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  1. Horrible, sad news. Every drummer working in the power pop idiom owes a debt to Mike. His powerful stickwork on "Baby Blue" and "No Matter What" (to name but two) was awesome. He will be missed...
  2. Sorry Marv, you'll have to wait until you see the news in print.
  3. Raspberries Starting Over Fresh Raspberries Side Three EC Solo Tonight You're Mine Eric Carmen Geffen Boats Against the Current Change of Heart Winter Dreams
  4. The 1964 Phillies (6 games up with 10 games to go)?
  5. popdude

    Pezband CDs

    Why Marv, you're such a TEASE.
  6. "September Gurls" sounds like it's "not done yet?" Yep, it's just you, Lew.
  7. popdude

    Pezband CDs

    A while back, Marv intimated here that he knew some behind-the-scenes Pezband news, but when I asked him, he never responded. C'mon, Marvin, spill it!
  8. The answer's "no." Man, if if I even HAD a girlfriend, my wife would KILL me!
  9. Correcting my own correction here - the Beach Boys show in Newport Beach is Sunday, 10/2...
  10. Ummmm...that Beach Boys show show in Newport Beach didn't take place last weekend, it's actually taking place tomorrow. Only reason I know this for certain is that my wife works for the City of Newport Beach and is helping to plan their centennial events...
  11. Well, I for one am SHOCKED to hear this!
  12. Yes! "Hey Polarity" has always been a fave of mine from that record...Tommy's vocals are so McCartney-like that it's almost eerie...
  13. Pat, have you heard Van Duren's brand new release? It's quite good! I still think the first disc he did with Tommy Hoehn (talk about a McCartney-esque singer!), "Hailstone Holiday," is an unknown classic.....
  14. Bea Arthur IS Bob Seger...vocally, anyway.
  15. ...and she was also married to Peter Holsapple from the dB's...
  16. But Marv, what if your past merits were great and your present merits kinda sucked?
  17. Billy, you can find Kyle's solo debut (on Hollywood Records, from 1997) in most used bins as a cutout, or on eBay . Great album, and the best introduction to his music, IMHO. 2001's WOW AND FLUTTER (available on KV's website) should be your next step after the debut.
  18. Call me nuts (many do), but I rather enjoy "Oh Yoko" and "Only People." Of course, I also number RAM and BACK TO THE EGG as among Paulie's finest recorded moments...
  19. Just as an FYI for those interested, there is a review of Dave Smalley's INTERNAL MONOLOGUE disc in the latest issue of Goldmine Magazine (9/30 issue, with the Rolling Stones on the cover).
  20. The Rubinoos' "Tonight" will soon be available on the compilation CD that accompanies the power pop book "Shake Some Action." More details available at: http://www.notlame.com/Page_1/PBPOWERPOPBOOK.html
  21. Here are a few links to samples of D. Grahame's music. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the pages to get to the soundclips: http://www.notlame.com/David_Grahame/Page_1/CDGRAH1.html http://www.notlame.com/David_Grahame/Page_1/CDGRAH2.html
  22. Al, it will be great to see you again!
  23. After reading all the posts about the reunion shows over the past year or so, I'm more excited than ever to attend both the L.A. and S.D. shows! I'm not only looking forward to seeing one of my favorite bands EVER for the first time, but also looking forward to meeting many of the fine folks who frequent this forum. See ya soon!
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