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  1. Happy Birthday to Eric! Tim
  2. It's like a beacon of light shining through these cloudy day - Awesome!! Thanks Bernie!
  3. Happy Birthday to our fearless leader! Tim
  4. Thank you very much! There was a time that there were Birthday greetings for board members almost daily... I think other forms of social media are where the action is now. I am very happy that Bernie has kept our home here alive for us. Tim
  5. Happy Birthday to the ever so wonderful dianed - Fine...It was yesterday, but I'm only 1 day off! I hope she had a great day!! Tim
  6. All the best to you on your Birthday!! If you can remember your password, feel free to stop by here...It's been too long! Tim
  7. I saw them this past November in Cleveland and she looked great. Very sad to lose another Eric Carmen / Raspberries fan. Tim
  8. Mine became ultra deluxe... The couple of years after I received it I got Eric to sign the the card that came with his guitar string, I got the entire band to sign the cover in Silver Sharpie, I got all of the Overdubs and Crew members to sign it on the inside, and of course I got Bernie & Ken to sign it as well!
  9. What a nice way to start the New Year! It truly fills my heart with joy as I see more and more people signing in! Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year! Tim
  10. This one sure ended up being a very entertaining thread!! Tim
  11. Wow... As I've mentioned over the years, I was so internet impaired that when I found the EC website I thought the main page was it! For years I would check out the main page not being aware that I could push another button and find other pages, and of course the message board. I joined the board late in 2004 right before the reunion action. I have met so many wonderful people!! I'm sure I'll expound more before the new year. Much love to my friend Bernie! Tim
  12. It was great to see a lot of friends, and the show was fantastic!! Tim
  13. Hi there! Looking forward to next weekend... If you see a guy walking around wearing a Black Raspberries hat - That will be me! Tim
  14. I hope you have a wonderful day - Happy Birthday Eric!! Tim
  15. So... Anyone else besides me going to Cleveland to see The Choir in November? Tim https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1675780?utm_medium=api
  16. Awesome!! This sounds great - I especially love to hear Jim beating the living daylights out of the drums! Tim
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