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  1. That what the flyer says also Dicken's Store; Skeeter, Paul & Larry; Richie Rich & the Po' Boys and The Brickhouse Blues Band.
  2. Just received a flyer from "The Wing House" in Mentor regarding the Rick Harrison Memorial Concert. Sunday, January 18 is the date, beginning at 2 pm and will feature Wally Bryson, Eric Carmen, Abbey Rodeo, Denny Carlton and others. The $5 admission will go the the Communication Connection Charity. The Wing House is located at 8807 Mentor Ave., Mentor.
  3. Leff'tHome


    I'll check... Sorry.
  4. Leff'tHome


    #1 -- Barry White, "Let's Get It On". You asked.
  5. This answer is $$$$$$$. Not an inexpensive proposition.
  6. How many of his 20 guitars will he be playing, I wonder? Will he play the green one?
  7. Danny, you're a hoot! That's SUPER news. I might not be home but it WILL be on tivo.
  8. Nothing is more painful than seeing someone you love suffer. I'm sorry for your loss. Thank you for reminding us of the beautiful work hospice does every day.
  9. HT, I thought the same thing when I heard "Can't Explain".
  10. WOW!!! That was a great Christmas present! Thanks so much, John. (For everyone who hasn't seen this, it's worth the wait.) Linda
  11. Happy birthday, Jim! Take some time off from the village to celebrate!
  12. Have a great birthday and a great year, Ken!
  13. Have a very happy birthday, Ernie! We hope to see you "on the road" next year!
  14. I have a personal rule: Never, ever, ever buy anything on the Friday after Thanksgiving, not even a stick of gum. At least it makes ME feel better that I don't have to participate in the annual "Running of the Fools".
  15. Bernie, I just love Shazam. I was the first app I downloaded on my new iPhone!
  16. Happy birthday, Barb! May you have yet another year without a wild turkey! Oh, and tell the the rock star to take out the garbage.
  17. Have an absoutely wonderful birthday, Diane! All of us want to see you soon -- at a SHOW!
  18. Sooo sad! The Cleveland mantra, "Wait 'til next year."
  19. ...was just announced as the winner of the AL Cy Young award.
  20. Thank you to all our veterans.
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