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  1. Emitt released four solo records, and one with the MGR.
  2. Which were the ones you were listening to? In my opinion, "The American Dream" and the S/T record are essential - after that, it's very hit and miss. "Mirror" has some good stuff and some not-as-good stuff, and "Farewell to Paradise" is even spottier. Some of Rhodes' Merry-Go-Round stuff is great, also, beginning with "Live" (which The Bangles later covered) and the stunning ballad "You're a Very Lovely Woman." Some of their coolest stuff, though, is not on their lone album: "She Laughed Loud" and "Listen, Listen" are two great, lost pop gems of the late '60s.
  3. A sad story, indeed. Emitt was a very talented singer/songwriter; his self-titled record from 1970 was particularly great, as was a lesser-known, cobbled together collection titled "The American Dream," released by his former label, A & M, at around the same time the S/T album came out. (Try listening to "Someone Died" and see if it doesn't get to you...) The good news is that an Emitt Rhodes tribute record is in the works, and from what I've heard about it, it should be a goodie...stay tuned...
  4. Gord! Back...slowly...away...from...the...computer...
  5. Just when you thought "music" couldn't get any worse, a "band" like this pokes their heads out from under a rock in Omaha....
  6. Forgive me - I don't find jokes about hospice terribly amusing.
  7. How did you like "Cantilever," JohnO? I've listened three times now and find it very low-key and charming, with some very Shoesy (of course) moments...
  8. Great CD, agreed - I posted about it here a few months back when I first received my copy and it's now in regular rotation in my CD player. Half of the RB is the supremely-talented Seth Swirsky, who many folks here might know from co-writing some tunes with Eric Carmen....
  9. So my children and I are taking a walk today, when suddenly a "pimped out" SUV rolls by us blasting some obnoxious rap crap. My eight-year-old daughter looked at me and offered a very succinct critique: "Ew." My five-year-old son then turns to me and says "Daddy, I don't like that 'yo, dude' music." Can't say I disagree...
  10. popdude


    Yikes! Must have been a bad trip if I was one of the highlights!
  11. popdude


    Truer words were never spoken, Ira. Kathy is one in a million. (and you sound like a pretty nice chap, yourself. how was LA?)
  12. Here is my 2006 Top 20: 1. Cheap Trick - "Rockford" 2. The Shivvers - "Lost Hits From Milwaukee’s First Family Of Powerpop: 1979-82" 3. Lindsey Buckingham - "Under the Skin" 4. The Junior League - "Catchy" 5. The Tickets - "The Tickets" 6. The Nines - "Calling Distant Stations" 7. Nelson Bragg - "Day Into Night" 8. The Loud Family and Anton Barbeau - "What If It Works?" 9. The Lolas - "Let's Rock, Rave and Shout With The Lolas!" 10. Tommy Keene - "Crashing the Ether" 11. Feel - "Steps To Reach A Human" 12. The Goldbergs - "Hooks, Lines & Sinkers" 13. Tom Petty - "Highway Companion" 14. Blue Cartoon - "September Songs" 15. The Winnerys - "Daily Urban Times" 16. The Skies of America - "Shine" 17. The Toms - "Simplicity" 18. Monkeeman - "Monkeeman" 19. Linus of Hollywood - "Triangle" 20. The World Record - "Guitars Forever" Song of the Year: "Katie's Shoes" - The Bar (from "This is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, Volume 2") Disappointment of the Year: L.E.O. - "Alpacas Orgling" JohnO: CvS' "California Redemption Value" is a 2005 release...
  13. For me, The Doors are one of those acts that just has not aged well. They were definitely "of a time." Some of their singles are OK, but once Morrison starts in with his wretched "Father, I want to kill you...mother I want to %(*&%#" - well, that's where I get off the bus.
  14. It also doesn't mean that a lot of folks can't think that a great portion of The Doors' recorded work was pretentious, overly dramatic and just plain ridiculous. "Jim Morrison was a drunken buffoon posing as a poet." - Lester Bangs
  15. Send me a piece, will ya?
  16. Being a "manly man" has nothing to do with it. The songs are simply subpar.
  17. ...Like a cool Summer breeze carressing two young lovers on a midnight honeymoon stroll? Is that what you meant, Dude of Pop? [/QB]
  18. The first "tune" - whose title I have thankfully banished from my memory - meandered aimlessly for about a minute and a half before it even got to the (lousy) chorus. Its overbearing wimpiness made Barry Manilow sound like Anthrax. I don't remember the second song at all. Give me "New York City Mining Disaster," "Horizontal" or (even) "How Deep is Your Love" any day over this tripe...
  19. Actually, the main riff to "Hello I Love You" was a direct steal from The Kinks' "All Day and All of the Night." I'm surprised they didn't sue.
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