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    I get a rash from to much exposure from the sun... I got this in LA, Hawaii and in Florida most recently. You have sensitive skin. Dont drink the water from the faucet I made this mistake. Your better off buying bottled water even the water from Disneyworld is the worst I have ever tasted next to New York water. Must be an eastcoast problem.
  2. Matt thanks for the link... I have heard of the Star Wars Special but somehow missed it. Is it worse than Carrie Fisher doing the beach party on SNL? Aggie were the same age... yes I was still playing with my toys at 11... and still have them. I will try to see the movie this sunday during matinee hours. Roger Ebert gave the movie 3 1/2 stars... not bad considering he didnt like episode 2.
  3. Anyone going to see what is said to be the final episode. It looks pretty cool by the previews. There was constant in my life in the 1970's... listening to Raspberries and Eric Carmen and playing with my Star Wars figures.
  4. My first 5 record albums were: 1) Raspberries Best With Eric Carmen 2) Billy Joel The Stranger 3) Eric Carmen (Debut) 4) Kiss Double Platinum 5) The Monkees (Debut) First 45's 1) Nights on Broadway Bee Gees 2) Bohemiam Rhapsody Queen 3) Cold As Ice Foreigner 4) She Did It Eric Carmen 5) Calling Dr Love Kiss 1st 8 Tracks: 1) Fleetwood Mac Rumours 2) Steely Dan's Greatest 3) Deep Purple (debut) 4) Hocus Pocus Focus 5) Fleetwood Mac (debut 1975) 1st Cassettes 1) This is Spinal Tap 2) Surfin Hits of the 60's 3) The best of the Ventures 4) The Cars Greatest Hits 5) Aerosmith Greatest Hits First CD's 1) Abacab Genesis 2) Moving Pictures Rush 3) Zeppelin 4 Led Zeppelin 4) Perfect Strangers Deep Purple 5) Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd First Complete Collections on CD 1) Genesis 2) Beatles 3) Rush 4) Led Zeppelin 5) Raspberries & Eric Carmen (this was a challenge in the early 1990's as they were all Japan imports)
  5. Anyone still going to go to the games or watch it on tv?? This is not a good thing for the game and had dropped the game in my priority list.
  6. With all the press and the recent best selling book from Jose Canseco on the subject of Heavy Steroids use throughout baseball... I was wondering what everyone opinion of our national pastime is? Should all the players admiting to using the stuff be allowed in the HOF? Are the baseball cards from the 1980's to the present mostly worthless? Is it fair that Jose be treated like a criminal and Jason Giambi be forgiven?
  7. I'm not a huge live album fan but the ones that come to mind as being well done where in most cases the bands played live better then the studio recordings are: Rapspberries 2004-2005 (not released yet) Genesis Three Sides Live Peter Frampton Comes Alive Deep Purple Made in Japan Cheap Trick Live At Budokan Syd Barrett Live at BBC
  8. Raspbernie I think maybe it was a tape delay type of problem that made it seem like it was lip synched. I will have to check my tape again. Your right about U2 that was quite a show they put on. Oh and Trindy no nip just took his jacket off before playing Hey Jude.
  9. Awesome mini concert from Paul. Had a video tribute with music of "Cant Buy Me Love" and rare film footage of Paul with and without the Beatles then he played "Drive My Car" , "Get Back" , "Live and Let Die" (complete with Kiss like rockets exploding around one of my favorite of his solo songs. Finished with the audience participation number "Hey Jude" had all the fans singing along and holding up lights. Still a class act at 60+
  10. Hi Marvin, That was funny that someone mentioned Shrek 2 and it having "All by Myself" in it since this was the first movie that our son saw in the theater. Mind you he was around 1 and fell asleep in the middle of the movie. He also enjoyed "Polar Express" since he is a huge "Thomas The Tank Engine" fan has a Thomas table with dozens of trains. Marvin maybe the Raspberries will play an outdoor event where we can bring the whole family!
  11. Most influential hmmm Blues artists most notably Muddy Waters & Robert Johnson influenced Jimmy Page and many early hard rock bands. Led Zeppelin & Deep Purple led the way for all heavy metal bands. Chuck Berry, Elvis & Buddy Holly influenced The Beatles The Beatles influenced everyone else enough said on this topic.
  12. Paul McCartney will be playing at the halftime show and promises no costume malfunctions. I hope he plays mostly Beatles music as his solo stuff never really impressed me much.
  13. Our little 2 year old was singing "Long Hot Days we'll be cathin the rays" Today in the car on our trip to Borders today. He has finally graduated from The Wiggles To the Raspberries! He was always bobbin his head to the Raspberries music but this was the first time he started singin! Anyone else have New Raspberries Fan stories?
  14. As I said in a previous post.. when Eric went solo the guitar and drums took a backseat to everything else. This is not a bad thing as I love Eric's solo music as much as the Raspberries music. They are two totally different sounds. When I was 10 years old and I bought the Eric Carmen solo single "She Did It" I did not know he was from the Raspberries.
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