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  1. Eric, Have a very happy birthday today. Thanks for a lifetime of music. I can credit the Raspberries when I was twelve for leading me to my current passion of hosting Local Artist Radio Shows for the past 26 years! Jim Benson
  2. I live in downtown Cleveland and I got mine today!!! Odd thing, it wasnt put into the mail until yesterday.
  3. Trindy, you are right. Someone should apologize for the way the Raspberries most devoted fans have been treated. If the person in charge of this worked for my company, they would be fired. You dont take money up front and then not deliver by the release date. And this is still America. You have the right to say whatever you want. I go to the polls every November to fight for these rights. Power to the People,baby!
  4. I still havent got mine. I hope an explanation on why we didnt get it this past Tuesday is forth coming.
  5. Billy, I still love your first solo 7"!!!! JB
  6. I sure wish the autographed one would come in the mail already!!! Are they being hand delivered?
  7. Not only is my turntable set up, I still have an 8 track player in my system. My first live raspberries show were taped off the radio on it!
  8. I mentioned it on my radio show last week! Some youngster called in and thanked us for playing such a diversity of styles. He mentioned the Raspberries' tune as an example! Jim Benson
  9. Im expecting to have the review re-edited tonight. I actually went to a web site and lifted Jim's name as I had left the cd in my car! No offense was meant! I didnt expect the review to go up so soon as it did. But was excited to for myself! Didnt mean to spoil anything. And damn it. I cant find any of the Harry Potter spoilers on line. Can anyone help? I will be reading the book this weekend!
  10. http://www.jerseybeat.com/raspberries.html My review has been posted on line. Hope you like! Jim Benson Inner Sanctum CoHost WXRK-FM Cleveland, Oh
  11. Here's the playlist from last night's show! Got a chance to talk up the upcoming live release!Jim Benson Inner Sanctum Playlist 7-15-07 1 – APG – Colorblind 2 – The Raspberries – I Wanna Be With You 3 – Kate Voegele – One Way Or Another 4 – Drenalin – Save The Day 5 – Drenalin – Your Savior (Live!!) 6 – Tracy Thomas – Follow You Down 7 – Drenalin – Inside 8 – Drenalin – Justify 9 – Drenalin – Dissolve (Live!!) 10 – Drenalin - Lost 11 – Audiblethread – Resist 12 – Nimbus – Bring It Back 13 – Nimbus - Lost & Found 14 – Rosella – Bleaker Street 15 – Dead in London – Ohio Is For Killers 16 – Nimbus – Unending Dream 17 – Disengage – University Of Texas Militia 18 – Nimbus – Say The Word 19 – Nimbus – The Moment What a blast Pat and Jim had this past Sunday with two great bands making some noise on the local scene. They first welcomed Drenalin into the K-Rock Komplex to debut tracks from their forthcoming incredible self titled CD and play 2 great live tunes. You can catch their CD release party this Saturday June 21st at the House of Blues, both Pat and Jim will be in attendance. The guys also welcomed a transplanted L.A. band that now calls Cleveland home. Nimbus whose new CD Unending Dream, in stores now, blew both of the guys away. Catch Nimbus this Thursday at the Hi-Fi and say hi to both Pat and Jim at the show. Also this Saturday down in Akron you can catch a dual CD release party with Tracey Thomas and Ryan Humbert at the Tangier. Inner Sanctum airs Sunday Night at 10pm on 92.3 fm. Join your host Pat 'the Producer' and Jim Benson for two full hours of great home grown talent!! Bands interested in having their material aired should send it to: Inner Sanctum WXRK-FM 1041 Huron Rd Cleveland, Oh 44115
  12. I got the privilege to review Live on the Sunset Strip for the upcoming issue of Jersey Beat Magazine. Listening to the release is stunning! It's really good. Sort of surprised that no Beatles covers were included and the 5 song dvd bonus dic could've had more included. But otherwise, it is an A+ solid release. Best live album I heard in years if not ever! The biggest surprise is the gushy cd booklet intro from Bruce Springsteen. What a classy guy the boss surely is to put Raspberries on such a high pedistal. But, we all know he got it right! Jim Benson
  13. 2004 & 2005 were absolutely great years for me! I got to see the Raspberries! And now 2006 is following that same trend. I returned to commercial radio after almost a decade. And this Sunday night, I plan to fit in EC's 'Top Down Summer' between some other local power pop tracks including one from the Jellybricks and another from Love Affair's Rich Spina. Im sure Cleveland Fans will remember Rich! Clevelanders can tune in 9-10pm 92.3 FM for the Inner Sanctum show on the new k-rock!
  14. Lets not forget the most politically incorrect insert. Cheech & Chong 'Big Bamboo' GIANT ,and I mean GIANT rolling paper!!!!!!!! Thank God my mom had no clue what that was at the time. AT 75 now, I hope she still doenst know!
  15. I have the reunion concert on cassette. It was broadcast live over WNCX-FM here in Cleveland. They did two sold out shows to celebrate the birthday of the Cleveland Agora where they had played a lot.
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