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  1. I'll add these... "Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl" (not so much for the performances, but for the energy and the crowd hysteria---it's a piece of history). "It's Alive" - The Ramones "Live at Budokan" - Cheap Trick
  2. GREGKEVINW asked: "what happened to fastball? i thought they showed a lot of promise in the pop area." They're still around (though no longer on a major label) and released a new album in 2004 that got some very good reviews...
  3. LOVE the Fannies! There is also a Teenage Fanclub tribute disc that came out a little while back. More info at: http://www.notlame.com/index.htm?action=product&itemid=117684 Here's the track listing: 01 - The Shazam - The Concept 02 - Redd Kross - Everything Flows 03 - IKE - Sparky`s Dream 04 - Michael Carpenter - Neil Jung 05 - Receiver - What You Do To Me 06 - Superdrag - Radio 07 - Cloud Eleven - Aint That Enough 08 - Gigolo Aunts - Alcoholiday 09 - Splitsville - Tears Are Cool 10 - The Andersons - Fear Of Flying 11 - Bronco Bullfrog - I`ll Make It Clear 12 - Chewy Marble - Metal Baby 13 - The Mockers - Hang On 14 - Cliff Hillis - Can`t Feel My Soul 15 - Jet Lag - The Cabbage 16 - Sparkle Jets UK - I Don`t Want Control Of You 17 - Barely Pink - Don`t Look Back 18 - Marykate O`Neil - Traffic Jam 19 - Michael Shelley - Mellow Doubt 20 - Crash Into June - Winter 21 - Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings - About You 22 - Captain Soul - You`re Love Is The Place Where I Come From 23 - The General Store - 120 Minutes 24 - The Trainwrecks - Starsign
  4. The Jacksons' early '70s ouevre includes some of the best pop-soul singles ever---"ABC," "I Want You Back," "The Love You Save," "Never Can Say Goodbye," "I'll Be There".....great songs, all.
  5. Yes, I mentioned Seth on here a while back. Super-talented and a heck of a nice guy, to boot. I highly recommend his CD, titled INSTANT PLEASURE. You can get it at his website, or from www.notlame.com
  6. I thought Paul sounded great, as well. Made me strongly consider seeing him on his upcoming tour. Saw him in 1989 and he was very, very good.
  7. Yes, Fastball's "The Way" is a very good tune and does sound a lot like the Beatles...as a matter of fact, the melody is a direct lift from "Besame Mucho," which the Beatles covered early on... Speaking of Beatles-influenced combos, almost forgot one of my faves...they were called Liverpool Echo and their album was released in the UK in 1973. Fab stuff, featuring Martin Briley, who would later have a few minor hits in the '80s....
  8. Oh, Jeff, don't get me wrong...I wasn't using the term "bubblegum" as a put down. Matter of fact, I love it (even "Time to Change"). Check this out: http://www.notlame.com/index.htm?action=product&sku=NLBUBB1
  9. Guess that'll give a whole new meaning to her song "Shake Your Love." :-)
  10. Oh, the Wombles were agreat bubblegum group! I always enjoyed "Remember You're A Womble."
  11. Beatle-sounding tunes (and bands): my favorite! Here are a few others... 1. THE SPONGETONES...Their 1982 album, BEAT MUSIC is the best album the Beatles never made. Staggeringly great. 2. THE VINYL KINGS...these guys feature Jim Photoglo (he had a couple of minor hits in the '70s) and have one album out and a new one ready to roll this month. 3. UTOPIA---"DEFACE THE MUSIC"...I heartily second the earlier recommendation on this one. Very cool pastiches/homages to the Fab Four. 4. THE RUTLES---Sure it was a joke, but a good one...and the music still holds up.
  12. Cool, Jeff! I've known Dave for about 14 years now and we're very good friends, as well...
  13. I have a soft spot in my heart for "Mmm Bop" by Hanson, but shhhhhhhhhhh! don't tell anyone. :-)
  14. I found out that Jeff Harris and I have a mutual friend....his name is David Bash, and he runs the INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW music festivals. Small world...
  15. Cool pic, Bernie! I remember the case well... Funny, I don't even rememeber the fans taking any pictures of or with Wally...just his case! :-)
  16. Re: L.A. Claim Jumper brunch---heck yeah, count me in, Razzmichi! I vividly recall---back in '98, I think it was---lunching at the Jumper with Scott, Wally, Jesse, Razzmichi and others, the day after Scott and Wally performed at Poptopia. I also recall a few guys who had traveled all the way to L.A. from Japan just to see the show and their taking picture after the gig---of Wally's guitar case. It was very cute. I also had the thrill of visiting with Wally, Scott and Dave in the studio when they recorded REFRESHED in 2000. (i also was fortunate enough to write the liner notes to REFRESHED). Very nice guys, and the studio, coincidentally enough, is only three miles from my office in California. Dave also recorded his solo record there. After speaking with Scott and Dave during the past few months, I can honestly say that I have never come in contact with any nicer, more genuine folks in the music business. I hope to one day meet Eric and Jim, too!
  17. Thanks, Marlene. It's for a worthy cause, and there's also a Raspberries connection; singer/songwriter Kyle Vincent also appears on the CD (Kyle used to be the lead singer of '80s power poppers Candy, whose lone LP featured Wally Bryson as "musical director"). Kyle also has a great new CD that's just been released and one song, "The Ghost of Rock 'n' Roll," has neat little tributes to "Go All the Way" and "Overnight Sensation." In an interview he did with me about 10 years ago, Kyle told me that during the recording of the Candy record, he would constantly bug Wally to play the opening riff to "Go All the Way"---according to Kyle, "I must have made him play that riff a hundred times."
  18. popdude


    Agreed, Dave. Forget Raymond, Everybody Loves Marvin! :-)
  19. Not sure if any folks here know about this yet or not, but there is a VERY cool Tsunami Relief CD coming out in a couple of months, with many artists I think people here will enjoy---The Records, Rubinoos, Waking Hours, Paul Collins' Beat, Jeremy Morris, BMX Bandits, Robbie Rist, The Lolas, The Last, Adrian Belew, Eugene Edwards, Dramarama and MANY more. Many of the tracks are rare and/or exclusive to this collection. Here's the poop: Norwalk Distributors & Integrity Records proudly presents.... "Of Hands And Hearts: Music For The Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund" THE HEART OF THE MATTER IS IN YOUR HANDS MARCH 2005! Click on the link below for more information: http://norwalkdist.com/ofhandsandhearts.html
  20. popdude


    I have to say, it must make Marvin feel pretty darned good to know that so many people are in his corner. I'm new here and I don't really know Marvin other than from what I've read on this site, but he seems like a likeable guy and definitely a passionate fan. Matter of fact, he's one of the folks that made me feel welcome here and I appreciate that. Whoever it is who's said those negative things about him is obviously just spewing sour grapes and should be ignored. Or slapped silly. :-)
  21. Johnny was a true legend...and also one who was immortalized in a pop song ("Johnny Carson" by the Beach Boys). He will be missed.
  22. "All For Love" is probably my favorite tune from TONIGHT YOU'RE MINE, aside from the majestic IT HURTS TOO MUCH. And some may differ, but I never understood exactly what was so bad about HUNGRY EYES or MAKE ME LOSE CONTROL. I like 'em both!
  23. Unbelievable. I don't care how old your children are, when something like that happens, it just makes you so ANGRY. And no apology at all? What's up with that? I agree with you, he should talk to an attorney.
  24. Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe at the Universal Amphitheatre in L.A. in 1984 was one of my faves, as was The Rubinoos at the International Pop Overthrow Festival in L.A. some years ago. Oh, and I fell asleep at a Sting show once! ;-)
  25. I definitely agree with Bernie here...I've always thought of the Drysdales as a rather pedestrian pop band, although Patrick Potts seemed like a nice enough chap. (I always thought they should have toured with the band Koufax. :-) I had the privilege of seeing Off Broadway and Enuff Z'Nuff on a bill in Chicago a few years back and they were both great, but OB in particular knocked my socks off---they would have been an outstanding opener. Other Chicago-area pop bands who would have been cool opening acts are Phil Angotti, 92 Degrees, The Critics, Swinger, The Lackloves, The Bradburys and the Bad Examples. But, of course, any band would have been in an unenviable position having to open for the 'Berries.
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