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  1. Really? I know they did that on "Baby Talks Dirty" from their second record, but I didn't hear any other "Sharona" soundalikes on GET THE KNACK...
  2. Anyone know who the opening acts are?
  3. Wouldn't it just be easier to buy some Ding Dongs or Twinkies?
  4. Why am I suddenly reminded of that Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper song, "Don Henley Must Die?" I think it went "Don Henley must die/don't let him get back together with Glenn Frey." Personally, I'm glad the Eagles keep reuniting, if only for the simple reason that it keeps Glenn Frey from releasing any more solo material. "Smuggler's Blues" and "The Heat is On" make me want to gouge my eyes out with steaming pokers.
  5. One of my favorite groups! Actuallly, all three of FOW's records (FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE, UTOPIA PARKWAY and WELCOME INTERSTATE MANAGERS) are must-hears for fans of well-crafted, catchy power pop. There's a new one just out, called OUT OF STATE PLATES, which features all their non-LP b-sides---it includes cool covers of Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby One More Time," ELO's "Can't Get it Out of My Head" and Jackson Browne's "These Days."
  6. Marv, I remember the specific quote from Lennon's Playboy interviews, when Lennon mentioned Rod singing "Maggie don't go" to the tune of "Don't Let Me Down." Of course, perhaps Lennon may have been confused about the Rod Stewart songs- I hear he did a lot of drugs in the '60s.
  7. Bernie, Sounds cool, I'll have to check it out. I remember reading somewhere that John had thought Rod Stewart lifted bits of The Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down" and "borrowed" them for use in his classic "Maggie May." I would imagine that sort of thing happens all the time, either consciously or sub-consciously--witness the Nick Lowe tune "Stick it Where the Sun Don't Shine," which steals the main guitar riff from CCR's "Green River." I'm sure there are a zillion other examples. Funny, because I was recently finishing up writing a tune called "Neglected," when I listened to the bridge section I had worked up. It was then that it hit me: this was the bridge section from Badfinger's "Baby Blue." No wonder I liked it so much! Had to change it, though. Damn.
  8. Or Vanilla Ice opening for Cake and the Raspberries...
  9. ...and, just to throw in two more cents, ANY list of this nature that doesn't include seminal NYC punk rockers the Ramones makes my heart ache... Oh, and Michel Pagliaro? I haven't cared for him ever since he stopped hitting home runs and made all those errors at third base for the Yankees. Wait, that was Mike Pagliarulo. Never mind.
  10. I don't necessarily think Petty belongs on the list either, but War? I wouldn't consider them as making a great mark in music or having any sort of influence that's far reaching. Just my opinion. But of course, as far as "music with a conscience" goes, there ain't nothing better than "Spill the Wine." I kid because I love.
  11. "She's Just My Baby" is another great AD song from the "Rave On" record...
  12. Of course, what may sound like a screaching (sic) rock voice to some might sound soulful to others... Artful Dodger's last album, 1980's "Rave On" had a barrel full of great pop tunes, including the glorious "It's A Lie."
  13. Anyone remember "Wipe Out '66?" by the Surfaris? I didn't think so. Progress, shmogress. Leave the classics be, I say!
  14. Apples and oranges, my dear Cartmill. Vanilla Coke was a DIFFERENT flavor, not a rehash/remake of a tried and true classic. Without Pierson and I, you'd be living with the "new, improved" coke. Yuck.
  15. THE LETTER NEON RAINBOW SWEET CREAM LADIES, FORWARD MARCH SOUL DEEP CRY LIKE A BABY Those were the biggies... Chilton, as you probably know, went on to form power pop legends Big Star with the late, great Chris Bell.
  16. Hoss, Those midwestern '70s bands were most definitely NOT awful...the "author" of the N.Y. Press article in question is a well-known power pop hater who has gone out of his way to make snotty comments about power pop and the folks who listen to it (as a matter of fact, he was kicked off a pop mailing list I subscribe to for doing just that). Definitely take his comments with a shaker full of salt.
  17. Quote: quote:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by popdude: I may never eat mints while urinating on a hotel bedspead and holding a unwashed wine glass and a dirty toothbrush ever again. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You mean you've done it before??? Apparently you're quite talented - eating, holding a toothbrush and a glass, all while doing something that should at least use one hand. Michelle, I'm quite the multi-tasker.
  18. I may never eat mints while urinating on a hotel bedspead and holding a unwashed wine glass and a dirty toothbrush ever again.
  19. Carpenter's been around for quite a while now and is a superb musician and a heck of a nice guy. I've had the pleasure of seeing him live a few times and he does great in both an acoustic setting and with a full band. His most recent project, with a band called The Supahip, is due out in late June. He released a covers disc, "SOOP" (Songs of Other People), a few years back and it shows off his influences very well. On it he covers the likes of Tom Petty, The Zombies, The Beatles, Sam Cooke and The Monkees. Very nice stuff!
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