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  1. Three of the best! Happies all around guys! "K"
  2. From your friends at Wired. So you know it's cool. http://www.wired.com/rawfile/2011/11/10-mesmerizing-time-lapse-videos/ "K"
  3. So what's up with Tyler Perry? For some time now I've been seeing "Tyler Perry" and processing it like this: "Walk This Way (Tyler-Perry) 3:40" But apparently "Tyler Perry" is something / someone different. What am I missing? "K"
  4. Place sounds great, Harry. I hope Graham was in good form and in a good mood! I guess that when you're a performer you like . . . performing. Which is good news for you with that room nearby! "K"
  5. http://www.spin.com/articles/steve-jobs-ipod-autopsy-apple-innovator-stuck-60s Now ya know! "K"
  6. Cool, LC. He's right up there with Brian Wilson, Eric, Cheap Trick, and ABBA in my book. And to think he does all that guitar playing with his thumb! Here's hoping you see a great show . . . and file a full report! "Keith"
  7. Good story, Lew. RIP, Paul Leka. "Keith"
  8. Prayers answered! You'll be on hand for the Fantasy Hockey Draft!!! Feel well, my friend! "K" (and Spike)
  9. Remember Bruce who, after many years, folded Not Lame Records a while back? Well Bruce is back! www.popgeekheaven.com !!! Visit NOW (because you are a Geek) and click on the introductory video. You'll enjoy the shoutout. What's Pop Geek Heaven? "The One Site - One Solution for the Power Pop Fan" "The Ultimate Power Pop Community and Resource" "THE most comprehensive site for POWER POP fans" Even Popdude's "Shake Some Action" book gets its props. Wow! You're welcome! "Keith"
  10. Prayers for Pat and family! AMDG. "Keith"
  11. BLACKHAWK Pat: How cool was the statue unveiling for Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita at the Chicago United Center last night. Spike and I were spellbound! http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2011-...tue-omri-amrany If you follow the link, blow up the picture for full effect! Fondly remembering my SRO nights at the Stadium. Talk about Old Time Hockey! "K"
  12. This deserves a bump for crying out loud. I hope to see this flick. And hope The Wrecking Crew movie sees light of day some decade. Thanks for the heads up, MJ. "K"
  13. Wow. http://www.grantland.com/blog/hollywood-...-thurston-moore "K"
  14. Now we're getting somewhere: 32. Dancing Queen - ABBA 33. Everyday People - Sly & The Family Stone 34. You're So Vain - Carly Simon And who'd dare leave off: 35. The Joker - Steve Miller Band http://jumbledpileofperson.typepad.com/list/ "Keith"
  15. Totally cool, Kirk. Thanks. Real good fun to study the charts. I have similar from WIXY 1260 in Cleveland framed in The Music Room: 8/24/73 has "Tonight" as #31. When I get the chance I'm going to post a link you're really going to like, Kirk. Stay tuned! "Keith"
  16. #46 I'm a Believer - The Monkees "The fact that the Monkees were prefab and that they starred in A Hard Day's Night: The Series does diminish that fantastic pop that their arrival generated." Indeed. Seven weeks as #1. Not too shabby. http://jumbledpileofperson.typepad.com/list/ "K"
  17. I'm with JohnO on this one. If it's Beach Boys Sessions you are looking for, get the Pet Sounds box. It all makes perfect sense. And it is magnificent. "K"
  18. Yipee! 08 Sep 2011 The City Winery, New York NY 09 Sep 2011 The City Winery, New York NY 10 Sep 2011 Havana, New Hope PA 15 Sep 2011 The City Winery, New York NY 16 Sep 2011 The City Winery, New York NY 17 Sep 2011 The Colonial Theatre, Phoenixville PA 23 Sep 2011 (Acoustic) South Milwaukee Performance Arts Center, Milwaukee WI 24 Sep 2011 (Acoustic) Old Town School of Folk, Chicago IL 25 Sep 2011 (Acoustic) Old Town School of Folk, Chicago IL 15 Oct 2011 Tarrytown Music Hall, Tarrytown NY 27 Oct 2011 Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh PA 28 Oct 2011 Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH 29 Oct 2011 Magic Bag, Ferndale MI 03 Nov 2011 Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton MA 04 Nov 2011 Paradise Rock Club, Boston MA 05 Nov 2011 Flying Monkey, Plymouth NH I'll be at the 9/24 Chicago show. Clevelanders: Note 10/28. http://www.ianhunter.com/ Good for your body, good for your soul, "Keith"
  19. REALLY looking forward to it! As for VOX! assistant GM Spike, he's on TRIPLE secret probation after his "Cretin Hoppers" fantasy baseball fiasco in the EC league. Disgracing the family name I say! Anyhow, football's his game. Eagerly awaiting draft order. I gotta simple plan . . . VOX!
  20. Back before cable TV, the WWF and Hulk Hogan and friends nationalized the business, professional wrestling was an intensely regional "sport". Pro wrestling was a TV programmer's dream come true: a camera, a ring, a couple of sandlot field bleachers, a few packs of Cub Scouts and you had a show! Usually on Saturday night. Usually at dinnertime. Usually on UHF. (The channels with the big numbers.) What was the pro wrestling scene where you grew up? In Cleveland circa 1970 I recall: *** "Big Time Wrestling" was on WUAB, Channel 43 *** They played "Classical Gas" as the theme music *** Johnny Powers was the ultimate good guy *** Bulldog Brauer (The Man of the Hour) was the ultimate bad guy *** Then Johnny snapped and became a REALLY Bad Guy, beat the crap out of Bulldog Brauer and they played Bulldog for sympathy *** Bobo Brazil -- he of the "Coco Butt" head butt fame *** Pampeiro Firpas -- the Wild Bull of the Pampas, and Bobo's continent neighbor, I presume *** When one of the stooge / loser wrestlers got kicked in the groin, the announcer would intone, "That's gotta hurt." Why / how I recall all this: I have no idea. What am I forgetting about Cleveland? What was the scene in your town? Wrestling was so much simpler back then . . . "Keith"
  21. "Do you believe in miracles?" Yes... Best "football" match I've ever seen. Congratulations, Japan. "Keith"
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