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  1. So you're the one! He was pretty good for a first outing though. Unfortunately, the Browns have a way of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory of late.
  2. Oh, thanks. Now I remember. The one food I truly hate is head cheese!
  3. Don't let this linger. If you don't get well PDQ, follow through. My husband has a tumor that was not visible because of the location of his heart and it turned out that there was a problem. He's good now, but keep on it! Our prayers are with you.
  4. I love most all foods and don't look underfed, either. I used to hate liver and asparagus. Now I even like those. :rolleyes:
  5. Cleveland Baracks! (Saw this on a tee shirt Sunday.)
  6. Wasn't the auction house the reason Ken and Barbie got back together?
  7. It was great. He had everyone singing along! I'm so happy I was there.
  8. I was too far from the "upfront action" but was wowed with the songs and the message!
  9. The ceiling WAS tht low. Sad to say, it's now a mortuary and crematorium. Back in "the day", the guys could wake the dead!
  10. I used to love those girl's gym (or cafeteria) mixers at Brush. But, yuck to that 3.2 beer down at Kent. I always thought there was something perverse about having a waiting line to get in the door out in front of the joint, a waiting line to buy a pitcher of watered-down beer AND a waiting line for the one of two stalls in the ladies' room that was functioning! You guys had it easy! But you're right about the excellent bands that wedre around. And if 3.2 beer was what funded it, I say let's lower the drinking age and bring back 3.2.
  11. Happy birthday to a great Brush alum! Hope to see you "New Years Eve", if not before.
  12. Brush sure had some good stuff going on, didn't they?
  13. Ummm, IMHO, if you had to pick one, Cleveland was a better show. Not as sexy as New York, just better.
  14. Have a very happy birthday, Gina. Have an awesome year!
  15. Oh, I thought you meant THE Utopia. Where the Raspberries used to play. And their practice hall before the first reunion show. (Now a funeral home and crematorium. )
  16. Oh, Kathy Lee, I'm so sorry. Our prayers are with you and your family. Stan & Linda
  17. Have a great birthday, Marvin. Next year. Raspberries show. Right?
  18. "The Fountainhead" was more readable. I thought "Atlas Shrugged" became didactic at times, although it's purported to be Rand's best work.
  19. Great story, Harry. May you and Holly have many more Happy Birthdays!
  20. Happy Birthday, TT! Too, bad it's not with the Raspberries. Better luck next year!
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