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    The scenes are horrific and so very hard to watch. I makes one want to jump in and help, not just with money, but in a more direct way. It will be interesting to see how much foreign aid and goodwill comes our way. I personally think this horrible event should make us as a nation reflect more on how well we take care of our own nation's needs and it's people. Maybe it is time to spend more of our resources on ourselves to protect Americans from disasters like this and any future ones. That is not to say we shouldn't help others around the world, like we always do, but to maybe look at our needs at home first. As for the rising gas prices, made worse by this disaster, that too presents another area for reflection. How can we as Americans be more careful of our use of resources so we are not at the mercy of nations that despise us and aren't caught out when things do happen beyond our control. Laury
  2. Happiest of Birthdays. I am sending best wishes for continued success and a thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us. Laury
  3. I'm a Rocker and All Through the Night.
  4. That would be great. I have been hearing a remake of the Supertramp song,"Give a Little Bit" on the radio that is a pretty good remake. Quality songwriting speaks for itself, it would be nice to have some of Eric's songs re-discovered. It would be even better to have new music from Eric by himself or with the Raspberries.
  5. I voted too. Go All the Way Tonight I Wanna be With You
  6. Thanks for the video Bernie, these little tidbit teasers you toss out there on this site keep it interesting and fun.
  7. I have worked in retail most of my adult life and what I found, in my profession, is that people are often elevated to management postions without the proper training on how to deal with employees issues, or how to motivate and work to their employees best attributes. I really believe managers are made not born. A person may have the right personality to manage but one must be shown how to deal with all that goes into running a store, office, company or whatever. In my experience the worst managers were those who didn't feel confident or weren't given the skills to manage employees. I always found it was the Peter Principle, those were people who were promoted to their level of incompetence and everyone else would suffer for it. The best ones, and I have had a couple, were people who came from backgrounds where they had training in dealing with personnel issues, learned to motivate and reward and learned to work with an employee's weaker areas. Those managers were geared to making sure their employees were successful.
  8. Tbirdy, My husband and I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Dec. when we went to the NYE concert. I loved it! It was fabulous but a bit overwhelming. We spent a couple of hours on the main bottom floor without realizing there were 3 more levels with more things to see on them! We really couldn't take it all in in one afternoon. We are planning another trip to Cleveland to take our teen sons to the Hall of Fame and I think we may break it up into 2 afternoons. There is just so much to see and read and listen to. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. We loved Cleveland, everyone was nice. We wished we had another day there, there seems to be quite alot to see and do. Laury
  9. Yes, like Marlene I was lurking too. I have not had much to say.
  10. I have wondered about the other patients at the Hospice where Terry Schiavo is. There is a media circus outside, police and security, drums beating and people praying and shouting loudly. What of the rights of those other patients who need peace and solitude in their own final days. No one has given a thought to those other familie's struggles inside the hospice. I was with both of my parents in their final days, hours and at the final moments, a family and dying family member need those moments to be sacred. I feel for Terry, her parents and husband, but the family has allowed her plight to supercede everything and everyone. They are not the only family going through a difficult time, they did choose to play it out in a very public and politically charged forum. Those other families in that building deserve serenity and peace in their own difficult and private moments.
  11. Lovely job Bernie. Thanks for all your hard work. Laury
  12. My husband and I are hoping to be there. And if there is no age limit at BB Kings we will have our sons 17 and 18 years old with us. We talked up the New Years Eve concert enough that the older boy is curious, the other one will just have to be dragged along.
  13. Yes, Good luck. I will keep you in my thoughts.
  14. I guess one could look on music like any career any of us may have had or have. There are so many choices, twists and turns that can determine how successful one becomes. Talent isn't always enough, good timing and luck do play into all of our lives. And success is subjective. Music is a dicey business anyway. If by hitting it "big" that means superstardom, then few reach that level of sucess. But being able to live out one's passion by playing music all one's life, whether as a career or on the side, must be gratifying. Another way to look at it is, if the Raspberries had been mega stars(which we think they should have been) many of the people on this board, who have forged a relationship with them over the years, may never have had the chance to have access to them and their talent in an intimate way. One more thing, many bands who enjoyed a measure of success then faded away do not have a chance to come back, better and stronger, to bring more joy to their fans. We are lucky we are fans who had an opportunity to see such talent again.
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