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  1. Been quite a while since I was on here.....looking good Bernie!

  2. Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes. It was a wonderful weekend for me, spent with someone very special at Talladaga Super Speedway in Birmingham, Alabama.
  3. Hi all....Been away for a while UPDATE...left Cleveland on Sept. 18 and moved to Charlotte NC....loving it here. close to my children now. Having a tough time finding a job, but not giving up! Hope everyone here has been doing well!
  4. Guys....save your money..its not a huge thing...they will present their stuff , maybe sign a few autographs and be gone....no playing!
  5. In no particular order Karen Carpenter Leona Lewis Anna Nalick Carole King Jenifer Lee
  6. Happy Birthday Dave...all the best to you!
  7. Happy Birthday MJ...hope its a great year for you
  8. Muzza & kiwi...loos like I will be arriving on the 6th? of April...willlet you know as soon as possible
  9. Happy Birtday Linds....don't worry you'll be boating again in no time!
  10. Try getting a product called Feliway. It comes both in a spray form and a plug in. Its a pheramone spray that really helps cats calm down
  11. Happy Birfday to my favorite houseguest! Make sure the kitties don't eat all your cake!
  12. Tim, Heres wishing you the happiest birthday one can Have. Hope all your dreams and wishes come true.
  13. Happiest Birthday to my lovng wonderful brother. Here's hoping this coming year is filled with lots of love laughter and good surprises. Your the best! Your Baby Sister
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