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  1. The ENDLESSWIRE CD is fantastic. Got it for under $10 at Best Buy, included a bonus live CD from the current tour and DVD. I am anticipating a great performance here in Saint Paul on December 8th at the Xcel Center. I think to get Rod the Mod back in the fold, much $$'s will be needed.
  2. Don, this again is incredible stuff. I was a college freshman when a guy at the dorm came running in with the Rolling Stone review. It was really a final OK, that Raspberries were indeed the coolest guys in the studio (Lennon loved 'em) and probably on the road, though I never saw Eric till 76. Thanks for this great update, will share with others back here in MN! I think that the 10/6 will be a must see. He is all CLASS!
  3. Eric, when we heard "I'm A Rocker" at Waukesha it was amazing. The vocals and guitar grooves were highlights. Hot weather and, without a doubt, a rocking 65 minute set. A question that might not be asked often, how do Raspberries finalize a set list?
  4. Don, thanks for the links. It is hard to believe it was released 31+ years ago. Times have changed in the industry, but I think most of the time they still get it right.
  5. The show here at the Myth Night Club, Maplewood MN, was outstanding. They are the real deal, pumping out a new CD every 3 years or so. Staying on the road is the main thing. Differences with Tommy P were put away nearly 20 years ago, pre Lap of Luxary. Nielson simply poured a pitcher of beer on his lap and "requested" his re-joining the band. Eric did his tour of Japan in '82 with Tom as I recall. Rockford songs can be heard on the CT web site.
  6. Marvin (Tony), wouldn't it be cool to witness Born To Love You, mid-set? Can't start the show with it, but I would bet that there would be a real good fit later on. Winter Dreams got Eric back in the game. All great songs, as usual.
  7. Early, as part of the divorce settlement, she kept all of the Fogelberg records and CD's. I was able to keep the Carmen stuff. I've never looked back.
  8. Brian, it is under Play On. Have not been able to go through all of the comments, other than to be very pleased of the McCarl kudos that are now popping up. Also, thanks Don for the cool links! It sounds like there might be a bit of a calling for Scott, even for a couple of songs, on 10/6. In retrospect, it was probably wise that he sat out the '05 tour.
  9. Having been at the 98 show, I would agree with the assessments previously provided. Bernie, when we drove to Cleveland we thought it would be Eric performing. McCarl was indeed cool and the real highlight of the (three??) shows. I think Brian's thoughts are accurate in terms of what made the Starting Over LP a classic. Since it is a Sunday evening I will refrain from any further observations regarding Mr. McCarl and his lack of participation in the '05 project. EC did clarify a few weeks back, so I guess it wasn't meant to be.
  10. And Don, we will never forget the Rolling Stone review in October of 74. Finally validity by the critics. Those were tough years but Raspberries were definitely the coolest guys out on the road (and studio). I will see if I can get my hands on the books that you are citing. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Don, your optimisum on this issue is greatly appreciated. Hope all went well with your sister and Dad. Your work with Power Pop News is great, and your thoughts held in the highest regard.
  12. Congratulations to EC, Bernie, Kathy, Ken Sharp, Don Krider and all of the folks who have made the 1,000,000 happen. Michelle should also get special mention. Can't wait until the 10/6 show. Eric, keep on as your journey in rock history will continue to evolve. Your place is already firm, but there are expectations for the next step. You have never disappointed us in the past. And you will never will. Class Act Best wishes...... Skip
  13. I think that if the Choir wanted to perform with Mr. Carmen, there would have been several Raspberries dates this summer. I'm not too sure about the encore... Don, help us out on this issue?
  14. Yes Marvin, please include the great Born To Love You in your set list!
  15. That is great, I totally did not realize the level of communication with Scott during the '05 tour. My comment about loyalty was specific, regarding who finished the Starting Over tour. We've been loyal listeners since '72. If I had lived in Cleveland, it would have been a few years earlier. Your clarification of this matter is greatly appreciated.
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