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  1. Happy Birthday Eric Thanks For The Music! Enjoy your day.
  2. Now that my duckets are in Frankenberrie's hands, I wish everyone godspeed on their trips to The Big Apple this weekend. My surprize party better be good.
  3. Since no one bid on these 2 GA Tix for the Saturday Show, they are now available FREE. Please PM or e-mail me, and I will put them in the mail in the morning. JTN
  4. YES...BID HERE. Auction extended till 10am tomorrow 10/9
  5. I have decided to auction off my two GA tix for The Raspberries 10/13 show in New York. I have $113.25 invested, and sick to death that i will not be able to attend the show. Heck, you should be able to sell them on the street that night if you wanted to turn a profit. Oh, that's right, that's called scalping. Min. Bid: $25 Bid in dollars only Auction Ends Monday, 10/8 at 9pm. Credit Cards accepted. Good luck and thanks
  6. Two weeks till concert. 2 GA tix still available. Please pm or e-mail if interested. Credit card processing also available.
  7. T-Minus Three Weeks- Two GA Tickets for Sat. 10/13 still for sale. pm or e-mail if interested. JTN
  8. Driving home from work and listening to Radio God's "Don & Mike" (syndicated national radio show) today who were talking about their five most influential rock artists. As with most of their bits, listeners starting putting their two cents in. All of a sudden as the discussion is making fun of people like Bryan Adams, Air Supply etc., Mike bursts out "How about The Raspberries", to which Don (a Raspberries fan since day one)responds, "Hey, The Raspberries were great, and I think Eric Carmen is a heck of an artist. Their song "Go All The Way", I just love it, they're great." That's about how it went, and I was loving it. The show uses GATW occasionally on show re-joins from the network. I'm e-mailing Don Geronimo about the NY Shows.
  9. These two GA tickets to the 10/13 show are still waiting for some lucky EC/Raspberries fan . I thought I had them sold to a couple from California, but they could not swing the date. My business has Credit Card processing, so I can charge them for you if you'd like. Just want face value. No more. Please pm or e-mail if interested. Thanks.
  10. After purchasing two general admission tickets for the Highline Ballroom 10/13 show Tuesday morning, I've have since found out that someone has planned a rather large surprize 50th Birthday Party for me that day. So, here I sit with two tickets that i cannot use and a surprize party that I already know about. PLEASE contact me via e-mail if you or someone you know need two more tickets before you purchase them elsewhere. Thank you in advance. I cannot believe the luck and irony in missing this show, so I hope and believe there will be more concerts planned.
  11. Remember, the ticket says "Raspberries Live 2007"
  12. Very awesome vintage stuff. They rocked. Rider for Wally Bryson- Bottled Water, GUM, Cotton Towels, GUM, Melba Toast, GUM
  13. In my former career in radio, I had also heard through the radio grapevine that Jim played drums for the Outsider's hit. After an e-mail several years ago, Jim e-mailed me back and then called me directly to set me straight. I thought that was pretty cool of him to do.
  14. Yeah, I'm in New Jersey now. Not a peep. No Tony Soprano yet. I havn't seen hide nor hair of him or his family since that Journey song "Don't Stop Believin' " just ended right in the mi............................... ..............................
  15. Bud Light Presents...... Real Men of Genius.....Today we salute you.... Mr. Inflatable Palm Tree Blow-Up Guy
  16. The concert footage is incredible but for those of us that were not fortunate enough to be in Cleveland on that very special November Night, The bonus behind the scenes, curtain, sneaking up on conversations...etc.. video makes me all goose pimply. I can only imagine what the four of them were feeling when that curtain opened..watching it (three times already makes my hair stand, even in places it normally doesn't)..and is it just me, or was Eric the little nervous raspberry that night....maybe it was just his normal pre- show prep routine..smoke...drink...deep breaths...exhale...come to think of it, that was MY pre show routine before I saw them at the Atlantic City show.
  17. My girlfriend wants Paul Sidoti..and his tongue...TONIGHT!
  18. Touchdown for #97 of 300. Bubble CD envelope with a Bonfanti fingerprint on it (looks like he had Lasagna that night) Hmmmmm...may take the afternoon off.
  19. To get me through another day of anticipation (I see Ketchup Bottles), I plopped my $2 into my Moose Club's Jukebox and cranked out "Tonight" and "Ecstacy". Talk about Rasp Rage!
  20. Check out Bonfanti's Guns. You get them working with bubble wrap, ya know.
  21. I just wish these "BONUS" downloads would never end. They have all been outstanding, and have showcased the vocal diversities of the berries. ....and Jennifer could presence my stage anytime!
  22. Just shows the incredible lasting power of the song. A singers treatment to the song on Idol can make you or break you. Thought she did a good job with EC's song. Does Celine Dion even write songs?
  23. Bill Shatner's version of "Lucy" is a killer! What's this with Eddie Murphy too...all these actors...might as well through in David Soul, Bruce Willis, Patrick Swayze and Don Johnson...
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