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  1. Yes, if it was just Dianed.
  2. After what seems like an eternity, my first book, titled SHAKE SOME ACTION: THE ULTIMATE POWER POP GUIDE, has just been released this week! The 200-page book is built around my choices of the top 200 power pop releases of all-time (including quotes from many of the artists covered), and also includes a comprehensive essay on the history of power pop by esteemed pop journalist/all-around good bloke Carl Cafarelli. In addition, there are tons of previously unpublished/rare photographs by Anastasia Pansios and Peter Kuehl, as well as a companion CD packed with 24 power poppin' rarities from the likes of The Rubinoos (covering Raspberries' "Tonight"), Tommy Keene, 20/20, The Rooks, Kyle Vincent, Chris von Sneidern and many others. Most all of these tunes are exclusive to SSA! Alongside coverage of power pop's history and its 200 greatest albums, SHAKE SOME ACTION also looks at: * Great power pop singles, individual songs, compilations and tributes * Labels specializing in power pop * Magazines, fanzines and websites covering the genre * Top 10 lists, commentary, quotes and other goodies from artists and journalists such as: Joey Molland (Badfinger) Dave Smalley (Raspberries) Doug Fieger (The Knack) Dennis Diken (Smithereens) John Wicks and Will Birch (The Records) Tommy Dunbar and Al Chan (The Rubinoos) John Murphy, Jeff Murphy and Gary Klebe (Shoes) Jeffrey Foskett (Brian Wilson) Michael Mazzarella (The Rooks) Robbie Rist Bobby Sutliff (Windbreakers) Robin Wills (The Barracudas) Scott McCarl (Raspberries) Jordan Oakes (Yellow Pills) David Bash (International Pop Overthrow) Alan Haber (Buhdge.com) Ken Sharp (Goldmine) Beverly Paterson (Twist & Shake) Bill Holdship (Creem) Anna Borg (TallBoy Records) Terry Hermon (Bucketfull of Brains) Ira Robbins (Trouser Press) and more! "Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide" is available thanks to the good folks at the Not Lame Recording Company. For more info, or to place your order (what an awesome holiday gift idea!), please visit http://www.notlame.com/Page_1/PBPOWERPOPBOOK.html Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it!
  3. is that legal in public in cleveland, chris?
  4. Fran Smith, Jr. is a very talented power pop artist in his own right. Visit: http://www.fransmithjr.com/Man_Meets_Machine_MAIN.htm and listen to the clips of "Love and Exploration" and "That's the Way I Will Remember You." Great!
  5. chris hess, you freakin' rock dude! congratulations and enjoy the show, my brother! use that mapquest thing so you don't get lost and make it up there in plenty of time! lol, popdude
  6. This one's just out in the UK; it's called "Burning Sounds" and it has some interesting song selections: 1. The Flamin' Groovies - Shake Some Action 2. Raspberries - Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) 3. Brinsley Schwarz - The Ugly Things 4. Klaatu - Sub-Rosa Subway 5. The Babys - If You've Got The Time (2000 Digital Remaster) 6. The Boyfriends - I'm In Love Today 7. The Records - Starry Eyes 8. The Rich Kids - Burning Sounds 9. The Knack - That's What The Little Girls Do 10. The Barracudas - His Last Summer 11. Dwight Twilley - Long Lonely Nights 12. The Pale Fountains - Jean's Not Happening 13. Let's Active - Fell 14. The Dukes Of Stratosphear - Vanishing Girl 15. Pursuit Of Happiness - Hard To Laugh 16. Jellyfish - Baby's Coming Back 17. Pete Wylie - Everything! (A Song For Dennis Wilson) 18. Orange - Judy Over The Rainbow 19. Daryll-Ann - Good Thing 20. The Rutles - Shangri-La 2007 compilation that chronologically spans almost 20 years of pure Power Pop, from The Flamin' Groovies' 1976 recording of 'Shake Some Action' through to 1996's 'Shangri-La' by The Rutles. Scouring the depths of EMI and Virgin's vast archives, it's a veritable treasure trove, with the majority of tracks swarming with great harmonies and not straying too far from the Power Pop blueprint. 20 tracks including songs from Raspberries, The Babys, The Records, Dwight Twilley, Jellyfish and many others.
  7. I think (and this is just a theory) that many record buyers may have been mystified by BATC at the time, particularly if they were Raspberries fans expecting another "Go All the Way" or "I Wanna Be With You," or even if they were fans of the first solo record expecting more "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again," "Sunrise" or "No Hard Feelings." It was a record that is so personal, so majestic in scope and concept, that it may have been too difficult for the record-buying public to get its collective arems around it. As far as "Change of Heart," I agree that EC fans would never consider it his "disco" record, but seeing as how he had never before released anything so overtly danceable (nor with so many chirpy female background vocalists), it certainly was convenient for many reviewers to - unfairly - pigeonhole the album in that way. And I agree, Bernie - "Heaven Can Wait" is quite good!
  8. I just got done reviewing the "Boats Against the Current"/"Change of Heart" CD reissue for Goldmine Magazine and was struck by how well "Boats" in particular has aged. I wasn't a huge fan of the album upon hearing it for the first time many moons ago, but now with a few years of "life experience" (I wouldn't say wisdom) behind me, I can really appreciate what a masterful achievement it is - both musically and lyrically - from beginning to end. Even "Change of Heart" - which has been summarily dismissed by some as nothing more than "a disco record" - has more than a few gems on it. "Someday, "Hey Deanie" and the majestic "Desperate Fools" are all stellar, and even the "disco" tunes are as catchy as hell. And finally, this thought: look back on the albums that Raspberries released (only four) and Eric's solo oeuvre (six albums) and count the number of Eric Carmen-penned tunes that are very good or better. It's a long list, to be sure. As far as assimilating his influences - Beatles, Beach Boys, classical music, Small Faces - and producing music that is catchy, memorable and stands the test of time, there really are few artists who've done it better than Eric Carmen.
  9. What, they don't have dictionaries in Canada?
  10. 8. They lack any real passion.
  11. 7. They're kinda boring in general.
  12. 6. They're really not all that good.
  13. Here's the mother of all breakup songs, and one of my faves - by the supremely talented Adam Schmitt, from his 1993 ILLITERATURE album: "Thanks For Showing" did i ever tell you thanks for everything you opened up my eyes, dear to a world i'd never seen and did i ever mention i watched it all just fall apart and in your little world now i guess i'm nothing much at all so thanks a lot for going you said you'd never leave but thanks a lot for showing it was me you didn't need so i've lived with your decision and this place it put me in now i'm looking back on something i once thought would never end you can say i'm just an old friend you can say that hearts will mend but however you explain it you still screwed your truest friend i never would have guessed it i thought i knew you well but you never were affected by anything i felt and you don't deserve forgiveness and i don't deserve this pain you knew you'd devastate me and you did it just the same and so i'll tarnish your dear memory until i'm bitter to the core in the silence of my knowing my love's worth more than yours so thanks a lot for going you said you'd never leave but thanks a lot for showing it was me you didn't need now i ain't knocking growing feeling better every day and thanks a lot for showing i was so easy to replace
  14. You obviously don't have children.
  15. 1. Sex 2. Being with my family
  16. How is it, Matthew? Any good?
  17. Nah, I'm thinking maybe something by The Pet Shop Boys.
  18. I haven't listened to Manilow since "Weekend in New England." Why anyone would buy this tripe is beyond me. Maybe when he does the '90s version he can duet with Rosie on Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady."
  19. I heard Jacko was gonna use "Beat It" instead....
  20. I think the guy's got a hell of an overbite and might want to consider Jenny Craig. Oh, and TOMMY TUNES' jokes are much funnier.
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