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  1. That was right after “ Its cold outsideâ€. Wally talks about how they play that song every winter in Cleveland ( and he’s glad they do ). Then Eric says “ Back before we recorded, and began our illustrious downfall, we used to play in clubs and we were a pretty darn good cover band, and we made money then. Then we had our hit, it wasn’t that bad. Anyway, we’d like to play one of those songs now â€, the band then goes into Ticket to Ride.

  2. Aggiesjc,

    I live close to the city of Berkeley (Hercules to be exact). Are you flying to Chicago on Friday or Saturday? My husband and I will be staying at the Holiday Inn downtown Sat & Sun nite.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing Eric and meeting Raspberries fan. Never knew there were so many out there. For a while, I thought I was far and few in-between.

    If you like to hook up Saturday, let me know. My email address is linylee@aol.com.

    See everyone there!


  3. Hi there, Aggiesjc,

    I am also from the SF Bay Area who will be flying from Oakland International early Saturday morning to Chicago to see the Raspberries. I too, am worried about the freezing temperature and waiting outside in line and then burning up inside. I wonder if HOB has a coat check.

    Anyway, glad to know I'm not the only Bay Area California fan flying to Chicago to see Eric. Hopefully we will meet in Chicago. Wish they would have scheduled this in the summer instead. Chicago is sooo beautiful in the summer.


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