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  1. I can ask Spike to do Fun League if we need him. But I'm not asking until we do! Keith / VOX! / Ton
  2. Vox! Populi will be in fun league, but will bump up to $$$ if we don't get enough players. Watch this space for "just for fun" March Madness bracket. Last year, a big FOUR (or maybe it was three) of us played and had a ball! "Keith" and Spike
  3. Bump! VOX! is gettin' itchy! Spike is spinning his strategy / conspiricacy webs. LC: 'Sup? "Keith"
  4. Or, if you follow my predictions, go oppo. "K"
  5. VOX! is in! With many lessons learned from the rookie campaign ... "For Fun" league ... in which I intend to crush all without mercy under a stack of AC30s! Tom
  6. Phil: Yeah, baby! And the 7-0 lead was unbelievable: Old Style (pun!) hockey explosion. They're playing great. The 1-0 over the loathed Canucks was totally clutch, too. Foley is so great on the call. BLISS! Great post! Go Hawks. Happy Thanksgiving my Hockey Loving Friend! "K"
  7. Yep, that's him. Recognize him anywhere. "K"
  8. Tim, Did they bring back the All You Can Eat Mexican Buffet from the big reunion thing a couple years back? I think I'm recalling your post correctly. Good eatin'!
  9. John: Hadn't considered a fashion-angle. Hmmmm. Perfect, as usual. Go Busters! "Keith"
  10. Viewed from West of the Hudson, think the famous New Yorker cover http://media.lawrence.com/img/special/steinberg-newyorker.jpg , I don’t have clue. I think I get that Yankees fans are Manhattan and Jersey while Mets fans are more Brooklyn (they were created to replace the Dodgers), Queens (where Shea is located) and Long Island. The other NY Metro teams must sort out by geography: the NEW YORK Knicks, the NEW JERSEY Nets; the NEW YORK Rangers, the New York (LONG) Islanders, the NEW JERSEY Devils. Got it. In LA, I’d bet the Dodgers are LA proper and the Valley while the Angels are Orange County and Riverside/Ontario -- all those places that are Out There. Same geographic deal with their NBA and NHL teams. In Chicago, of course, the Cubs are North Side, the Sox are South Side, but this gets all futzed up in the suburbs.* There aren’t as many two team football markets: the other is San Francisco 49ers / Oakland Raiders. If you need this one explained to you, well, you really need to get out more. But what’s the deal with the Giants and the Jets? They don’t even play in New York; they’re stranded in the swamps of Jersey at the Meadowlands. I’d guess there could be a Yankees/Giants affinity on one hand with the Mets/Jets on the other due to longevity, geography, and rhyme. But then you get Mike Greenberg of ESPN who is as Old Mah-NATTAN as they come and he’s in the tank for the Jets -- and the Yankees. So can one of my TriState sports savant brethren straighten me out? What’s the diff? I’m honestly interested in the answer. I don’t get it. “Keith†* There is also a readily apparent socio-political difference between Sox fans and their more evolved and refined cross-town antagonists. Cubs fans are of basically Rousseauist lineage: a hopelessly optimistic, starry-eyed, self-absorbed, sun-splashed, beer-soaked denizens of Baseball’s State of Nature as it exists and is celebrated in Wrigley Field. Sox fans are of a decidely Hobbesian bent: an intensely insular, paranoid, self-loathing tribe: truly nastier, more brutish, and yes, “shorter†than North Side fans. You can look it up in Wikipedia.
  11. Knew I could count on you, John. Title: The Tale Of The Piranha Brothers From: Monty Python's Flying Circus Last Tuesday a reign of terror was ended when the notorious Piranha brothers, Doug and Dinsdale, after one of the most extraordinary trials in British legal history, were sentenced to 400 years imprisonment for crimes of violence. We examined the rise to power of the Piranhas, the methods they used to subjugate rival gangs and their subsequent tracking down and capture by the brilliant Superintendent Harry 'Snapper' Organs of Q Division. Doug and Dinsdale Piranha were born, on probation, in a small house in Kipling Road, Southwark, the eldest sons in a family of sixteen. Their father Arthur Piranha, a scrap metal dealer and TV quizmaster, was well known to the police, and a devout Catholic... Etc. http://www.intriguing.com/mp/_scripts/piranha.php "K"
  12. "IFC" is 550 on Direct: who knew. Not me since it's not part of the SportsPak or a riff on The Worldwide Leader. http://www.ifc.com/python-live/ The Python thing goes all week. Should be a treat. BTW, who's YOUR favorite Python? For the moment, mine is Michael Palin. For the moment. "K"
  13. TTunester: Happy Baseball to You! "Keith"
  14. Harry: Do it. One of the times I saw Aerosmith some moron threw a football that hit Tom Hamilton square in the eye. He called the guy a #*%^)#^&@!&% and dared him to come up on the stage to fight. They kept playing both that night and for another 30 years ... and counting. Money's green. Tom
  15. Matt, Thanks. I remember when my Dad bought the album with "Mary in the Morning" for my Mom -- Mary -- in '68 when she had a houseful of brats ages 9 to newborn. Nothing's quite as pretty As Mary in the morning When from a sleepy haze There dawns another day (I think; I'm going back 40 years.) I don't remember him being taken by any other popular music at the time until he heard Shirley Bassey sing "Something" and had to be CONVINCED that "some Beatle" had written the song. He loves music, was just working too hard to keep up with it back then. He loved my Mom. Very much. RIP, Mom. I saw Dad this past weekend. He's doing great. Told me about the piano and symphony concerts he's hitting these days. Now it's my turn -- unless the 'Berries come out to play! "K"
  16. for being "Another One of Those Lists", this one http://www.chordstrike.com/2009/10/the-100-greatest-live-albums-of-all-time.html looked pretty reasonable. Especially #s 21 and 28. But I stopped scanning there. I mean, really, what's the point ... "K"
  17. Thanks, everybody! I did have a super birthday here in Woodstock, a quiet one with the ones I love most, my family. It's great to hear from each of you on 9/8. And it's great to see that I'm a "sticky topic"! Ick! Pizza tonight with friends as the Big Event (Mrs. Keith and I ... BOTH ... turning 50 ... in the same week!) ... comes to a smashed and smashing conclusion. "She's the One." She's "Still the One." And ... she's the OLDER one! Thanks, again. "Keith" / Tom
  18. http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/music/beatles/article6820697.ece Good, long read. New stuff. "K"
  19. Hey John! And all! Well, John, Issue 1 this weekend is finding a game in the Raspberries Baseball League standings and getting past YOUR Performance Enhancers for the final playoff spot!!! The high school football team got destroyed 47-0 last night, but we got to see plenty of friends. Today: low-key. My son is doing play-by-play of the Miami University / Kentucky football game on www.redhawkradio.com in a few minutes so I'm going to patch into that. (Noon EDT) Tune in! Tonight, maybe steak and cocktails with Mrs. Keith in the backyard. Trying to find, um, evening playdates for the kids ... ... ... Party at friends' tomorrow afternoon. RFL Football draft Monday evening!!! Best to all, "K"
  20. ... if you please. Any action shakin'? Still waiting, in Chicago... "K"
  21. heh. Cool. Keith, Jr.'s Christmas shopping is complete... "K"
  22. Count me in. Maybe Tommy can randomly generate a draft order, just like his randomly generated baseball trade offers!
  23. Bummer. There are lots of (cool) picture links embedded in the post, but they aren't showing up on my screen. Have a ball! "K"
  24. First off, thanks to everybody for the input on my choice of an English Premier Soccer League club to cheer for. Not knowing a thing about the EPL and since the only thing I knwo about soccer, er, football, is that I've caught too many really nasty colds in the freezing rain watching 7 year olds run pell mell over AYSO fields in years past, the guidance sense of care you shared meant a lot. Anyhow, after a carefully researched, ah, search, I've decided to go all in as a big time Aston Villa fan! But why, Keith, you're asking, how'd the heck you settle on The Villans? Well ... Lotsa reasons: 1. The Villa is good, but not too good , their longest stretch of success was ions ago, and while improving, they don't seem to be a threat to win much of anything soon: like the Cubs! 2. Cool uniform and the "Acorns" on jersey refers to the club's support for a hospice for terminally ill children. Very commendable and high-minded, and beats all to heck some sponsorship by an online betting service or somesuch. Will make a nice Christmas gift! 3. I've always thought of my self as an Aston (Martin) kind of guy. 4. John Astin cracks me up. Always has. 5. I think being "Prepared" is worthwhile and important. 6. Aston Villa plays in one of the league's most historic and storied stadia in Birmingham and I'm a huge Black Sabbath fan. 7. The Villa's star goalie Brad Friedel, was born in 1971 and grew up in Bay Village, Ohio. I was living in Bay Village in 1971 listening to the AM radio and waiting for The Next Big Thing to come along. So there it is. The season starts on 8/15, I've got my team, something to bug my Irish buddy and other football fans about, and a new interest which will make me ... interesting. I'll keep you posted on the Villa's progress this season. As long as I don't get TOO hot in the Raspberries Football League. Go Villa! "Keith"
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