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  1. Or Nick Lowe. Ever heard "Stick it Where the Sun Don't Shine?" The main riff is a direct lift from CCR's "Green River."
  2. You're pregnant with twins, Hollies65? Congrats!
  3. Ofr course, on "The Party's Over," Wally managed to sound just like Free..
  4. Plane tickets are only 75 cents now?
  5. I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I always felt that "Pet Sounds" was one of the most overrated albums ever...
  6. A few more: 1. "Life's a Bitch" sweaters for female dogs. 2. Dolly Parton doing Hooters Restaurant commercials. 3. A package tour featuring The Byrds, The Monkees, The Animals, The Bears and Seal. 4. Another package tour featuring The Beatles, The Spiders From Mars, The Crickets and The Mosquitos. 5. Brown dice at the craps table in Vegas. 6. Tight fitting t-shirts for large-breasted women that read "Thanks For the Mammaries."
  7. Here's a few missed opportunities: 1. TOMMY TUNES Calling Cards - for when you want to phone-nap someone, but you don't have the cash 2. Winnie the Pooh toilet paper. 3. Darlene starring in "Mrs. Rogers' Neighborhood." 4. Trojan Condoms handed out to incoming freshman at USC 5. Matthew C. Clark replacing Don Imus on the radio. 6. Tony Cartmill replacing Howard Stern on the radio. 7. Have the Strawberry Alarm Clock tour with the Lemon Pipers, the Lime Spiders, Bananarama and Raspberries, and have it sponsored by Fruit Loops.
  8. You worked for Tommy Tunes?
  9. No, I meant the OTHER little voices, Marv; the ones that sound like Raspberrywine making Ad Hoc Band, Moose Jaw and Canada jokes...
  10. Does it alternate with those little voices you hear?
  11. It makes it a good song to Bessieboo and the little boy.
  12. No, Lee was in line for the Bob Marley secret show until someone realized that Marley died two decades ago.
  13. People started lining up for this on Sunday...
  14. Matty, Matty, Matty...don't make me call Darlene in here to calm you down...
  15. don't be sorry chris, the real thing is the only way to fly, boobwise, lol, popdude
  16. Matthew C., Matthew C., Matthew C. - why so angry, chum? Relax. It'll be okay.
  17. 16/15 (nice quote, Katherine)
  18. Well, you're smart enough to know THAT.
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