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  1. No worries... "Birdys" post was made before Eric's last post before he locked the thread. When Eric chose to delete his last statement, it left "Birdys" as the last post. I don't believe there is a Wallygate, but I always liked Wally Gator. Tim
  2. The first few years I was here I used an odd "Skull" avatar that Bernie had as an option. I switched it to Ozzy and Sharon a couple of years ago - It makes me smile that he is flipping off the photographer. Tim
  3. Oooo...There's always Beatlebum and a couple of others too! Tim
  4. Wendy my friend: I specifically said I respect the opinion of fellow board members - I don't believe that we will see Hitler or any other dead evil people jumping in on any threads. Tim
  5. No apologies necessary... I was just saying that when fellow board members like Paulie, MAM, James, and others chime in on something, I take my time reading their posts since I know they put some thought into them. I may or may not agree with them, but I respect their opinions. Tim
  6. "MAM" is a long time message board member, a good person, and a supporter of Eric and his music. He is entitled to his opinion on things as much as anyone else is - Even if we don't agree. It's great to see some of the "oldtimers" chiming in these days. Tim
  7. I'm not a musician, but I'd love to know more about the Bass used for "Brand New Year" - The sound is awesome! It almost sounds like a stand-up Bass like Leland Sklar uses sometimes, or maybe a fretless Bass? As to tape speed, I remember trying to convince people that the sound from my 8-Track player in my car sounded better than the cassette player they had since the tape traveled faster in 8-Track Tapes? I thought 8-Track Tapes were great besides the fact that songs would get cut in half, you could only fast forward the tape, and the loud "clunk" as the player switched tracks! Tim
  8. Before I even put the first disc in my computer to play it, I slowly went through the entire booklet. As my friends in England would say...I was chuffed to bits how great it is! I love that a lot of time and care went into the whole package - You can tell is wasn't hastily thrown together. The mixture of past and present pictures, the images of fan memorabilia, the quotes from other musicians, and your comments for each song make this a fantastic package. I really like the picture choices for the front cover and back of the package as well! Kudos to you and your team for putting together an outstanding keepsake. The only "bad" thing for me is that I now need readers as I page through CD booklets! Tim
  9. I love the whole "Worlds Away"album by Pablo Cruise. Quick tangent...When I got married, I chose the song "Always Be Together" from this album for our first dance together. As it turns out, I should have found a song called "Let's Stay Together for 4 Years"! Tim
  10. Somehow I made it through the whole song...Brutal! Tim
  11. Love Angel!! It would be a bit boring if we all liked the same music. I can't listen to The Doors, The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, or Dave Matthews among others... Tim P.S. I may be in the minority, but "Starting Over" is my least favorite Raspberries album.
  12. Thanks Bernie... I was thinking about how I was going to untangle some of this thread. Tim
  13. Does it help Eric more if it is purchased through Amazon? Best Buy has it $3.00 cheaper with easier shipping terms. My plan is to buy it in person on the 25th at Best Buy. If it helps Eric...maybe I'll order an extra one from Amazon. Tim
  14. With my "2 fingers and a thumb" typing technique, I have a bit of trouble keeping up in the chatroom! It was fun back in the day, and I will certainly jump in if I am around when a chat is arranged. Tim
  15. So Bernie... Should we wait for the "special pre-ordering links" you mention to get involved in the contest? Or, are the amazon links the ones you were referring to? Thanks, Tim
  16. Love the list of tracks! The icing on the cake will be a live show celebrating those same 45 years! Tim
  17. The most awesome ec.com math post ever! Good to see you around raspathens! Tim
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