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  1. That's funny. I always thought Rush was number two.
  2. Check with Raspberrywine. I think he has a copy.
  3. The first inaccuracy being that The Eagles are the best band in the universe...
  4. Don't forget this: http://www.notlame.com/Right_To_Chews/Page_1/NLBUBB1.html
  5. Of course, let me also mention that it was a highlight reel moment for ME to meet swell folks such as Kirk, Jen, Marlene, Kathy and Gina at the LA HOB show.
  6. Kirk, when most people have the opportunity to meet me, it becomes a highlight reel moment.
  7. True, but let's not drag Marvin into this....
  8. apparently all chris has to say is...YUK!!!!
  9. That's true - although Tommy's lower lip HAS been drooping quite a bit lately (when the Yankees lose).
  10. Wait - are we talking about TOMMY TUNES or Vinnie the Horse?
  11. Wait, I thought Vinnie was a horse?
  12. Yes, his name is Vinnie.
  13. Be careful, Tommy....Marlene knows people...
  14. Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me) - Paul McCartney
  15. I'm still trying to figure out which marketing genius decided to title Peter Gabriel's first THREE solo albums "Peter Gabriel."
  16. True - Diane hosts our ec.com burlesque show on alternate Tuesdays, with three shows nightly. Appearing with her this week is Tommy Tunes and His Friendly Flyswatter.
  17. Here's the full article: LONDON (Reuters) - British singer Bryan Ferry apologized on Monday for remarks he made in an interview with a German newspaper in which he praised Nazi iconography as "just amazing" and "really beautiful". The 61-year-old lead singer of Roxy Music told Germany's Welt Am Sonntag newspaper last month: "The way that the Nazis staged themselves and presented themselves, my Lord! "I'm talking about the films of Leni Riefenstahl and the buildings of Albert Speer and the mass marches and the flags -- just fantastic. Really beautiful." In a statement, Ferry said he was "deeply upset" about the negative publicity the interview triggered, and added: "I apologize unreservedly for any offence caused by my comments on Nazi iconography, which were solely made from an art history perspective. "I, like every right-minded individual, find the Nazi regime, and all it stood for, evil and abhorrent." Jewish leaders in Britain, some of whom had condemned Ferry's comments and questioned whether he should be dropped by the Marks & Spencer retail chain that employs him as a model, welcomed Ferry's clarification. "We do welcome the fact that he has issued a swift comment that there was no intention to condone the Nazi regime," said Jeremy Newmark, chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council. "Nevertheless, his choice of language was deeply insensitive," he added. Lord Greville Janner, vice-president of the World Jewish Congress, told Reuters: "His apology was total, appropriate and absolutely necessary. I hope that he will never make the same mistake again." Marks & Spencer sought to distance itself from the row. "We do not make comment on the private lives of any individuals that we work with nor does our commercial relationship with them mean we endorse any views they may hold," the group said in a statement. It had no further comment. Riefenstahl was Adolf Hitler's official film maker who was both admired and condemned for her documentaries that pioneered film techniques but glorified Nazism. Speer was an architect who served under Hitler.
  18. And for all EC.com board members, too!
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