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  1. How about Take It Or Leave It? Getting started with a groovin' bluesy rocker sounds like a good idea.... I also like Marathon Man as an opener (it worked for me on the Japan 80s tour).
  2. Darian Sahanaja & Nick Walusko of Wondermints. Jon Brion would be ok too. Or Jimmy Ienner!
  3. I still can't believe this record has NEVER been issued on CD in America. I was lucky enough to pick up a Japanese copy many years ago. My favorite Eric album for sure. A masterpiece!
  4. does anyone know? (sorry if this was covered in a previous thread). also, anyone know what time the berries hit the stage? thanks!
  5. Hurray! I just read (in another thread) about these two songs being added back into the A.C. set---and that the band mentioned on stage that the change was made because of requests on the message board. If this addition to the set had anything to do with me originally starting this thread, thanks to the band for reading and considering my request---I'm extremely humbled and blown away! Now I am about 50 times more excited to see the L.A. gig-please consider keeping these songs in the set for the upcoming show. Thanks, Kings!! Jim
  6. I am posting this in hopes that the band will read it and consider adding these songs back to the setlist for the West Coast shows. CAASM is a fun number, and their first recording, right? Historically significant and a chance for Wally to sing another lead! Same goes for DWTSG. This was the song I was most looking forward to hearing live, and it was not included in theCleveland Scene Pavillion set. Their first single, and another chance for Wally to shine on vocal. Thanks in advance guys!
  7. I just picked up my tickets for the L.A. House of Blues show. FYI, if you buy your tickets at the HOB box office on Sunset, the service charge is only 4 dollars. If you buy them online thru Ticketbastard, the service charge is 11.25 total. Also, HOB has free parking in the back for walk-up box office sales. This will be my 2nd reunion show (I flew out to Cleveland for the Scene Pavillion show). I am waiting.....and super excited! Jim
  8. Hi! and Help! I am trying to find this offer of on the HOB website, and cannot find any info. I also called HOB corporate and TICKETMASTER, and neither were able to find the special promotion info. Can you please post a direct link to the page on the HOB site, or provide me a clue as to how to find this promotion on the HOB site? I would appreciate it, thanks alot! Jim
  9. Hi! Long time lurker, first post. I'm grounded here in L.A., couldn't make it out to the show, and have so many questions, I had to register and ask...... *Did they change any musical keys? *Was Wally just RIPPING on guitar? Was he loud in the mix? *Did the extra musicians add any unneeded parts to the arrangements, that aren't on the records? Did the non-Raspberries on stage detract visually? *How did Wally do on his "Last Dance" lead vocals? (I cannot believe they did this one, one of my faves!) *Any celebrity sightings? *Did the band "re-model" any of their old songs or change arrangements at all? *Was "Let's Pretend" the record version, or the live slow version? *What happened during the "radio breakdown" in the middle of "Hit Record"? Was is a crowd singalong moment, or did they sample the record? *How did Jim do on the McBride parts? *Did Eric play bass at any point, like the original lineup? Any insight would be much appreciated. I hope the guys can stay together and make some new music! And please PLEASE come out to the West Coast! Thanks for reading.
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