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  1. Alex Chilton played Riley's "Flying Saucer Rock and Roll" at Waukesha, then came out in (what there was of) the crowd, grabbed a seat a couple rows behind me Phil and me, Tim from Wisconsin, and a host of other board members, lit up a smoke and watched the Raspberries burn through a hot set on a really hot afternoon. A long, long time ago I can still remember... "Keith"
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    IE 8

    Hmmmmm. We're running IE 8 on both boxes at home, an old e-machine desktop with XP and a newer Toshiba laptop with Vista. I should say that the Vista OS has stabilized over time with patience and updates. Neither seem to be having a problem with IE8. <cringe> I use Google Chrome on both and it works well and is different ... for difference's sake. Sorry for your pain. I reserve my ire for Norton products! "K"
  3. What I've learned so far: * Logos are "crests" * Uniforms are "kits" * I was thinking Arsenal (that's a team from London, closest I could place to Abbey Road Studios, a consideration), but they got a buncha high-falutin' fans like Spike Lee, Nick Hornby, David Frost, David Soul, Ronnie Biggs, Johnny Rotten, and the Queen. Not "Queen", THE Queen. Feels like the Red Sox or something. But I'm making progress in my research and would welcome your input. Might have to turn on the Fox Sports package early this year ... usually wait till college hoops in November.
  4. OK, I give up. I'm gonna be a soccer, er, football fan now. New hobby for Life After the Bored. Gonna cheer for the English Premier League, but I'm clueless and need a team to cheer for. Don't know a darn thing about any of them. I ruling out ManU because they're like the Yankees and don't need anymore fans. Ruling out Liverpool because my Irish buddy cheers for them and I wanna be different. Ruling out Everton because Keith Jr., Jr., Jr., who is in on this with me, picked them to be a thorn in my Irish buddy's side. You can see this is a real exact and precise thing with me. I wanna cheer for the coolest team with the coolest jersey (or colors or whatever they call 'em) and the coolest stadium and the coolest logo and the coolest history and the best looking girl fans and everything. Like the Cubs. I'm serious: for whom should I cheer? Why should I cheer for your team? I'd like to -- maybe. The season starts soon and I want to start this new thing. K
  5. VOX Pop! is scouting TEs. Tom
  6. True thing http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/ball_dont_lie/post/TMZ-posts-anticlimactic-video-of-LeBron-getting-?urn=nba,178138 Kinda tricky because LeBron is wearing the same dark color jersey as Crawford. I'd coach LeBron similarly to the way I coach 6th graders: man up and don't play defense UNDER the hoop: MOVE YOUR FEET; GET OUT IN THE LANE!!! Keith
  7. Thanks, Win and Annie. Upon your reco I You Tube'd 'em and think most people around here would "get it." For a real kick You Tube "Ween Led Zep". You'll either laugh, cry, or laugh really, really hard. All of My Love, "Keith"
  8. http://www.splicetoday.com/music/ween-is-no-joke "a cross between the Mothers of Invention, Pixies, and Alice Cooper. It’s incredible to see how many disparate rock and roll traditions this band is currently keeping alive: grand, nerdy theatricality; skull-crushing guitar metal; synth-driven new-wave; multi-movement prog; proudly pro-drug novelty songs; punk’s utter disregard for classic rock earnestness." Sounds good to me. Advise. Keith
  9. Maybe next year won't be a rebuilding year for the Musketeers after all!!! Nike has supressed video of The Dunk. Jordan Crawford Dunks on Lebron James By Shannon Russell srussell@enquirer.com It’s not every day a college player is invited to the prestigious LeBron James Skills Academy and lays down a dunk on King James himself. That’s exactly what Xavier’s Jordan Crawford did Monday in Akron, creating an Internet buzz in the process. Crawford jammed a two-handed dunk over the Cleveland Cavaliers forward in a pick-up game at the University of Akron’s James A. Rhodes Arena. “I went around somebody else and he was under the rim waiting for me,†said Crawford, a 6-foot-4 sophomore guard. And what did James do after the dunk? “I don’t think he said anything. I really didn’t do anything either, just went back on defense. I really didn’t realize what I did until later on when everyone was talking about it,†Crawford said. Looks like he won’t have a chance to review the slam, though, since Nike officials reportedly confiscated tapes from media on site. CBSSports.com columnist Gary Parrish wrote that there were at least two cameras shooting the pick-up game and Nike reps allegedly secured the tapes. Nike released the following statement Wednesday: "Nike has been operating basketball camps for the benefit of young athletes for decades and has long-standing policies as to what events are open and closed to media coverage," said Nike spokesman Derek Kent. "Unfortunately, for the first time in four years, two journalists did not respect our no videotaping policy at an after-hours pickup game following the LeBron James Skills Academy." Crawford was invited to the LeBron camp after excelling at the Deron Williams Skills Academy in late June in Dallas. The former Indiana player said the LeBron camp was “the best camp†he ever attended and that he learned a lot from their drills. As for the dunk – well, he’s just glad people are talking about it. “More than anything I just hope that it gave me exposure and showed people other parts of my game,†Crawford said. http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090708/SPT0102/307080090/1065/XU+s+Crawford+dunks+on+LeBron
  10. I blinked when I saw it on the internet, but wasn't really surprised. Had heard he was going back on tour and couldn't believe it. Born in '59 myself, I can't imagine what they were asking his 50 year old bones to do. I remember his first moonwalk, kinda. Mrs. Keith shrieked and I caught his last shuffle. And I remember when MTV showed "Thriller" at the top of every hour. Holidays, mid-80s, different world. Couldn't get "Billy Jean" out of my head while I was doing yardwork today. Yardwork. "Beat It" is a great record. Really great. Best stuff was J5, though. And every time I hear "I Want You Back" and shout into the backseat "Hey! Do you guys know who's singing this?" My mind goes to "WTF happened to you, man." If you weren't playing him in your Dead Pool every year, you weren't playing to win. RIP, indeed. He was never gonna get it in this world. Keith
  11. Wow! I gotta new avatar! I feel younger! "K"
  12. Cool, can't-take-your-eyes-off-it, and very entertaining (says me) documentary (2004) about a legendary Greenwich Village restaurant and its owner and family. Anybody else seen it? Your thoughts? Anybody ever been to Shopsin's? "K" Good sex, for sure.
  13. Repost when Flo pulls down Eddie's pants and I'll take a look. "K"
  14. Outstanding post JohnO. I am, twiddling my thumbs in Chicago, "K"
  15. Well, I have two of their 30 in my "5 of the Top of My Head." For the record ... no order: Eric John Lennon Robin Zander Eric Burdon (now THIS is a miss) Agnetha and Frida Janis is too low. Actually, this list is better than most, if not being infuriating counts for anything. "K"
  16. I'm digging the retro gold uniforms with burgandy trim. Visons of Austin Carr, Rick Roberson, Barry Clemons dancing in my head. "K"
  17. Phil, Let's do Arlington on a Sunday, 10:48 Metra out of Woodstock; we'll do Cobbs on the way back. Email me and we can pick a date; mid-June? You'll love my kids ... Foe better or worse they know their way around the track. Tom
  18. Well, you're either out a few bucks today or retired ... Or considering retiring from handicapping. Phil, there is a 3 year old named THIS ONE'S FOR PHIL out their running. Maybe he'll show up in the Preakness or Belmont. BROTHER KEITH started on the Derby trail, but hasn't been heard from for many weeks, and quite frankly, I'm growing concerned... And yes, "NOWHERE TO HIDE" was another catchy handle. Wait'll next year. See you at Arlington, Phil? Tom
  19. Breaking from the #1 post position, with some wise guys giving him a shot. Look for him in the "fluorescent pink, orange hoops, fluorescent pink bars on orange sleeves, fluorescent pink cap". Hey: it's a look. Another rock 'n' roll angle: #9 "Join in the Dance" which they tell me is a line from Fogelberg's "Run for the Roses" weeper. Wouldn't know. Was never a Dan Fan, but I know there are quite a few on the board. My advice: Get some "Chocolate Candy" and enjoy the race. 6:24 EDT. Good luck everybody. "K"
  20. Sympathy and prayers for your Mom, you and your family, Jay. Tom
  21. I got a really cool job description from a headhunter that would probably be very relevant to you if you're a Marketing Type on this board. It's CMO level. You've heard of the brand. PM me and I'll send it your way. I have nothing to gain from the situation. I tried to get them to move the position to Chicago. No luck. Cool thing ... "K"
  22. Keith Nivan


    Great thread. I just bought a Kindle. If you're on the fence: go for it. A book I'd reco to this crowd is Hollywood Animal by Joe Eszterhas. Outrageous Hollywood stories (he wrote "Basic Instinct" "Flashdance" and "Showgirls" for crying out loud), great autobio (he grew up on the near West Side of Cleveland), issues of faith, relationships ... and .. he even mentions Eric in the book! 752 pages. I couldn't put it down. "K"
  23. Weren't the Spinners the Black Beach Boys? "Keith"
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