slice of pop music heaven. Oh, that more of us here had the chance to hear that slice of pop music heaven! *susana* off to slumberland...taxes on the morrow...and then hopefully some on line play time
  17. E, I just earned another level of respect for you. You have worded perfectly what I was discussing with a friend yesterday in regards to all of this. I have rarely visited raspberries.net (for a variety of personal reasons), but this friend called the "debacle" (excellent choice of verbiage there) to my attention so I took a look. I was both stunned and saddened that communication on the site appears to have taken on such a slanted, political angle. I fully support free speech and always ask for the truth from others, so that is not the issue I have with all of it. This discussion should have taken place on an individual's web site vs. one bearing the band's name...or in a chat room or e-mails between individuals. I realize that I have only restated what Eric said in starting this thread, but I am in total agreement with him, and I feel this issue is important enough to require the emphasis achieved through repetition. I can see this leading to the end of raspberries.net as we know it, and I hope that the band is able to gain rights to using the name in some other form for a more official, impartial web site. Thankfully, the majority of the EC.com board's members seem to be able to separate the chaff from the wheat in terms of personal statements and opinions from a public/group consensus. If we need to do anything at all in response, it is only let this serve to motivate us even further to remain realistic and as positive as possible. That mindset has taken us this far as a community so it should serve us well in the future. S*
  18. OK, you guys...everyone (and I mean everyone) who is a member here either knows or should know how I feel about this song....!! While I understand what Eric is saying about how ambitious a song "I can Remember" was for a first album, I also think that is part of what makes it so memorable. It left room for a simplicity that in many aspects would have been eliminated in a version recorded later in the life of the band. That is the component that made it accessible to everyone: professional musicians, student musicians, pop music aficionados, and even the casual listeners who had a few extra minutes to pay attention. To this day, it is one of those songs that commands my attention every time I hear it. I kid you not, I am transfixed each time it begins, and my reaction - while strikingly similar each time - is different each time. (I still blush a tad when I think of Stevie's comment about the look on my face when the band started playing it at the Chicago show - he got what it means to me. And, btw, where is Stevie? I miss seeing him here!)) Musicians will know what I mean about the internal feeling...the place it takes you to when you really immerse yourself in it... It totally embodies and reinforces what Eric said in another thread about (and I am SO paraphrasing here!) the melody being key...that a song has to stand on its melody or it doesn't stand at all... I never tire of hearing it...in fact, I have been known to make "dates" to listen to it...I'm stopping now, I really am...but you get the picture...: ) S*
  19. Usually Coke Classic here...but if it's diet, I'm a Tab girl all the way. (Who here knows that one?) My dad was diabetic (watched him give himself shots shots each a.m.), and I was tested last summer for insulin resistance (not so - whew!), so any soda at all for me is once a week at most... S*
  20. please keep me posted on where you're at on either version, Gene. I've only met you briefly, but Kathy said it well about your talent. I'm in based on the very first photo I saw! S*
  21. I'm set for tonight, gang...but big storms are predicted for the area. So if you don't see me at the draft and auto pic takes over, that's why...can't run the puter when major thunder boomers are happening. See you soon!
  22. My best wishes for you on this, Lew....maybe Lewisa can be convinced to go out of town with Bolton? Although I would not wish him on anyone, even to help you with your ultimate fantasy....can you guess he is not my type and I am trying very hard to figure out what it is Nicollette sees in him??? lol But that probably ties in some way to my blessed little avatar. I had to have her as soon as I saw her in the choices, but this thread started me thinking. Perhaps she has not influenced me so much, as my life has paralleled hers way too much, so I was naturally drawn to her. Or maybe she's like the living plastic in last week's "Dr. Who" and has really been manipulating me all these years. After all, think about the poor girl's love life...perpetually stuck with the less than anatomically correct Ken. Maybe that's why I've always had such rotten luck in my love life.... :::sigh::: Now that I've thoroughly depressed myself, I think I'll go to the grocery store so I can at least eat a decent meal tonight before the gang gets here for the basketball game. S*
  23. Excellent point, BillyK! I haven't thoroughly digested this thread, so my comments may be rehashes...apologies in advance if they are. BillyK, you are saying what I have said for several years now. Used to be it was about the music, now it's about the music BUSINESS. People are out there now just to make a quick buck and they don't really care about or have an appreciation for the art form. I agree with Eric's basic premise that what we hear is what we learn from. I'd like to take that a step further and stress that all of this is perhaps influenced even more by our "immediate gratification" society of today. So many people want what they want, and they want it right now. (No, I'm trying to make a bad pun on a 'Berries song - lol.) They don't take the time to learn their craft, they don't take the time to explore their own talents and see where that takes them, they don't take the time to rework and fine tune their material - be it original or covered, they don't take the time to take lessons as needed...I could go on and on. They want to make a record, make it today, and if that doesn't fly (translation: make them lots of money), then they're off to the next get rich quick/career choice. Unfortunately, the record companies, corporate radio and such feed off of this, and we have examples like the one BillyK cited. That is absolutely why many of us will never hear many of the more promising artists. Given today's economics as a whole, there is a majority of the society that does not have the funding to enjoy satellite radio at all, or on line listening (be it through iPods, performers' sites, etc.) to its fullest. I think Mellie started down this line of thought - this is where the more creative people are going. Stands to reason. If you're creative, you're looking for different outlets in all areas of your life, not just the actual music. They are the people who discover the technological innovations that allow them to distribute their art. Heaven forbid that they do anything highly original and try to make it heard through traditional methods. It will be overanalyzed and tweaked to death. How many times have we talked about that very thing happening to the 'Berries and Eric back in the '70's??? To me the saddest part of it all is the economic aspect I touched on. Like all facets of our society, it is headed towards those who "have" financially being the only ones with the resources - both time and money - to enjoy new music. The "have nots" either have the time, but not the money resources to enjoy it to the max - face it, mp3 players, high speed internet and satellite radio all cost disposable income...or they are working so hard to make more money, they don't have the time. Yet another way music and other art forms are reflecting the society as a whole. S*
  24. Oh, I'm not scoffing, John!! Not in the least. Just meant I didn't have the plethora of recordings that I did of the comic books. I am the still proud owner of a picture cover 45 of "Bang-Shang-A-Lang"...but that's the only vinyl of theirs that I have. Boy, was I hooked on that one! I'm also a huge supporter to this day of Ron Dante. I'm sure you have visited his web site, but just in case: www.rondante.com. You can also sign up for his yahoo mailing list, which alerts you when new downloads are available. Ron is very communicative and also makes sure there are quite a few dl's there for the public's enjoyment. What an interesting, varied careere he has had. (And continues to have.) Also, was lucky enough to see Ron on a 60's show a couple of years ago. That's when I first saw our very own Overdub, Billy Sullivan. Imagine my delight when he showed up with the 'Berries and I had the chance to let him know that I enjoy his playing. What I would love to get my hands on are any of Ken Sharp's recordings.... S*
  25. This thread also made me think of "Leonard Bernstein's New York". Has anyone else seen it? I think perhaps cd's and vhs (not sure about dvd) might still be found on Amazon. S*
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