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  1. Here's a few, off the top of my head: Judas Priest Journey Styx
  2. and then there was Hugh's brother, Phil McCracken....oh, never mind...
  3. How 'bout Senor Wallio Brysonio?
  4. Acoustic segements always drag down the pacing of shows, in my opinion. LET IT ROCK!
  5. Because sad songs say so much?
  6. Congrats to Phil! I'll try to be there, but it's my daughter's birthday (she's seven), so I may be assembling some sort of gift
  7. popdude

    Best Openers

    Here's a few: * Michael Jackson opening with "Let's Hear it For the Boy" * Paul McCartney opening with "Money (That's What I Want)" * Raspberries opening with "Hello Again." * Paula Abdul opening with "Help!"
  8. "Shannon" is actually about Beach Boy Carl Wilson's dog...
  9. Thank you, Bernie, I appreciate that. By the way, the project is definitely a go, as the pre-orders have passed the 300 mark.
  10. I pop in every now and again, but it's usually empty...I was pleased to find Gina and Phil around one night last week, though...
  11. Well, it's got a good beat and you can dance to it...I'll rate it a -7. :-) (and I rather like the song "Shannon," for what it's worth...)
  12. Actually, Midnight Records closed up their store in NY not too long ago, but they still do mail order business through their website...
  13. All, My apologies if my first two posts on this topic came off too much like an overt advertisment. This book is something that I am very excited about and something I thought folks here and at the 'Berries website might enjoy hearing about---especially since there is involvement from Dave and Scott, and the Rubinoos cover a 'Berries tune on the CD that accompanies the book. Since I got publicly scolded for posting the same info over at the 'Berries site, I felt the need to come here and apologize to all of you, many of whom I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few months and consider friends. Trust me, this book is not any sort of money making proposition on my part; quite the opposite, actually. It's truly a labor of love. But if I crossed some sort of line, as I apparently did over at raspberries.net, I am truly sorry. I won't post about the subject in the future. Thanks.
  14. Yes, brand spankin' new, Marv!
  15. Thanks, Marvin! Sorry for the intrusion, but it's come to my attention that perhaps my first post wasn't quite clear enough on how to order the upcoming SHAKE SOME ACTION book. First, pre-orders are CRUCIAL to this pup ever seeing the light of day---if not enough folks pre-order it, it doesn't come out and I get to sit and weep softly over the slightly tattered manuscripts. Or something like that. Secondly, it can be pre-ordered by visiting www.notlame.com and clicking on the SHAKE SOME ACTION icon on the front page. The cost for the book AND the accompanying 20+ track CD is only $24.95 - about the cost of an import CD. And there is definitely some 'Berries content - a neat contribution by Dave Smalley, a smokin' cover of TONIGHT by the Rubinoos and a previously unreleased CD cut by Scott McCarl! Thanks to everyone for all the support and nice e-mails I've received about the project so far---and get ready to SHAKE SOME ACTION!
  16. This just in, straight from Bruce Brodeen: www.notlame.com: It's the book power pop fans have been waiting for - PLUS, a companion bonus CD featuring over 20 tracks from legendary power pop artists: "SHAKE SOME ACTION - The History of Power Pop, and A Guide to the 100 Most Essential Power Pop CDs" by John M. Borack An Exclusive Not Lame Offer! Not Lame Clubhouse members can not only get their book autographed by John Borack, but have it personalized to you! A 300+ page book, a big 'ole CD, and a personalized autograph on this future collectible (Ken Sharp's "Power Pop" book is going for $75-$100, this one will too). We need your help to make this happen, though. We have to have 300 pop fans to preorder this, because that is the minimum we need to reach to cover out butts because this project is not only wicked expensive, but risky. Not Lame can't take the risk without YOU walking up the bar and ordering this piece of history and future collectible. If we don't hit that - it does not happen. Don't let that happen! Spread the word!! So what is this project all about, then?! Read on.....and grab a napkin, because drool is coming. Are you looking for a list of the "Hot 100" power pop discs to make your CD and record shopping a more meaningful experience? Would you devour a definitive history of power pop from the 1970s to today? Do you want to read the opinions of not only the cream of the crop of journalists/critics covering this scene, but also dozens of the genre's greatest artists? If the answer to any of the above questions is "YES!" (and we're hoping it is!), then get ready to SHAKE SOME ACTION! John Borack, one of the preeminent writers/reviewers covering the power pop/pure pop musical style for over 20 years (for publications such as Goldmine, Amplifier, and The Trouser Press Record Guide) has put together this definitive overview of the melodic, rocking musical genre we all know and love. In addition to John's reviews of the 100 most essential power pop recordings of the last 30+ years, SHAKE SOME ACTION will also include: * Comments from many acclaimed power pop artists, describing their classic recordings. * A detailed history of power pop. * Many rare and previously-unseen photographs. * "Best Of" lists - with commentary - from a number of pop artists and journalists. But wait, there's more! If you're among the first group of customers pre-ordering this book from Not Lame, you'll also receive the exclusive, limited-edition "Shake Some Action" Companion CD, featuring tons of previously unissued material from power pop's coolest artists - DM3, Spongetones, Rubinoos, Paul Collins and Peter Case, Rooks, 20/20, Chris von Sneidern, and many more! (See below for complete track listing.) In addition to its coverage of power pop's history and greatest albums, SHAKE SOME ACTION will also look at: *Great power pop singles and individual songs *The genre's flirtations with the commercial mainstream *Pop festivals (such as the International Pop Overthrow and Poptopia) *Labels specializing in power pop *Magazines and fanzines covering the music *The global power pop scene (in Japan, Sweden and other countries) And take a gander at who's on board to contribute thus far: Joey Molland (Badfinger) Dave Smalley (Raspberries) Jason Falkner Ric Menck (Velvet Crush) Doug Fieger (The Knack) Dennis Diken (Smithereens) Darian Sahanaja (Wondermints) Paul Collins (The Beat) John Wicks and Will Birch (The Records) Tommy Dunbar and Al Chan (The Rubinoos) Bill Lloyd Jamie Hoover (Spongetones) Dom Mariani (Someloves, DM3) John Murphy & Jeff Murphy (Shoes) Jeffrey Foskett (Brian Wilson) Michael Mazzarella (The Rooks) Robbie Rist Bobby Sutliff (Windbreakers) Robin Wills (The Barracudas) Scott McCarl (Raspberries) Stewkey (The Nazz) and more! In addition, noted pop journalists who will be contributing to SHAKE SOME ACTION include: Jordan Oakes (Yellow Pills) David Bash (International Pop Overthrow) Alan Haber (Buhdge.com) Ken Sharp (Goldmine) Mike Bennett (Fufkin.com) Beverly Paterson (Twist & Shake) Jason Damas (All Music Guide) Steve "Spaz" Schnee (Popsided) Casey Fundaro (Fufkin.com) Lee Zimmerman (Amplifier) Morley Bartnoff (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) Tom Sorrells (Titan Records) Carl Cafarelli (Goldmine) Gary 'Pig' Gold (Fufkin.com) Dawn Eden (numerous liner notes) Terry Hermon (Bucketfull of Brains) Jack Rabid (Big Takeover) Ira Robbins (Trouser Press) Jeff Tamarkin (Goldmine) and more! CD track listing (subject to change): 1."Rock 'n' Roll Girl" - Walter Clevenger/Robbie Rist (new recording) 2."Wishing You the Worst" - Receiver (new recording; Gigolo Aunts cover) 3."Snapshot" - DM3 (first time on CD) 4."The Morning Show" - Metro Jets (previously unavailable in the U.S.) 5."The Day I Found You" - Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings (previously unreleased) 6."Alayna" (acoustic) - Spongetones (previously unreleased) 7."Tonight" - The Rubinoos (Raspberries cover - first time on CD) 8."Voices in My Head" - The Windbreakers (first time on CD) 9. "Boy Scout Pinup" - The Flashcubes (previously unreleased) 10. "I'm in Love" - Wackers (previously unreleased) 11. "Do You Wanna Love Me" - Paul Collins & Peter Case (rare, previously unreleased archival recording) 12. "Dream About Me" - The Tickets (first time on CD; sublime California power pop, circa 1988) 13. The Rooks - TBD (previously unreleased on CD) 14. The Pranks - TBD (previously unreleased; featuring Jeffrey Foskett) 15. Kyle Vincent - TBD (previously unreleased) 16. Scott McCarl - TBD (previously unreleased) 17. "Baby's Breath" (alternate version) - Bill Lloyd 18."Neglected" - Raving Fanboy (new recording; L.A.-area pop supergroup) 19. "Going Up With My Girl" - 20/20 (previously unreleased) 20. "Change Her Way" - Chris von Sneidern (previously unreleased) 21. Martin Luther Lennon - TBD (previously unreleased) 22. "A Voice Inside Me" - Shoes (Rare - only available on "As Is" CD) 23."Permanent Vacation" - Gary "Pig Gold" and the Masticators (first time on CD) What in the name of Eric Carmen are you waiting for? PRE-ORDER TODAY!!! Again, we need YOU to help us to make this project happen. Without YOU, this baby, this precious pure pop delight, will not make it into the world. You love pop? Well, come on into the delivery room and help put the air into making this important 'birth' happen. Make a statement to help archive power pop's history, its importance and get a ton of amazing, classic power pop CD to boot. It's a flat out bargain! So when will this come out? That is up to you all. When we reach 300 pre-sales from you, that's the green light--it happens then. We'll let all you that pre-order know of the status periodically, but we are definitely hoping, with optimistic hearts, to have this out before Christmas. We care about this deeply...we hope you do, too. Important Note: Your credit card will not be billed until we know you can have the book in your hands within in 30 days of its release date. We will keep you posted there, as well.
  17. Marvin wrote: <<As a long-time fan and supporter of the Mtl Expos, it pains me to no end to see them playing in another city. We bled and cried for that team for 35 years.>> Yeah, you and four other people. (just joshing, Marv)
  18. "Old Bruce?" Sounds like a horse! Guess it gives a whole new meaning to the term "born to run," then. Or is it "born to trot?" Just horsing around...
  19. A great line that Butch Walker wrote, from the Marvelous 3's "You're So Yesterday": "I feel like Bobby Brady breaking the vase." Genius, I say!
  20. I'm in Fountain Valley, Marc...the city which didn't have any fountains until two years ago.
  21. I'm a big IPO fan, but of course, I'm biased; I've helped my good friend David Bash with benefit IPO concerts for eight years now and we've raised more than $10,000 for local charities in CA. Dave's a good guy and it's been great working with him on these shows. The IPO system may be flawed, but it's still a heck of a lot better than not seeing these pop band perform at all. Over the years I've thrilled to amazing IPO performances by The Rubinoos (one of the best live shows I've ever seen), Chris Collingwood (from Fountains of Wayne), Off Broadway, Shoes and countless others. Viva IPO! Or something like that... :-)
  22. And I thought I was the only Orange County, CA guy here...welcome, Marc!
  23. I love "Pet Soul," but I can see how some might not like it as much, seeing as how it's unabashedly derivative and all (ie, "Tuesday Through Saturday" sounds EXACTLY like "Walk Away Renee," right down to the harpsichord solo).
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