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  1. After reflecting on the New Year's Eve and Waukesha shows with my cousin, we were in agreement that Let's Pretend was the highlight of both shows. Eric's vocals were excellent and the band played their hearts out. My first listen to Let's Pretend was driving around Lake Phalen here in Saint Paul. What a tune, both on the radio and then on the 8-Track. We're hoping that time will allow Raspberries to perform in a venue close to home, in 2006! We had been looking at the Taste of Minnesota as a perfect place for a show, as Eric may remember from 2000.
  2. Tony, that's a nice line. I would hope that Mr. Carmen's creative energies would not be bogged down by anti-Hollies folks, or rock history taken out of context. We have all the records and Cd's, bigger battles should be taken within the confines of the outcomes we have witnessed from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame(Shame). While not from Cleveland, we've been with Mr. Carmen and the boys for 34+ years. Again, the big picture would be how to figure out the Black Sabbath, Blondie and Lynard SKynard inductions to the Cleveland Hall and ways to prevent such problematic issues in the future. It would be nice to imagine someday when the Raspberries family could take a walk to the Hall without having to "fire up the Carmen Lear Jet."
  3. My apologies Tony, further comments were replied to that thread.
  4. Again, Mr. Krider's analysis is very much appreciated. Having been a Hollies fan since I was a kid, the Clarke/Hicks/Sylvester/Elliot/Calvert years were extremely fruitful. Mr. Clarke rejoined the Hollies in 1973 after a brief solo stint. Anyway, please do not judge the Hollies too harshly due to some misstatements and a tour without Mr. Clarke. They have a cool box set that is highly recommended, a very under appreciated band historical wise, After watching the debacle of the latest round of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees (Black Sabbath, Blondie and Lynard Skynard), it would probably be wise to focus our negative attentions elsewhere when analyzing the history of rock.
  5. I am interested in the Terry Sylvester stuff. I heard the CD he made with the late James Griffin. Very nice. As the Midwest outdoor venues are now getting signed for the summer, are we to assume that the Raspberries will be doing a theater/night club route during their highly anticipated return, While realizing that Mr. Carmen's remarks are 100% accurate, I'm not sure if we should be traveling to Cleveland for another round of Choir shows or if he should take the Eric Carmen Band out on the road for the 30th Aniversary Tour. I saw the show here in Saint Paul, March of 1976. Started with the great Sunrise, if memory serves me correctly.
  6. I think that Margaret is on to something. But, with proper parental supervision, kids can still hear the classics. My daughter listens to the Disney Channel, and believe it or not that is where the pop is for the young kids. They may never "gravitate" to the "riff rock."
  7. That is what is so pleasing about the 30+ years of commercial success with All By Myself. You went through complete hell only to be eventually vindicated. Kind of like Wilson's "Fire" recordings.
  8. Eric, it is our pure joy of listening to your piano for the past 30+ years that any typing "limitations" is obviously not that problematic with your millions of fans!!
  9. Mr. Krider, this is a very informative piece of material that you have researched. In comparison, in the sense that each band had four lp's, where would the Box Tops stand in the same analysis?
  10. Although, as much as things haven't worked out in an overall positive way, just one thought. When we were so pleased to see the Raspberries show in Waukesha last summer, Eric very graciously autographed my 9 year old daughter's T-Shirt. My son and daughter are both big fans of their favorite group, Bowling For Soup. However having grown up on the Raspberries, and for that matter the Chilton led Box Tops (Big Star too), they were in total awe of the great bands that played before the "storm." Just had to say it, as Bowling For Soup made some nice remarks about what they had also witnessed, Greatness!
  11. Eric, as mentioned prior to this log in, the points you are making are all so true. I'm a 1956 guy so I do remember a lot of the music you are remembering from your youth. That's why when we heard Side 3 for the first time, it brought our ears to a new higher experience. By the way, my Mom loved your set with the Ringo All Star Band back in 2000, Taste of Minnesota. She must have forgotten the stretch of our stereo back in 1973. Congratulations on the "latest" hit, All By Myself!
  12. We just found out yesterday that the great Cheap Trick will be playing here in Maplewood Minnesota on March 24th. Even when things weren't happening (The Doctor) they at least kept moving on without quiting. I think these guys have always been closer to the Raspberries sound then perhaps any other group, including Bon Jovi. This has been refreshing, as I never knew there was a connection between Raspberries and Bon Jovi, other than an appearance at a Raspberries show.
  13. Bernie, great photos. I have a number of excellent ones from Waukesha. Unfortunately not digital. Let me know if you would like them added on to the collection. The ones from Play On and Hit Record are the best!!
  14. Don, keep up your great work and my apologies if any apprehensions clouded the progress that the boys have made. I guess we get sometimes caught up in the "what should have been" mode. Never will forget my freshman year at college, blasting Starting Over and a month later a guy down the hall brought me the Rolling Stone review. Felt completely vindicated and was able to stay in the dorm until the end of the year! Can't believe it's been over 30 years. Still have the original copy of the review.
  15. I would never want to argue with Mr. Krider, especially with his take on the current Raspberries situation. Your input on power pop over the past decade has been outstanding. I am pleased that there is some informed insight on where the boys are at in '06. As I was in attendance at the Odeon back in '98, it really didn't feel like a "Carmen love fest." I am also pleased that all of the past is now finally behind them and we can move on to more shows. I do own the autographed Smalley CD, the Fotomaker (with Wally) Cd's, and the great Scott McCarl's CD. I am also happy to own every Eric Carmen CD(mainly imports) and records. And of course the Raspberries CD's, singles and LP's. I might want to pick up that Boxer CD Don. My reference was to who had the new material in 98, Scott and Eric's Winter Dreams. It was very apparent that Mr. Carmen, from the Cleveland and Waukesha shows, did indeed drive the bus. Again, thanks for your clarification that Eric is welcomed at the shows.
  16. Yes, finally someone out here has nailed it. There should be a greater emphasis on Mr. Carmen's wall of sound. Thanks for someone who is not tied into this Choir stuff, and appreciates the Great One!!
  17. Yes, March of '76 here in Saint Paul at the old Auditorium, Mr. Carmen and band played a great 45-50 minute set. The great Sunrise started the show. Highlights, besides the now classic All By Myself, was a 100% killer of All Through The Night, drummed by Mr. McBride. Can't remember too much about Sweet and whatever other band was there. Carmen was, and still is, the real deal.
  18. As All By Myself is the pop standard of the last 30 years, I don't think anyone should be too shocked at it's appearance in movies, television, etc. Thank's for the heads-up on another Drew film that had passed us by.
  19. My periodic looks at the website have been only to see when the next Raspberries show will be. This Choir reunion stuff is taking me a bit aback, as I know that Eric had been holding the bag back in 73-75, with guys that decided to pull out of the project(s). The demise of the Starting Over tour still is painful, although the Clevland shows and Waukesha had made me obviously forget (until now). I'm hoping that the boys still have some sense to be looking at the Big Picture (Carmen driving the bus). My wish is that this will not be another Odeon, 1998, where everyone is waiting for Eric to arrive, but had not been invited. Scott, at least, had some new material.
  20. What a class act. Mr. Carmen is truly one of the top writers of his generation. Wilson, Lennon and McCartney, Townshend before him. I would build a case that there is an obvious lack of depth after Mr. Carmen hit the charts. When he signed my daughter's Taste of Waukesha shirt last June, he won a ten year old over as a fan. When she had her new school class discussion about her favorite summer event, the show in Waukesha (and her favorite band, Bowling for Soup) was #1. While Eric signed everything in front of him (before the storm), I was amazed by the connection he had with everyone that simply asked for an autograph. He made the requests very personal. I already had Mr. Carmen's autograph from Winter Dreams. Congratulations Eric and our mutual hopes for a great holiday season!! We had been wishing for another HOB in Cleveland on NYE. Not to be too selfish, but please bring Wally, Dave, Jim and the Over Dubs to the Twin Cities. We have great venues.
  21. I guess it's been awhile since I've been exposed to a "worst list" from Raspberries. If Tony had been in Waukesha back in June he would have heard the Who knock off, I Don't Know What I Want. It was fantastic. This is the song that got the band and Starting Over in the top 1974 albums of the year, Rolling Stone magazine(in this case specific mention of the Who). Please let us know what the four worst Who songs are.
  22. Having seen the fantastic shows on New Year's Eve and this summer in Waukesha, it is apparent that the momentum continues to build. A minor setback should not dampen our enthusiasm for the comeback players of the year, Raspberries. Eric's statement to the fans further cements my belief that this group is, and always have been, total class. Eric, Wally, Jim and Mr. Smalley should be immediately put into the Hall of Fame for their influence on other prominent acts, The Boss included. Keep on rockin' guys!!
  23. I'm not sure that the wand was anything more than show. At least that is my thought on the subject. Could be wrong. I would agree with the previous posts that if the Chicago HOB is anything like our NYE venue, bring out the beach blankets (especially on Crusin'Music). It was extremely tropic in Cleveland.
  24. We are getting super pumped up here in Minnesota. NYE was so great and my anticipation for Chicago has even been raised a notch. This band is blessed by having so many folks that love and care about them. In return, we get to witness the best live act out on the road today! Again, thanks to all that have made this a reality. Saturday is right around the corner.
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