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  1. I listened to the clips...it was just okay, IMHO...
  2. But don't hold that against poor Brad....
  3. Yes, that's what you saw. Of course, I'm sure you also saw there was only one CD, with not enough room for every Beatlesque moment ever recorded....
  4. Relax, Marvin. I know you know that every poster assumes that every reader assumes that every journalist takes quotes out of context.
  5. The Elvis Brothers were very cool indeed, and their first two LP's are minor classics (I particularly love "Somebody Call the Police" and "Hey Tina"). Related note: a couple of the Elvis Brothers used to perform Beatles tunes back in the late '90s (along with Phil Angotti from The Idea) in a group called Not The Beatles.
  6. I predict there will be a lot of swearing, many will get killed and at least 17 people will say "fuggedaboutit."
  7. Love that one, too, along with "Every Night is a Holiday," "A Part of Me Now," and everything else on the Spongetones' BEAT MUSIC. Maybe on volume two...
  8. I almost put that one on there, but I ran out of room...
  9. I just put together a CD featuring a bunch of songs that sound remarkably like the Fab Four. Many of them are relatively obscure, but to me, all of them possess a melodic magic similar to the Beatles. Anyone ever hear of any of these? "SALTWATER"/JULIAN LENNON (kinda cheating, sure, but a very pretty song nonetheless) "I DON'T WANNA CRY"/THE KEYS (produced by Joe Jackson, early '80s) "I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUS/THE BEATMAS (Xmas tune done in the style of "All My Loving") "LISA'S NEW DRESS"/THE CARPET FROGS (Canadian) "LOVE OF THE LOVED"/THE POPPEES (obscure Lennon/McCartney tune) "PASSWORD"/COTTON MATHER (1997, from Texas) "FRESH AS A DAISY"/EMITT RHODES (very McCartneyesque) "I JUST WANT TO TOUCH YOU"/UTOPIA (Todd Rundgren and Co. do the Beatles - the whole "Deface the Music" album is a gas) "DON'T THROW HER LOVE AWAY"/GREGG TRIPP (from Oregon, circa 1991) "YOU TORE ME DOWN"/FLAMIN' GROOVIES (a classic) "HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TORN APART?"/THE SPONGETONES (North Carolina's finest - these guys rock!) "BACK SEAT DRIVER"/GREENBERRY WOODS (1990's vintage) "LIES"/THE KNICKERBOCKERS ('60's hit) "TAKE A CHANCE"/THE LATE SHOW (super-obscure Indianapolis band from 1980) "NO NOT AGAIN"/THE LIVERPOOL ECHO (1973 UK album featured a young Martin "Salt in My Tears" Briley) "ON THE PATIO"/THE MOCKINGBIRDS (1997, from Frisco) "SHE LOVES YOU TOO"/THE PATRIOTS (UK) "STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN"/THE BEATNIX (Aussie boys do Led Zeppelin in the Beatles' style - priceless!) "ANNALISA"/CHRIS VON SNEIDERN (a pop genius) "DON'T WANNA MAKE YOU CRY"/BLUE (very Beatley sounds from this UK group, circa 1982) "CRUEL GIRL"/RED BUTTON (from their new CD) "BIGEST GOSSIP IN TOWN"/ROCKIN' HORSE (more UK pop goodness) "NIGHT WRITER"/THE ROOKS (NY combo - awesome track) "I MUST BE IN LOVE"/THE RUTLES (if you haven't seen the Rutles DVD, do so - priceless!) "101 DAMN-NATIONS"/SCARLET PARTY (rare UK pop) "STEADY THING"/DAVID GRAHAME (more McCartneyesque musings) "SHA-DAY-LA-DAY"/THE SHOUT (PA boys) For those of you who have read this far, I have an offer, if you're interested - I will make two CD's of the above tracks and send them to two folks who PM me by 5pm Monday. (I'll do a random drawing if there are more than two requests.) This offer is void where prohibited by TUNES.
  10. They asked for submissions for the title track while they were in pre-production, and several established power pop acts (such as Dwight Twilley and Velvet Crush) ended up recording tunes titled "That Thing You Do" that didn't make the movie. The State Street scenes in the movie were actually filmed in Orange, California, about 15 minutes from here!
  11. My daughter sold 431 boxes of 'em. And I fit 'em all in the back of a PT Cruiser.
  12. I thought it was common knowledge that it was actually Kay Bryson who wrote the opening riff of "Go All the Way," as well as the bridge of "Drivin' Around," the chorus of "Hands on You" and the entire "Refreshed" CD. Kay also created the smallpox vaccine, invented the Hula Hoop and birthed the Lindbergh baby before it was kidnapped. All uncredited, of course.
  13. He doesn't hold a candle to Anne Murray.
  14. Thanks, LC! One question - who the hell is Jack Taschner?
  16. I was just messing with you, Marv. Hey, at least you didn't call yourself "God-like."
  17. Geddy Lee probably can't even spell "empathize." Then again, I'd rather listen to him spell it than sing it....
  18. Modest Marv, they call him...
  19. Does that mean the rest of the items in grocery stores in New Jersey are not appetizing?
  20. Grammar. G-R-A-M-M-A-R
  21. Or unless they own a John Deere tractor.
  22. Yeah, but what the hell is an APPY?
  23. A dead dear what? Sounds like a case of Bambiphilia to me.
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