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  1. I was the recipient of a very nice holiday gift: money to spend on iTunes. I have several things under serious consideration, but I want to get the input of some of my ec.com friends so that nothing is left unexplored. There are several of you who have known me or at least known of my tastes for years ('Rico and Mellie come to mind), some who I've become friends with while here (Eric H <of course - hi there!!>, Laura, TT, Marv, Kath, Sterling, ScentLady, Bern-meister and more), plus many more I know who will have incredible thoughts for me. So... $100 Better to buy complete albums where warranted as that makes the fun go a longer ways... Your thoughts, please?? Muchas gracias in advance. *susana*
  2. P.S. to Sterling....I thought about you the other night...you know which one....when MSU visited Bradley... Hope we chat soon about basketball!
  3. I just heard that tonight while watching the Pistons and Hornets. One person was talking about how he indicated he had tried some meds 'Zo suggested and they seemed to be working...then the next time the commentator saw him, said he could see the pain written all over Reilly's face. Of course, there's also the camp that will question his timing by saying that it's like the player who needs surgery and waits till the day before training camp to have it. Me, I think Reilly probably tried to tough it out and the pain got to be too much. Coach is too much of a class act and professional for it to be anything else. JMHO (And spoken by one who absolutely bled purple and gold during those fabulous Showtime '80's.) S* wondering if - since she posted this - Bessieboo thinks it sounds like as much fun as I do to dream of going to the All Star Game in Vegas next month
  4. Thank you, Gene, thank you so much - wonderful comment...in both replies. Laura, I love Olbermann, too. Tony - whassa-mattta-u? Can't take it if someone speaks up in disagreement? :::shakes head::: I live too close to too many of that kind. And if I may be so bold as to paraphrase the great Bern-meister...politics and religion are dangerous - especially in that they don't mix so well with music a lot of the time. This is all I will say on the topic unless a particularly hot button of mine is pressed. I come here to talk music, not politics...and, honestly, it's been pretty easy for me to be quiet and not be as regular a visitor when the political chatting heats up... S* Not taking away at all from first amendment, etc., etc. Au contraire! Viva first amendment! I just prefer to talk music with my ec.com buddies and forget about politics when playing here.
  5. Count me in - think mine came the same day as yours, EricH. So are we going to celebrate when we're holding the goods in our hot little hands? (And you're right - I do have some nice friends...you being one of them, of course.) S* Glad to be finally over the pre-holiday crud...and a big "gracias" again to Mellie.
  6. Time for me to chime in and join in the good wishes...my brain is not fully in gear so I will say "Feliz Navidad" and let my personal translation of that mean "Peace to all and happiest of holidays". S* P.S. And, Eric (and everyone else), as long as Bernie's not a cylon , we should be OK.
  7. Add me to those sending birthday wishes to Mr. Carmen and Ken. Hope this birthday is the first of many more great years! S*
  8. susana


    Did anyone else happen to see Manilow on "The Colbert Report"? I chanced into the repeat tonight and it was a hoot...who knew that Colbert was such a lounge lizard?? S*
  9. susana


    And here's a little info quoted from Ron Dante's e-mail list, re: Manilow's new release: "As many of you probably know, Barry's CD 'The Greatest Songs of the Sixties' is scheduled to be released on October 31st. Barry's newest tribute CD features his versions of songs originally made popular by such artists as Bobby Vinton, Dean Martin, The Righteous Brothers, and B.J. Thomas. The news gets even better - Barry is joined on six of those songs by none other than our very own Ron Dante! Ron provides background vocals for the following tracks: Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime Blue Velvet You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling When I Fall In Love Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head What The World Needs Now Is Love" Just my little contribution to this thread. S*
  10. I love this show! And what a treat that Hayden Panettiere got such a plum role...she's been a good actress ever since she was still in single digits. Dave, you have several chances each week to catch it, so hopefully you won't lose track of it. In addition to Friday, I think it repeats on SciFi Monday at 7p ET, just before a new episode airs at 9p ET on NBC. I've had to wait till Friday to catch it a couple of times, but I've managed to do it, so it's possible. I did get it recorded last night, but not watching yet...a little thing called the World Series is on again tonight. GO CARDS!! S*
  11. Annie, I haven't done much digging, but I bet it is Edin Karamazov. I need to go to sleep, so someone else will probably confirm it before I get back to it...but EK apparently worked with Sting on the album and is mentioned by name in this article: http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/entertainment/15773435.htm I liked the new version of "Fields of Barley" better, too. I'm becoming "curiouser and curiouser" about this recording... S*
  12. Darn - beat me to it, Brioohs! LOL - I need to get better with my timing on these kind of questions. I do still have this LP, though. S*
  13. Good thought, John - but show times were nearly identical. 'Berries' opening act was scheduled to start at 7p (I just double checked my poster from the show to confirm that) and the Dolls were set for 8p, at the latest. Besides, I was still reeling for days from actually having seen the 'Berries, so there's no way I would have been able to comprehend another show...just ask a couple of people who post here! LOL
  14. And, Dar, Sting was on "Studio 60" last night...with the lute featured prominently! They even referenced his interest in the instrument and the music...a nice case of art imitating life. S*
  15. As interesting as this talk about the Dolls is, I will quite happily tell each and every one of you that I passed on a chance to see them back in the 70's, when they played less than 2 miles from my house. And given the same choice today, I'd make the same decision all over again. Why? Because another band was playing in town, also about 2 miles from me to the west instead of that much south. That was on October 13, 1973...and the other band was the Raspberries!! Happy Anniversary to me! LOL S*
  16. ...tomorrow night, to the now annual "Susana and Mellie bask in the remembrance of their first 'Berries concert" chat. And it's also Friday the 13th! And it's also Tommy Tunes' big day! See you then!! S*
  17. Welcome, Kholvn! You have another neighbor in me...don't know about HT and others, but, yes, I actually do make it to OK once in awhile. Enjoy yourself here!
  18. Hey, hey, hey - it's birthday time again in ec.com land. Our own EricH will be celebrating on Friday, 10/6. Have a happy, happy day, Eric...and give my greetings to Romine's tomorrow night! *susana*
  19. Darn - I had the right group with Redbone, but the wrong song...thought it was "Witch Queen of New Orleans"!
  20. So Brian's on the bill with you in Branson this month, Billy? That's great news!
  21. Woo hoo! Gotta love the T'ster! S* P.S. Anyone besides me listening to FarmAid?
  22. And I think we all need to flog EricH if he doesn't show for the October party...after all, he almost got the ultimate gift for his b'day...that "almost-trip-to-Cleveland-for-a-show-we-all-would-have-been-there-for".
  23. Oh, honey, I wouldn't miss it next month for anything! In addition to the usual monthly festivities, are we going to have a special party on that very superstitious day in October?
  24. But at least I don't think Hot Butter ever took themselves way too seriously as Mac Davis did... Boy, could Mellie and I ever go off on a rant on that one!!!
  25. Guess I'll bring a glass or so of "grape juice" to sip while enjoying the mixed nuts... And now it's bill paying time. Then a power nap. And it'll be party time before we know it!
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