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  1. Nice version! Which one are you? (Nice band logo, too. ) While at YouTube, I also checked out a version of "Starry Eyes" from John Wicks and the Records, from an L.A. gig of unknown vintage. It freatures my own personal drum hero, Blondie's Clem Burke, on drums. Just spoke with John (who now lives here in L.A.) a few weeks ago; he is readying a new album for release (called ROTATE) that is due in April or May.
  2. Not that many rule changes, no...basically the same game, just with some added twists like ballpark ratings, odd plays, etc.
  3. I currently play in a face-to-face Strat-O-Matic league that is now entering its 18th year. Been playing the game since I was 10...
  4. I didn't think anything was funny. I just didn't read/see/know the rules. I don't stop in here all that often, so I didn't know - simple as that. I saw the last questions right after they were posted, so I answered the ones I knew. My sincere apologies if I offended anyone or ruined anything by doing so. I'll make sure not to stop by here and mess anything up again.
  5. I never do. I thought they were made to be broken!
  7. I was searching for the Eric Cartman ("Southpark")website and typed incorrectly.
  8. The company my wife formerly worked for booked The Beach Boys - or what's left of 'em - for a private event a few years back. Cost 'em $50,000.
  9. 624 E. 68th Street, NY The Tropicana Club Little Bit O'Cuba Gotham Bus Company Hemet, CA
  10. Book your flight for the year 2075.
  11. For what, I have no idea.
  12. It's not bad, but it starts to sound a little "samey" after a while to me.
  13. Hollies65, I'd like to take this time to thank you for thanking yourself and thank everyone else for thanking everyone. Damn, it's like Thanksgiving around here. Thanks to all the thankers. Thankfully I have no one left to thank. Thank you!
  14. Elder-Beerman Tommy Tunes' house Ad Hoc band rehearsal John O's CD collection Cartmill's porn collection Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  15. Actually, "Jumpin' in the Night" is now back in print on CD, along with the Groovies' two other late '70s Sire releases. They are available seperately, or as a three-disc box set. I agree - great stuff!
  16. ...he forgot to mention amnesia-addled rock critics who somehow completely overlooked "Baby Blue," "Dennis," "We're For the Dark," "Lonely You," "Midnight Caller," "Know One Knows," "Just a Chance," MIss You" and many more... And this guy never mentions exactly what these Badfinger fans would be "jealous" of...but you gotta admit, "majoritarian" is a five-dollar word.
  17. ...died last night in an automobile accident here in California. He was rear-ended by a driver speeding on the freeway. He was only 30 years old, and was the sweetest guy in the world. Life is precious and our time here is short, so tell someone close to you that you love them today.
  18. Yeah, it ain't no "Muskrat Love," that's for sure.
  19. Nah. Look, I like to have fun and be silly as much as the next guy, but I see no point in listening to someone talk about (for example) "that fat chick" that was at the Kyle Vincent living room show - especially when the person isn't on the call to defend themselves. Sorry, but I just don't think making fun of someone's looks is very funny. Maybe that's just me. Your mileage may vary.
  20. "LOve Will Keep Us Together," about three weeks ago.
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