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  1. If there is anyone in the Northeastern Ohio area--the cd is available at Record Den in Mentor Ohio--cool independent record store that carries an unbelievable inventory of music!! CD was $19.99 before tax. FYI.....
  2. I was able to get my copy today at local independent record store. Called and they said it was in!! The cd took me right back to the concert . I am so happy they released this first show. Enjoyed reading the liner notes especially Ken and Bernie's. It makes you realize what an impact this band made on so many people. Thank you Eric, Dave, Wally and Jim for giving us this gift!!
  3. Too bad a reunion could not happen--I personally would love to see that since Free is one of my favorites. In 2010 I had the opportunity to travel across the pond to see the Bad Co reunion at Wembley and also in Brighton where the crowd gave them a warm welcome. (No Free songs then---Paul usually will do that during his solo gigs..) Four years prior I had just missed the "Free Forever" opening night debut in the UK where Fraser and Kirke were present--Paul could not make it. Anyways--I went to the record store (think it was HMV in Picadilly) and asked the clerk for the new release of the Free DVD---I could not believe he did not know who Free was or Paul Rodgers!!!......must be getting old....!!! or I prefer to think he just did not have a clue.....!!!!
  4. My mother passed away this past Sunday. She had experienced too many issues and complications with breathing and the secretions from her cough. She did not want to be living on tubes and made sure we all knew her wishes....Although she could not speak due to the stroke--she definitely was aware of us-she would blink her eyes when I asked or would squeeze my hand--she even held the newspaper up at one point. It was a pretty rough last few days to see what she went thru. She is at peace now and with my father and her brother and sisters.She was the most amazing person I ever knew. I will really miss her. I want to thank all of you for your support and prayers--I really appreciate it. You are all a very nice group of people. Cherish your loved ones who are still around.
  5. I know I do not post here often and many of you do not know me--but, I am requesting to please pray for my mom. I need all the help I can get....My mother had a stroke Wed and she is in the ICU unit at the hospital. Her right side is paralyzed, she cannot talk and her lung partially collapsed yesterday. They put her on an oxygen mask and it helped to open up the lung again. They are trying to wean her off the mask, but, it seems like a slow process.She is battling congestion due to a cough she had before the stroke which can cause all sorts of complications. On top of all that she has Dementia which was starting to progress...It pains me to see her going thru all this...I have been the major caregiver...She is such a sweet, likeable woman who always gave to others, put herself last, and is a mother to be proud of...
  6. Head East-band out of the midwest in the 70's-one of their songs: "Never Been Any Reason"
  7. Nice to see the mention. How about Free, TRex, Head East....
  8. Too bad....I remember seeing him on Celebrity Rehab doing drugs with his father and could not believe it. That is really a shame...RIP
  9. Yes, I am all for integrative medicine....
  10. Your doctor can order a blood test for your vitamin D levels. My brother was on over 20,000iu for awhile to increase his levels and then reduced to 1000iu a day once his levels were acceptable. We here in the Midwest are usually lacking in the winter...
  11. Not sure if I can articulate quite as much as I would like, but , here goes….. I had the opportunity to see all the Cleveland shows and also 2 NYC shows. The most poignant moment for me was the first show in Cleveland. I had posted quite awhile ago my memories of my teens and going to Raspberries shows. Fast forward 30+ years later and we had come full circle. I attended this show with my closest friend who was also my partner in crime many years ago. There was such a surge of emotion when the screen was lowered and the opening montage started—I could not begin to explain the array and intensity of feelings—what I felt---the lump in my throat and tears in our eyes coupled with extreme happiness---while watching the visuals set to the music of the band. You see, this band was an integral part of our teen years—the memories and soundtrack so to speak. So, looking in hindsight I am very happy to have had the privilege to see this reunion come to fruition. I love to go to concerts when I can (big music fan!) and the Raspberries reunion will forever be etched in my mind. I thank Eric, Wally, Jim, and Dave for that……
  12. "Come Around And See Me"...I am partial to anything from the first album-reminds me of great times when my friends and I used to see The Berries play .....
  13. Does anyone know what time Jim will be on? I would like to attend this event, but, I cannot be there the full day. Sounds like fun!!!
  14. Craig Balzer touched many people with his music.The bands that he played in were always the more popular ones in the Cleveland area. He was a genuine musician who possessed a charismatic stage presence. I had the privilege to see him in action along with his brother Bruce (great slide guitar!) at many gigs. Thursday nights at The Agora was the place to be--the band (Circus) filled the hall wall to wall. It was a thrill to witness the release of American Noise on vinyl--to this day it is one of my favorite albums. Craig you left fond memories...you will be missed. RIP...
  15. Yeah...those "fried egg eyeballs" could inflict some psychological damage I think....lol!!!!
  16. Or David Mccallum playing the guy with the enlarged brain...scary....
  17. Loved watching Capt.Penny and also Barnaby, Woodrow The Woodsman and Franz The Toymaker. My older brother and I would watch The Lloyd Thaxton Show and also Where The Action Is to get our dose of music. It was great having an older sibling who had a record collection I could listen to on the sly when he left the house!!! I remember being afraid watching The Outer Limits and one episode vaguely remembering that the creature was so "horrendous"-(I think it was from outer space-of course) that they did not show it on tv-instead a picture was printed in the newspaper!!! Finally, did anyone have Charles Chips delivered to their house for a potato chip fix by a truck? It did not get much better than that!! lol!!!!
  18. Tiggsherby--the article stated that the dvd is set to be released on June 26 by Rykodisc!!!
  19. Hi, everyone... I did not mean to cast a downer here... Actually the article was positive--stating that "the Raspberries are together, a prospect for which all four original members seem thankful." "We would be fools not to try to pursue this a little further because we now have some of the pieces in place we didn't have before," Bonfanti says, refering to producer Linnett; the band's New York attorney, Jeff Greenberg; and its publicist and management consultant, Al Kaston." The previous post of mine referred to if there is no album of fresh tracks and no tour cropping out of release of the new dvd. The one consolation is if a tour did not happen that at least they would be playing a couple of gigs in the future.
  20. One of the topics discussed toward the end of the article was the release of "Live on Sunset Strip" dvd. Jim commented regarding if there is no album of fresh tracks and no tour resulting from the dvd. The article reported that "Jim says Cleveland fans will get to see the band again. He envisions a final show or two here, where it all started---no matter what. That would be the finale, he insists. "After that, we're done."
  21. The Doors will have a larger exhibit in the RRHF starting Memorial Day weekend. There are supposed to be some events planned in conjunction with the opening since it is the 40th anniversary of Light My Fire. John Densmore stated he would be willing to possibly reunite with his former bandmates if they replace Ian Astbury with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam fame. FYI-Danny Sugerman died in Jan of 2005. He also wrote the book "Wonderland Avenue".
  22. Rumor has it that the opening band being considered for this tour is The Cult. The Cult are back in the recording studios and touring much as of late. I saw Iggy many years ago at the Cleveland Agora--David Bowie was in the background playing keyboards! Iggy was definitely more mellow than in early years!
  23. Joe Lovano was also nominated this year in the Jazz category. This was his seventh nomination! He won a Grammy back in 2001. He also was listed in The Cleveland Plain Dealer as one of the "the most influential people in Cleveland" or something to that effect! Needless to say, I am proud to be associated with him and his family for many years!! It is always a pleasure to see him when he comes home to Euclid to visit!
  24. My pleasure!! It warms my heart to see this kind of press!!
  25. Kazumi,I would like to go to Atlantic City-but, I am not sure if it will happen-too many trips as of late. AAA says it is a 71/2 hour drive, but, more likely close to 9 hours. Hmmm-will have to think this one over!!!
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