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  1. Tim, you hit in on the head. Well put, we are also appreciative of the great shows in Cleveland and Waukesha. I think the Wisconsin show was the ultimate as it got the boys down to a 70 minute "muscle" set. Again, it was over the top. Hearing I'm A Rocker from back at the beverage area was really cool, the sound was first rate. Eric of course was the most gracious host, signing autographs for everyone that wanted one. What a guy, I guess we're lucky folks for seeing him again. Class Act!

  2. I think the 1985 Eric Carmen LP/CD was fantastic. Living Without Your Love was a classic. I think Mr. Carmen has always been a bit too hard on himself with the "imperfections" of his works. This was one that hit a home run back in the days when you were always hoping for a return to rock. Those were bleak times. Again, as some were critical about my praise of Winter Dreams, in my mind the man has never written a bad song. Full agreement with the folks that have weighed in on this issue.

  3. That is a great question regarding Let's Pretend and it's genesis (Ira).


    to the other respondents take, very informed and insightful on the McCartney/Lennon analysis. We, by the way, listened to John's CD Rock and Roll this evening. Tremendous, especialy 30 years after.

  4. I believe we were stating Mr. Marx not being able to hold the jock strap of Mr. Carmen. Nothing against Mr. Marx, but it is tough for folks to be putting his name out there next to Mr. Carmen, without some thoughtful analysis. Especially when there are some continued indiffenences by some that have never worn one (Male, I think??).

    As my words again were taken out of context, simply put, we were merely trying to ask Paul how the experiences with Eric would hold in comparison with the Mr. Marx show(s). We may, apparently to some cynics, failed to fully articulate this question/response.

    My apologies Paul, it was not my intent for the response that followed my observation.

    It should be noted that the SAT's were held today...

  5. As I recall some weeks ago, thoughts on the Choir shows in Cleveland. I felt somewhat assured by Mr. Krider that further "tensions" between the band were not not the case. The Choir had been sought out by the venue, enough said, I guess (again Don, no disagreement at that time here). While not in on the "inside" as some folks here seem to be, a pattern has seemed to be happening again. Thoughts, at that time in late February, of Mr. Carmen being left holding the bag (again), were tossed away. I have no idea of how this latest controversy has evolved, but it would be nice for EC's comments to take a hold on this issue. I'm hoping that we are not going back to a writing credit for Go All The Way. Perhaps that could be resolved on a new live CD/DVD?

  6. Paul, as you were on stage with Mr. Carmen in Waukesha I would agree with your prior analysis regarding Mr. Marx. Unfortunately we were not there, Nashville is also home to Bill Lloyd. However, I think Mr. Carmen, at least, hit his vocal strides on I Don't Know What I Want, before the storm. Some folks in sports would hold the saying, "he can't hold his jock strap."

  7. Bernie, without having to reference Marathon Man, could you please inform the session dates and what caused the, what we perceived at the time, delay in the release of Boats Against The Current. If memory serves me correctly, Boats would have been released a few months prior.

  8. Eric, having heard the Pete Cetera version of , I believe, I Wanna Take Forever Tonight, have there been further inquires from other artists to record any of the other great songs from Winter Dreams? I thought that I Was Born To Love You would become the second "pop standard" in your remarkable career. Could you also comment on the US release, some time after the original import release?

  9. Dwight's wife and manager Jan Twilley has posted on the website that the show here in St. Paul will be on July 1st. There is an indication that more shows will happen outside of Tulsa. I put an e-mail to Jan last week that may have prompted the posting. Any more information I will relay, as the Taste of Minnesota is a great event. As for the elusive Mr. Chilton, I would anticipate further dates as indicated.

  10. If you take a look at all of the pictures from the English "punk rock" era (74-78 I would believe), you will see quite a bit of similar garb. It did transition over here (again). I think when Raspberries were out on the road originally, the New York Dolls were probably the "most far out" in fashion encounted. I think it all goes around with relation to Elvis.

  11. Bernie, with all due respect for the intent of the Eric Carmen message board (and rules established), alluding to a neutron bomb and all of this other junky stuff would appear to be some "inside" humor I don't quite get. Mr. Hess, originally, appeared to be asking and/or stating something fairly simple. Could you please go back to the rule book (without instant replay) and see how this type of stuff can be avoided in the future?

  12. While unable to see the "first" Raspberries and according to the Marathon Man book and Scott McCarl recollections (via diary), I was still under age by a couple of years for that Stillwater, Minnesota show. If memory serves me correctly, some of the kids from school went over to the Boom Company for the show. I had my fake ID confiscated in Hudson Wisoconsin prior to the event. What great memories, it was a much more uncompilated time in many respects. I guess that would be a reason for more shows in 2006!! Then we can now see Raspberries at their best.

  13. Great remarks about REO Speedwagon. Unfortunately Cronin lost a bit of momentum when he departed the band after REO II. The stand in singer, Mike Murphey was awful. The great hits that eventually came would have reached fruition sooner. Richrath left the group in 1990 and they are still touring consistently. Seattle Steve, you have it right, although I am not sure of seeing Richard Marx on the tour(s).

  14. Amazing stuff. What LC described is also similar to our family. When the kids got to see Eric at the Taste of Minnesota back in 2000, they really enjoyed that moment. When we went to Waukesha, my daughter and son both knew what the Raspberries were/are all about. It's great that families out there are taking the time to ensure a total appreciation of "our times."

  15. Thanks Don, as you are the GUY, sometimes, we (I)do not grasp the personal life aspect. Best wishes to your father and good luck to 'sis! Nothing urgent, but I think a case must be made for Hall of Fame folks that are not in, especially since the building sits right there in Cleveland (visited by my family prior to the NYE show). I appreciate your fast take on the Guess Who question.

  16. With the statement earlier, I should have put Burton Cummings with the group of hall of fame, or should be, members. Mr. Cummings I would guess (Mr. Krider please help), sold more then most of the recent inductees in the "Hall."

    Don, could you verify the sales? And could that be verified by 70's vs 2000's standards. Also, please advise with regard to the Box Tops issue raised a few weeks ago.

    Thanks, Skip

  17. I think that Mr. Carmen's comments are well illustarated in his the book, Marathan Man. All sorts of stuff that went on with his great band and his hall of fame solo career. All the great ones had their individual battles, most noteworthy John Fogerty. I think Mellencamp had a law suit to get rid of the "Couger" name. Fogerty went 20+ years without the ability to sing his songs, and now he is back at Fantasy. Eric, just keep this thing going as you have, obviously, many fans and friends are out here.

    I just bought my daughter a CD, High School Musicals. Apparently, according to Good Morning America on Friday, it is #1 on Billboard. The piece also contained fragments about "does this get us back to wholesome?" Total pop, the theme song sounds like what you have always wanted (at least solo) to do in your brillient career.

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