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  1. Oh, my! I may actually make it tonight! Already up and almost out the door on the one day I could sleep in - all because I lost a contact and it was so close to eye exam time....you guys understand. :::sigh::: I do have to get up early tomorrow, but if we get rolling close to the start time, I'm good for alittle while...what treats should I bring to share?
  2. Special thanks for the Change of Heart demo. Heck, would you believe that when I told someone about the potential show at Severance Hall, her first reaction was NOT "The guy who sang 'ABM'?" Rather, it was "Didn't he sing 'Change of Heart'?" No kidding. If this doesn't get her to the board, nothing will! *s*
  3. This question has Mellie's name written all over it!
  4. You're right, Bernie...it IS terrific to see/hear it live! This video does a great job of letting those who haven't been as lucky as me have that chance. S*
  5. Thanks for the "unofficial" link, AJ. I noticed a link on it to the Jaggerz site...hmmm...now I have to look into that, too. Glad (again) you got to speak briefly with Donnie. I spoke briefly with Mark years ago when the two of them were in Wild Cherry and hopefully he's still as amiable as he was then. A definite highlight of that night was when they performed "The Rapper". What a cheap thrill that was. Wild Cherry - a fun little rock band in the guise of a disco band....too bad they didn't get to explore the "inner rock" side more while in the limelight.
  6. Thanks, Bernie! (Gee, that was original, wasn't it? lol) This brings to mind a question I've thought about off and on: whither Dan Hrdlicka? Steve Knill? George Sipl? et al? S* P.S. And, yes, I did see this when it aired!
  7. Before you grab it all, Muzza, I'm taking one of TT's drumsticks.
  8. You are a much more interesting topic, Mr. Tunes. I wish it had been about you. S*
  9. One more thing... So what is D. Dwight Krueger doing these days if Mike McBride is playing drums for Beau Coup? (My apologies if I missed that tidbit.) I'm really leaving now...buenos noches. S*
  10. P.S. Or maybe it was Katie Holmes hype... (couldn't resist)
  11. Oh my...I think my boycott of CBS evening "news" is well warranted. :::shakes head::: Well, at least maybe now I can stand to watch "Today" on occasion...if they'd only lose Matt now. (yeah, I know I sound crotchety...I just never bought into KC's "perkiness" - gag -and ML has always struck me as a "dweeb" - and not in a good way.) I'd better sign off for the evening before I get myself in more trouble than I suspect I just did. hasta luego, S*
  12. AJ - wow! Glad you had such a great time - I have music envy at the moment. And, Cosmik, thanks for answering my question about Mark Avsec. I was hoping he was still with Donnie. I'd love to see them again. Now I need to go do a search for them... S*
  13. And don't forget watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on the tube! That's my biggie. I'm less fond of crowds as I get older, but I still could be persuaded to attend that someday...right now, I watch it for glimpses of the City and (hopefully) some good performances from shows. I'll be in LA this year, but you can bet we'll be tuned in. S*
  14. ROTFLOL, Sue - GMTA about the teeny boppers! Eeegads....we're not that old, are we????
  15. Gracias, Bernie. I only managed to turn on the telethon for a few minutes, but if I couldn't catch Billy and company "live", thank goodness it was in time to see Tony Orlando. (Kerry Cole is still going strong on that gig and there were several good shots of him as well. Way go to go, Kerry!) Bernie to the rescue as usual - thanks for sharing. Hope that Billy takes a little time to enjoy Vegas for all of us. S*
  16. how about a drawing for the poster? but those who qualify must prove their longevity as EC/Berries fans...couldn't resist...! S
  17. Hey, Tim - do you have the link to the article handy? Thanks. S*
  18. OK - someone ring the bell or make some other noise to get my attention...I'm sitting in party central, but checking e-mail and such till the fun starts!
  19. Hey - I was just in the room and and no one was there...I'll go back...: )
  20. Gotta love that acronym, Mellie! I think I'll join just so I can put that on a bumper sticker...not enough room on a license plate, but want you to know that would be my first choice for proudly proclaiming my membership. I'm already watching the mailbox for that membership card so I can begin enjoying its perks. When do we leave on that cruise?? And, no, Tony, you're not invited. Thank goodness she warned me about your "Service" - I'll set the filters on my e-mail to catch that spam. I'm not knocking the "leading astray" part...that can be fun at the right times (witness photo #2 in the contest)...it's just that I've had a long enough trip down that garden path...! Mellie, dig out that spy glass and get to work! (Now, won't you all be gunning for me at WAB V??? I'm already picking out the appropriate camo to wear.)
  21. Matt, will they be affiliated with a big league team? We've had both types of teams here, the current one being AA for the St. Louis Cardinals. It's great fun to go to games that are so close to home! Tonight was the final home game for the season, so will have to wait for spring till the next Friday night on the berm with fireworks following the game. Keep us posted on this! S*
  22. susana

    chit chat?

    Does anyone wanna chat? Ring the bell and let me know if you join the room!
  23. Dave, I just looked at the pic again and now I read this...you're making me drool..all over the keyboard!
  24. It's wonderful that everyone had such a good time. I was definitely there in spirit...and, believe me, I would much rather have been there than here....especially given the fact I spent the week in throes of the break up of an almost 6 year relationship! Good news is that I hope to be able to (yes, really this time!) spend a little more time here again with everyone. S*
  25. Aaah...I get to be one of the first to say it on the actual date...it's 12:37a EDT. cumpleanos feliz, erico. *susana*
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