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  1. Sad to say, I've been hearing more and more brutal edits of classic pop songs on oldies radio stations lately, including hatchet jobs on Rod Stewart's "Maggie May," the Chi-Lites' "Have You Seen Her?" and, worst of all, on Paul McCartney's "My Love," where some genius edited out the entire guitar solo!
  2. Yes, Owsley is VERY cool! Love his first solo release and like his second; also really enjoyed his earlier work with a band called The Semantics (who featured Ringo's son Zak Starkey on drums).
  3. ...you NEED to check out David Grahame. Grahame is a talented singer/songwriter whose beautiful solo work echoes the sound and style of early '70s McCartney. Gentle, often acoustic-based, melodies collide with Grahame's eerily Macca-like vocals on his eight releases. I believe his website is currently down, but there should be some sound clips available at www.notlame.com. He'll also have a BEST OF disc released in a few months.
  4. </font><blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><hr /><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Originally posted by kazumi: <strong> Tony, I thought you will be there without clothes.
  5. Yes, Parthenon is still with the 'new' ELO, now simply called "Orchestra."
  6. Oh, I already have the perfect shoes all primed and ready to go, Kathy...they're to DIE for! (or is it "to die from?") Remember: "Be Smart - Shop Stein Mart!"
  7. Graham Gouldman also produced the Ramones' one stab at making a mainstream "pop" album, 1982's PLEASANT DREAMS. Great record.
  8. Ron, you'll do fine - just remember - ACCESSORIZING is the key!
  9. Me too, but say it with me, Jennifer..."One more month until CA...one more month until CA..."
  10. I liked the "let the chips fall where they may" reference in the article - particularly appropriate for Atlantic City, no?
  11. "No Matter What" is a classic - the Knack do a pretty good job with it, also....
  12. Very refreshing to hear that kids that age are into "the good stuff...."
  13. I think Kylie Minogue has breast cancer, if I remember correctly. I saw a picture of her recently and it looked like she was recovering OK....
  14. popdude


    For those of you who like McCartney, you might be inclined to check out a (now defunct) British band called Dodgy. Very Macca/Wings-like, particularly the grand FREE PEACE SWEET album (from 1996). Anyonme else ever hear these guys?
  15. Hey, if you guys get the chance while you're in Napa and you like port or dessert wines, stop by the Prager Winery (small, family-owned winery on Hwy 29, right next to Sutter Home)and tell 'em John B. from O.C. sent ya - my bro-in-law runs the tasting room there!
  16. Al, you're a Prince. Not THE Prince, as in the "Purple Rain"-singing, symbol-using guy who acts kinda weird, but A prince.
  17. I always thought Paul could do a killer live version of "I've Had Enough" (from LONDON TOWN). Love the song, but the production on the record is distressingly thin.
  18. popdude


    "Wonderwall" is a good tune...
  19. Count me in on that one, too, Jeff!
  20. My top concerts: Paul McCartney, 1989, Anaheim Stadium (saw Brian Wilson in the restroom there) Shoes and Material Issue, 1991, Bogart's, Long Beach, CA (power pop nirvana!) Rubinoos, circa 2001, International Pop Overthrow Festival, Los Angeles (Tommy Dunbar is a rock and roll God!) Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe, 1984, Universal Amphitheater (great double bill) Ramones, circa 1988, Hollywood Palladium (punk pop at its best!)
  21. Marv, I don't think Paul's new one needs to be another "Band on the Run," "Flowers in the Dirt" or whatever...it just needs to (hopefully) be GOOD. Obviously he's not going to be shaking his mop top and going "yeah yeah yeah" at age 60-something, nor should anyone expect him to. I thought "Driving Rain" was a horrendous effort, not just because it came from McCartney, but because...well, because it just kinda sucked. I thought the same thing about Brian Wilson's last solo album, too...it was awful. Just my two pennies...
  22. Yes Bernie, how will it feel to be that close to Kathy?
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