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  1. I got this from another message board: The segment will also be shown the week of 8/22 at the following times: Monday- 6am & 6 pm, Wednesday - 9am & 9pm, Thursday - 10am & 10 pm, Friday - 3pm & 3 am, Saturday - 9 am & 9pm
  2. Well, I have a few more current fave Chicago bands: The Ponys Assassins The Redwalls The Changes Chin Up Chin Up The Dirty Things The Webb Brothers (yes, the sons of Jim Webb) The Living Blue (actually, from Champaigne, IL) ....and soooooo many more great local bands playing out now. Chicago has a great local music scene right now.
  3. They just have to put a dvd put out. They could compile it from all the recent shows. Whatever. I'll buy it at any "quality". So I decided to tape the late show sans all the "other" videos...tho' I probably should have includes the Runaways one just cuz it was so hot.
  4. Great show and interviews. I thought the GATW video was tops....first time I saw it. Also enjoyed the unplugged song. True, they should have played the other songs though. I thought the video selection was great (minus Bow Wow Wow). Now back to "The Alternative".....my favorite tv show.
  5. Well, I wore mine to sultry Day 2 of Lollapalooza. (It's one of the few band T's I have that isn't black or dark.)
  6. Holy shit. These guys are still around too?
  7. Wow. Sounds like these were the best of all the shows yet. Can't wait till they come back to Chicago.
  8. The Redwalls' sold-out record release show at Metro was fantastic, Keith! I'm not much of a reviewer, but you can check out some videos here: http://www.theredwalls.com/video.asp
  9. Great pics! wish I had gone.
  10. I posted about them a couple of times before on this board. (not much interest then either) I thought that they would have made a much better opening band for the Chgo HOB show. Now they are opening for the likes of bands like Oasis, The Futureheads, and The Kaiser Chiefs in the UK. (Noel Gallagher loves them.) I'm a huge fan of these kids, and am going to their record release show at Metro on the 24th. They're going to be on Conan this Friday night, with Hillary Duff. Premiering on MTV tonight in one of those little news blurbs: Jun 14, 2005 MTV You Hear It First The Redwalls will be featuring on the latest installment of MTV "You Hear It First," which profiles up and coming bands. Show premieres TONIGHT @ 850pm on MTV, with repeat airings listed below. All times shown are EST. Check local listings for airdates in your area. MTV Wed 6/15: 350am, 450am, 550am, 650am, 750am, 850am, 950am MTVu Tues 6/14: 945pm, 1045pm, 1145pm Wed 6/15: 1245am, 145am, 245am, 345am, 445am, 545am, 645am, 745am, 845am, 945am, 1045am, 1145am, 1245pm, 145pm, 245pm, 345pm, 445pm, 545pm, 645pm, 745pm, 845pm MTV2 Wed 6/15: 11am, 8pm Thurs 6/16: 11am, 2pm Fri 6/17: 11am
  11. I'm always under the radar. My current fave is a San Diego band called Louis XIV.
  12. Seeing The Mods at a Chanel High dance, at 15 was my 1st time seeing a live band. I've been addicted to live music ever since.
  13. That is so cool! thanks for posting
  14. Well I for one, prefer a small club venue. Much more intimate and cool for hanging out and having a few drinks with the band afterwards. And of course they want everyone out after the show. The staff wants to go out and party too. For $50++ there had BETTER be an opening band.
  15. I agree that, outside of the drummer, The Drysdales weren't very good. It was quite evident that they were psyched to be there, opening for The Raspberries though. Natch. I think the crowd would have loved The Redwalls, a young local band who is on the verge of their first major label release (Capitol, of all labels). They're going out on tour soon, but the audience would have loved them. (Think, The Beatles, early Cavern Club days).
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