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  1. The Deal hads a CD released in 2003 on Not Lame Records, titled GOODBYE SEPTEMBER: STUDIO SESSIONS AND HOME RECORDINGS, 1980-1986. It was an archival look at a decent pop band from Charlottesvillle, VA, albeit one who's history took a tragic turn when lead guitarist Haines Fullerton took his life in 1996. The CD is pretty good power pop (and features a Todd Rundgren guitar solo on one cut), albeit nothing that even approaches the level of Raspberries. Lead singer Mark Roebuck does manage to sound like a junior league Eric Carmen on a few of the better cuts ("Picture a Lady" and "Rebel Girl"). Overall grade: B-.
  2. Yeah, I definitely missed out. Between my better half recently being hospitalized and the holidays and all, time just ran away from me. Hopefully they'll reprint some more; if not, does anyone out there have an extra distressed tee (size XL) they'd like to sell? :-)
  3. Do you think they'll reprint any of the "distressed" 'Berries tees? I wanted one, but I was too slow on the draw, I guess. Something about the holidays and the kids eating and stuff. ;-)
  4. Those are straight reissues of the first two Raspberries albums that were just released in the UK on RPM/Cherry Red Records...
  5. And it was co-written by none other than Sonny Bono!
  6. Just read in the MARATHON MAN bio that Eric had written some (unreleased) tunes with a songwriter named Seth Swirsky. For those of you who enjoy the lighter side of pop/power pop, I would highly recommend Swirsky's newly-released cd, titled INSTANT PLEASURE. It's one of my faves of the year and includes some very pretty melodies and fab tunes. I believe there are sound samples at www.notlame.com
  7. OK, I'm not even able to go to the show (dammit!), but now I'm hungry! :-)
  8. I reviewed this one when it was originally released in 1996 and recently gave it another spin for research on another project I'm working on. I guess I pretty much think now what I thought then: there are a bunch of excellent tracks but the bad ones are REAL stinkers. Favorites include Ken Sharp's fragile "Waiting," The Rock Club's "Rose Coloured Glasses" (they make it sound like Badfinger!), Bill Lloyd's rockin' "Goin' Nowhere Tonight," superproducer Brad Jones' "Let's Pretend," the Rubinoos' sublime "Cruisin' Music" and the Gladhands' powerful "Play On." The fatal mistake I feel the producers made was putting two of the worst tracks at the head of the disc: The Rank Strangers' sludgy "I'm A Rocker" and Tiny Lights' fey, sloppy "Go All the Way" (learn the words, people!). And the less said about Bunnygrunt's "you SURE these aren't runners-up from the seventh-grade talent contest" version of "Cry," the better. Still, the success rate for me runs from 60-70% and it's nice to have a 'Berries tribute out there. Sure wish someone would give it another shot, though.
  9. Bernie, are you sure they're really his? :-)
  10. Yep, James, that is indeed the Tearaways backing up Scott on that tune and yes, Mr. McCarl is indeed doing the Macca-like spoken word bit at the end. Glad you like the collection! I also was fortunate enough to produce another power pop collection a few years ago that was released on Not Lame Records: "Right to Chews: Bubblegum Classics Revisited." It featured power popsters covering great old bubblegum tunes from the likes of The Archies, Banana Splits, 1910 Fruitgum Company, etc. None other than Ken Sharp contributed a fantastic track---"Melody Hill," an obscure Archies b-side---with his side peoject called Superstone, which also featured Rob Bonifiglio and Carnie Wilson!
  11. Yes, Scott is indeed a wonderful, kind and gentle soul. Funny, too; when I called him last night, he proceeded to quickly pull off a spot-on Paul McCartney impersonation! :-) This is actually the second time that Scott has generously donated a tune to a compilation disc that I have produced; the first time was in 2001, when he recorded a cover of "I Never Had it Better" for the Shoes tribute album titled SHOE FETISH.
  12. I've been reading all the posts here for a while now and I have to say that I have never seen a group of more devoted, passionate and downright NICE people in any music forum I've been around. I agree that the 'Berries are awesome---and swell guys, to boot---but so are their fans. On another note, I spoke to Scott McCarl last night and he was genuinely thrilled to hear how great the reunion show went. Remember, he was a fan before he was a 'Berry. He seemed touched when I told him that Eric dedicated "Play On" to him. Scott also agreed to donate an unreleased solo track to a CD project I am currently working on compiling, so stay tuned for details...
  13. ...damn, I wish I could have been. I've been a Raspberries fan for ages, but I've never had the pleasure of seeing the guys live. Hopefully they'll make it out to L.A. soon. I've met Wally, Dave and Scott and they're all extremely nice guys. I was thrilled to be in the studio when the three of them were cutting the REFRESHED disc a few years back, and I was absolutely over the moon when Scott cut a track for a tribute CD I produced (honoring the band Shoes, mentioned here recently) in 2001. Seeing the adulation that is being heaped upon the 'Berries here is great, because they're all such down to earth, sweet guys. They deserve it. Eric, of course, is a pro's pro, and the Godfather of power pop, in my opinion. An amazing songwriter and vocalist, and there's absolutely no one who can put across a ballad like he can. I recently read and reviewed (for GOLDMINE Magazine) the very cool MARATHON MAN biography and was overwhelmed by the amount of work that Bernie and Ken put into it. Kudos to the two of them not only for the book, but for all they did in making this Raspberries reunion happen.
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