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  1. Having not met most of the club prior to NYE, it would be great for identification via a Raspberries button or ribbons. Whatever the mechanisim it would be fun to meet more of the super, Raspberries fans in the Windy City!! Count me in!

  2. I agree with Julia D, without the continued "push" from Bernie and Mr. Sharp, the things we are speculating on for Saturday in Chicago would be a mute point. I thought the salute to these great guys by Eric in Cleveland was very much deserving and moving moment. Marathon Man is probably the most definitive book on an artist/band that I have ever had the pleasure to read. Everyone involved, and of course the Raspberries, deserve much kudos for the excitment that has been brought back into the rock arena. Saturday will be indeed special!!

  3. I'll probably be listening to the game on my way back from the show, maybe the Vikes will turn it on one more time. Anyway, we think we had our Super Bowl yesterday. Looking forward to the anticipated great show on Saturday. I will also catch The Drysdale's set as they really do a retro-Berries style the best of anyone I've heard. Play On!!!

  4. Apparently it will be -15 below(real temp)here in the Twin Cities by Thursday. I'm leaving after work on Thursday and heading south to the tropical climate of Chicago!! I think Bernie hits it on the head for the heat element, once the guys take the stage. I think everyone was was plenty warm on NYE.

  5. Sorry for not getting sooner, celebrating the Vikes victory over the Packers. Anyway, First Avenue is a general admission venue that has limited main and upper room seating. For main acts such as Cheap Trick, Paul Westerberg and Soul Asylum, I believe they have packed in 1,500-1,700. Some folks believe they can get 2,000, but I think the fire marshall would have something to say about that.

  6. In today's Minneapolis Star Tribune, Arts & Entertainment section, Quick Spins:

    The Raspberries, who split in 1975, did a reunion gig in November in Cleveland and have booked two more shows.

    A bit dated but a mention nonetheless. I think we have the perfect venue for a Twin Cities show, First Avenue. It is hard to judge if there is a big difference in sound from the HOB, but I know the drinks are cheaper and the staff much friendlier. Great place to watch a show!! About the same size as the Cleveland HOB, maybe a bit larger capacity.

  7. Hey, saw the Cleveland show and we'll be in Chicago. It was worth the trip to watch Wally looking over his right shoulder at Eric, Don't Want To Say Goodbye. I hope the guys view 2005 as the year to kick,,,,,, they certainly deserve much gratitude for the outstanding performances so far. Keep the optimisum alive in '05!!!!!!!

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