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  1. I haven't been on this message board since the 7/05 concert in Cleveland...how is everyone?
  2. Even though I was in the bloodiest of the nosebleed seats, I was still singing along to every song! What a great show. To the people who I met last night: It was very nice to finally meet you. When will Cleveland be seeing The Raspberries again?
  3. So please come back and play soon! It's been awhile since I've been on here...how s everyone doing?
  4. On the way from school today that same thing happened. "Go All The Way" came on and the DJ announced the possibility of a tour and how much Cleveland enjoys having them. Come back to Cleveland!!
  5. A lot of people made comments on Dad and my homemade shirts [thank you!] and I'd be happy to make the iron on transfers for anyone that wants one so they can make their own...just e-mail me at schopa0713@ncstudent.net.
  6. Tim, Gene has a great picture of the set list, you can read all the songs in their order... http://www.genetaylor.us/Images/Raspberries/HOBNewYears/setlist.jpg
  7. beachberry, I was 4 feet from Eric Carmen! Standing directly in front of him, smashed against the bar...it was a blast. I hope your daughter enjoyed it as much as I did.
  8. ...and I'm working on that Chicago trip
  9. I thought the temperature was perfect...I wasn't too hot or too cold all night.
  10. It was great meeting you all, it made my dad and I feel like we were amongst friends, which we were. The show was amazing, I'm so glad I got to see them just once. Covers played: a. Can't Explain-The Who b. No Reply-The Beatles c. Ticket To Ride-The Beatles d. Needles and Pins-The Searchers e. It's Cold Outside-The Choir p.s. To all the people I saw at the show, my dad didn't believe me when I said we'd be front and center the entire time! Was he wrong! p.p.s When do we get to see how the pictures turned out, Gene?
  11. There are 24 inches of snow on the ground in Mansfield and a little more in Cleveland...I think the snowbelt got hit the hardest, though, but that's typical.
  12. Name 3 things about you that stand out so that people will be able to recognize you at the NYE show. I realize there was a thread like this before, but this one is a little more specific. I'll start...hopefully you'll join in. 1. Raspberry Violet/Black colored hair 2. Young-looking face...I'm pretty sure there won't be many teenagers in attendance 3. I'll be sporting my "I'm A Rocker" tee.
  13. I've lived "I Can Remember" to a T. I'm sorry about everyone elses experiences...
  14. Actually, if you see me at the show I'll be wearing that shirt
  15. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v27/criminallyelegant/rocking.jpg It's a bit rough, but I like the concept. I know I asked this awhile ago, but is anyone selling tickets for a reasonable price? I decided I can't take my dad and leave my mom at home for New Year's Eve so I want her to come too . Thanks.
  16. I can't believe it's been 24 years. I wish I would've been alive 35 years ago. Music was so much better back then.
  17. If you need a graphic designer for future show advertisements, I'd be more than happy to do it P.S. Does anyone have a spare [vinyl] copy of "Fresh Raspberries" lying around that they'd be willing to sell? That may be a stupid question because if I had it, I wouldn't want to part with it.
  18. Definitely no drinking from me! I'm just asking because my parents are a bit uneasy about me "walking the streets of Cleveland" alone at one in the morning.
  19. It's 1:30 and from the looks of it, there are still general admission tickets available...how did that happen?! My dad and I were posted in front of the computer at 9:30 hitting the "Refresh" button repeatedly and getting nervous because my dad's old bones may be too slow to claim them in time! Also, I may have a spare general admission ticket later because I'd rather go to this alone. Were there many cops around the House of Blues on the 26th?
  20. I have really spiky black & raspberry violet hair, I will be wearing my "I'm A Rocker" shirt that I recently designed , and I look a lot younger than 17. It's strange how I connect with the devoted 'Berries fans better than I do with my own generation-but it keeps things interesting...hope to see you all at the show!
  21. If anyone has one or two general admission tickets available for the actual price, e-mail me!!! My e-mail is schopa0713@ncstudent.net. Thanks.
  22. I hope my dial-up doesn't fail me tomorrow! I'm so excited at the idea of ringing in the New Year with the Raspberries that I don't even mind having to drive to Cleveland or attending the show alone. Seeing the 'Berries play "I Can Remember" live will totally be worth it. Amy
  23. I'm so excited that they finally posted ticket information! Now I just have to be on my toes on Saturday morning.
  24. I must be working too hard to spell "nervous" like that!
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