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  1. OK. The kids want to go to Northern California for Spring Break. Cool: San Francisco, Big Sur, Monterey, Carmel. Sweet! Catch: Spring Break is last week of March. What's the weather like out there late March? In Chicago, of course, "It depends." It might be up into the 50s, it might be stuck in the 20s. There might be a blizzard. Or, it might be quite pleasant, so long as you dress in layers and don't plan on getting a tan. Can anybody offer advice about heading for No. Cal at the end of March. The kids are all teens. We plan on starting in SF and doing a little bit of driving each day, walking around the places above. Crazy to try it? Worth the chance? No sweat if you have a plan -- and dress in layers? Advise. "Keith" P.S. If it's a bad idea I'm going to lobby for a return to Paris. (See my Avatar. Yes, that's atop Tour Eiffel.)
  2. Yeah, Harry passed by 1.32 freaking points among more than 1900 scored by both of us, or just a little less than one of Cedric Benson's six fumbles this season. But I'm not bitter. VOX!
  3. Great stuff, Brian! Cool shot. Favorite Motown: Tempts: Ball of Confusion. "That's what the world is today ... hey, hey." Also, I proudly claim the mantel of "#1 Fan of The Stylistics on ec.com". I remember listening to "Stone in Love with You" on CKLW -- across the lake in Cleveland -- on a cold winter night. Very fond memory. Russell Tompkins wanted to be "a great big movie star . . . an overnight sensation . . ." Lots of us did, I guess. "Keith"
  4. Gonna be staying on Public Square with gentlemen and lady business pals. Where to throw 'em back? I saw the bars on E 4th Street a few weeks back. The bowling alley place, the Irish bar place, etc. Clevelanders, your reco for a right-downtown-spot, please. Thanks, "Keith"
  5. Outto biz, cahput. http://www.notlame.com/NOT_LAME_LABEL_-_The_Last_Chance%21.html In case your aren't on the email list. RIP . . . "Keith"
  6. Missm, I think one of us nailed it. Thread has gone dead ... Keith
  7. Cool, Kirk. and congrats to your friend. I dig Western Swing. It has a happy sound. "K"
  8. Glad I dropped $20 at Walgreens for those readers a few days back! Well, Sunburst finish, Fender (style) headstock, um ... ahh ... a DanElectro Mustang knock-off something. PM me for my address! Happy gigs! Keith
  9. Great shots, Tim. Mick Ralphs is looking prosperous and Paul Rodgers is looking like ... Robin Williams!!! Glad you liked the show! "K"
  10. In 2009, Miami University's hockey team (my son went there) was beating Boston University by two goals in the FINAL game of the Frozen Four with 1:00 (ONE MINUTE) to go. BU scored twice, put the game into overtime, and won the National Championship on a shot off a Miami player. Five or so years ago Xavier (my alma mater) blew a 10-point lead with 2:00 (two minutes) left to #1 seed Ohio State University in the second round of March Madness. OSU's first year coach was Thad Matta, who had left XU to coach the Buckeyes.
  11. Daniel Pecchio on bass and flute! "K"
  12. Thanks, everybody! Yesterday was great. Beautiful day and a great night at home with Sue and the kids. Thanks for all the birthday greetings! Looking forward to another great year around here. Keith / Tom / VOX!
  13. LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOX! Pop, "Keith", Tom (and Spike ...) P.S. If you're thinking about joining, do join us, won't you? There's not a better bunch of mates to watch the NFL and play FF with!!!
  14. John: They found a couple of gators in the Chicago River this week. Cute lil critters. We're living in a scifi movie! "K"
  15. Good catch, Brian. This flick is a couple years old now. It has hit some kind of legal or financial wall on the road to distribution. Shrug. I wish they would figure it out. You can hear the "soundtrack", basically, on "The Pet Sound Sessions" where there's lots of banter and outtakes. Did you see "Standing in the Shadows of Motown", same movie, different monster hits. This is the California Sun version of that very entertaining and enlightening film.
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