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  1. Writen with influence from Small Faces but not played on the record under the same influences. Still a good song
  2. Darlene .......... Yep that would be me...Thanks it's nice to be back. Raspbernie. The album is by Freeport Express. They were another Cleveland group that got pretty big back then ( Craig Holt, Kevin Raleigh, Roger Lewis, Dennis Stredney, Bill Stalling. This album came out about the same time Raspberries was formed. On the album it says the song was written by Eric Carmen and get this....... The song was published by Magic Raspberries Music Company.
  3. On second look I think that is Bob McBride in the back ground.
  4. For me I think your music takes me back to very memorable time in my like. I saw you the first time at Channel High School then after that at Chesterland Hullabaloo. I had a lot of good friends and times back then. Would go and sit and talk to Don Parsons then when you guys went on go out and watch the show and dance. I had a lot of frends up there and we would go all over Cleveland together to see you and other favorites. Your music reminds me or what I was doing and who I was with when I heard it the first time. Great Music, Great Band, Great Friends, Great Memories. What more could anyone want. Dale
  5. This picture looks like it could be "The Quick"
  6. That picture at Myspace www.myspace.com/users15647697 Isn't the Raspberries it looks like a Pre Raspberries band. I see Eric Randy Klawon, Mike Mcbide and I think thats Randy's brother.
  7. I got in one of those moods when I decided to dig out some of my old...... old LP's (Like big black CD's) LOL. Well I was playing one of my favorite by a local band and found a song on it credited to Eric. "I need your Lovin" Recorded by Freeport .... " Freeport Express" I had forgotten he wrote it. Good song.
  8. I didn't see the Amboy Dukes but I saw a lot of good bands back then. Remember Circus, Rainbow Canyon,Left End, Ambelside or North River Street Rock Collection. These were all great Cleveland groups.
  9. When I was younger I lived in the Geauga Lake (Now Aurora) and Geauga Lake park was right down the road. I used to sneak in during summer vacation and send the day there. A local popular radio station WIXY 1260 AM use to have there yearly picnic there. I saw bands play there like Paul Revere and the Raiders, Hermans Hermits, The Animals, Dave Clark Five. and the Association. This was a great place to see band. Then a few years later I started going to Chesterland Hullabaloo and saw groups like James Gang with Glenn Schwartz(sp) and then Joe Walch, The Raspberries (Both before and after Dave) Freeport Express. Damnation of Adam Blessing, and Glass Harp (with Phil Kagy). It was a great time for music in Cleveland.
  10. Dale


    Marvin I'm a newbie on this site so you can take what I say with a grain of salt. It would seem to me that this is a public board and there for, does not require a license or IQ test to post. Now that being said it seems that by reading all the post in your favor on here that most of the posters think your a good guy. Now why would you let what someone says to you change the way you think and how you feel about the board and the people on the board. There will always be people who knock others for what they have. That doesn't mean you should give up what you have to make them happy. If someone doesn't like the relationships you have here .........well oh well ..........10 or 15 years they will get over it. Life is to short and your to well liked from the looks of it to walk away from your friends. My 2 cents Dale
  11. Another song I would love to hear them do is "Every Night" by the Beatles. I remember Eric doing this song in the Chesterland days and it was great
  12. He appears in the very early pictures of the Raspberries ............Dosn't look like Harrison LOL
  13. That would be up to Eric I guess .......LOL He did a great job of it 30 years ago
  14. It was great but I was young when they fist came out so I was limited to where I could go Would sneak in some collage bars to see them
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