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  1. It was probably O.J. Simpson, in a hurry on his continued quest to find the real killers.
  2. Eric produced them, but wasn't in the band. "There's No Surf in Cleveland" was their big song (and a great one, at that).
  3. LONDON (April 16) - British singer Bryan Ferry apologized on Monday for remarks he made in an interview with a German newspaper in which he praised the Nazis' iconography as "just amazing" and "really beautiful." ----------------------------------------------- Personally, I think Bryan Ferry is nothing but a nappy-headed ho.
  4. Marv, Don mentioned that the list is "alphabetical so the numbers are meaningless." That may also help explain how Buju Banton finished ahead of The Choir who finished ahead of The Raspberries who finished ahead of Huong Thanh.
  5. popdude


    Jesse Jackson is a flipping idiot.
  6. popdude


    See, that's why dogs and cats can't get along. Today my dog chased a cat up a tree and I thought "why can't they just live in harmony and stop all this fussing and fighting?" Then I thought "gee, that sounds like a line from a '70s soul song." Then I continued with this thread in my head by humming the song "Black and White" by Three Dog Night (hey! that rhymes!). That got me to thinking about why animals are so damned messed up lately, arguing and feuding like mofos. Look at Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. Porky Pig and Daffy Duck, too. Thank God for Mickey Mouse and Pluto being chummy, or I'd lose all hope in animalkind. And don't even get me started on that jackass Eeyore...
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    Gord, what happened? Did a dog bite you?
  8. Where Pinkies go to drink their troubles away?
  9. popdude


    Can't argue with that.
  10. popdude


    What did he say?
  11. LA band. I don't know much about them, other than they're on the new Squire Tribute disc (Squire was a very cool '80s mod/pop act out of the UK). Their version of "Girl on a Train" is a very close approximation of the original...
  12. You are correct: great '80s power pop (with bad '80s hair).
  13. www.myspace.com/shinglesband
  14. Hollies65, you have great taste in music, I must say. Fab tune indeed.
  15. You've seen Tony Hicks' bottom? (Just joshing - I love the Hollies, too.)
  16. Brad and Clem Burke are two of the finest drummers working in the pop idiom. The late Bruce Gary of The Knack was a great one, too....
  17. If he was, I'm sure he'd announce it.
  18. I guess 'ol Keith's not tired of playing games.
  19. Beatles soundalike CD's will be mailed off to our lucky winners tomorrow. (I went ahead and chose more than two winners because....I can.)
  20. Marv, you know I love ya, but if you were "not inferring that other topics were not worthy" and "only making a suggestion for a new thread/topic," maybe you should have simply started your new topic rather than beginning one with the title "I'm tired of playing games." Obviously, that topic title has more than a touch of negativity right from the get-go. I can see where folks who enjoy playing the games might take exception. Me, I really don't care one way or the other...I'm just sayin'...
  21. Lindsey's a freaking pop music genius, plain and simple.
  22. I'm thinking of a number betweeen 74 and 198....
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