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  1. among other things...
  2. If I did, Muz, WAB would never be the same...
  3. Only if I show up.
  4. Okay, who's up for changing the name of WAB to WACK - Weekend at Charming Kathy's? Come on - who's with me???? Anyone?
  5. "You want bad rhymes Baby, I'm your man Marv can sing 'em to you He's in the Ad Hoc Band"
  6. "Canada's north of here Oh by the way, I'm starvin' Think I'll go make breakfast How 'bout you, Marvin?"
  7. "We're as Canadian as outlandish sales tax/ We eat so much back bacon we don't need any snacks"
  8. "Thunder Island" is a great song.
  9. "Canadian as outlandish sales tax?"
  10. I heard this was a favorite of Beatlebum's...
  11. I have the "England Rocks" version on one of his UK cd's (can't think of the title right now).
  12. There's a Wetnap joke in here somewhere....
  13. Well, for starters---NO FREAKING KARAOKE.
  14. Or the Sparta, NJ Adult Film Festival...
  15. Me too. And the song's not bad, either.
  16. So when me, Marv and you were on yesterday, who was the woman? Never mind, I already know...
  17. WATUSI = WEEKEND AT TOMMY'S UNBELIEVABLY SEXY IN-LAWS' Me and Marv will be there. Anyone else?
  18. As Buddy Holly once sang, "that'll be the day." Good job in making your post look like a ransom note, Tom.
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