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  1. Awesome!! This sounds great - I especially love to hear Jim beating the living daylights out of the drums! Tim
  2. This makes me smile... All of the wonderful people on stage including of course, Eric! Tim
  3. I still remember being thrilled to find a page that was all about Eric back in '97. Of course since I was terribly IT illiterate, it took me a few years to figure out that there was more to the site than just the first page!! Who would have thought that I could click around and find something as cool as the message board! Congrats to Bernie and Eric on 20 years!! Tim P.S. Maybe a show isn't in the works, but perhaps Eric can do a quick video "Hello" to mark this occasion.
  4. Happy Birthday to our fearless leader!! Tim
  5. Thank you for the Birthday greetings! I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season! Here's hoping that this site's namesake will announce something fun in 2017 to get this place hopping again!! Tim
  6. Wishing a wonderful Woman a very Happy Birthday!! xoxo Tim
  7. I'm crossing my fingers that either Frank or Punky bring their solo bands to the Midwest! There was an inadvertent tease in the last few days of possible Angel shows, but the news was incorrect - We can hope! Tim
  8. I think you are correct here James! All it would take is for Eric to someday start a thread telling us that he has a show to announce, and this place would explode once again! Tim
  9. Happy Birthday Eric - I wish you a year filled with good health and happiness! Tim
  10. Hi all, I know all of you like great Pop / Rock music, so I know you'll love the new release by our friend Ken Sharp! This CD has gotten a big thumbs up from everyone who has listened, including Eric himself! I received it in the mail earlier today and I love it! Tim http://www.ken-sharp.com/new-mourning/index.html
  11. I hope you've had a fantastic Birthday!! Tim
  12. Yes - I read them all including yours...Thanks! Tim
  13. Well, that's a first in 11+ years... I get to start my own thread. I had a great day on 12/12!! I wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season! Tim
  14. A very Happy Birthday to one of the originals. You won't meet too many Women sweeter than Diane! Happy Birthday my friend! xoxo Tim
  15. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday - All the best from Wisconsin! Tim
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