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  1. A few years ago I learned about Butch Walker through this message board and have become a huge Butch Walker fan ever since. His newest album, The Spade, was just recently released. One of the new songs, "Day Drunk", sounds to me like it could have been straight off a Raspberries album. Well it turns out Butch is a huge Raspberries fan. He hosted a recent Underground Garage show, where he talked a little about the Raspberries, and played Go All The Way. I guess I may have to wear my Raspberries t-shirt to when I see Butch at his Chicago concert this week.
  2. Hollies, I was suprised to see another fan of Locksley! I caught them a couple times this spring when they were opening for Butch Walker. Locksley is a great pick, fun music from some nice guys.
  3. Several years ago, someone started a thread titled simply “Butch Walker rocks!â€. Since I value the musical opinions of many of the folks here, I went out and bought the CD. Then another CD, then another…. and Tuesday night I finally had the opportunity to see Butch in person. Some quick thoughts: 1. Huge thank you to whoever started that “Butch Walker rocks!†thread. Word-of-mouth works. 2. What a performer! Lyrics, music, performance, this guy is Springsteen and Bon Jovi in one. He had the packed Chicago HOB eating out of his hand. 3. Why is this guy not one of the big names on the scene? 4. Go see him if you get the chance. (He said he was going to Cleveland following the Chicago concert, did anyone see him?) 5. Butch Walker really does rock!
  4. I have to agree with the others on Fountains of Wayne,, Mathew Sweet, and Butch Walker. They are all great; all take up a lot of space on my ipod. (Why Butch Walker isn’t a major star is a mystery to me) But, there are also a lot of great bands out there, creating a lot of good music. You are not going to hear their songs on the more mainstream “Hi, my name is Clive Davis, and I’m here to tell you what you are going to like†type of forums. Unfortunately, you have to look a little harder for these newer acts, and also be willing to give them a chance. Here are a handful of newer bands I have come to enjoy. ( I added the title to some songs you might find on their My Space pages for a listen) Boys Like Girls - ( 4-Guy Guitar rock, great fun, listen to “The Great Escape†“Thunder†“Dance Hall Drugâ€) The Format - (Great original pop-rock try “Tune-out†and “She Doesn’t Get Itâ€) Relient K – (Fun pop-rock, listen to “I Must Have Done Something Right†“Giveâ€) Mae - (Original sound, slight twist on power pop with keyboards; listen to “the Everglow†“Suspensionâ€) Polyphonic Spree - (fans of ELO might like this orchestrated power-pop, ~21 singers/performers in the band, listen to “We Crawl†“Hold Me Knowâ€) Jack’s Mannequin - (keyboard pop-rock, An admitted fan of Brian Wilson, try “La La Lieâ€, Miss Delaney†& “Bruised†Rooney - (Pop rock, “Blueside†sounds like an updated Brian Wilson, their latest CD is little too Pop for me, but still has some great sing-along songs) My Chemical Romance - (Rather dark, melodic modern heavy metal, try "Famous last Words". I think this band would be an aquired taste) These are just a few that I have come across,and enjoy. Great bands playng music you'll like are everywhere; you just have to find them. Fortunately MySpace and other avenues let you listen before you buy. I think,, given the chance, you can find some really good stuff out there. One of the other great things about these newer bands is they play cheap. When they come to town, for about 15 bucks, you can enjoys 3 or 4 bands, 2 of which a likely to be good.
  5. Eric, Please keep these stories coming. It is great to hear first hand history of the songs we have come to know by heart. After I read these stories I want to hear the 'other' version of the song, so I can judge for myself. When I first heard the version of “Boats Against The Current†with the background vocals I wondered who could possibly have thought that version was better than the original. (Actually, my first thought was “What IS that background noise?â€!!) Does the alternate version of She Remembered exist somewhere? Can it be shared? It would be fun to hear that version. My guess is we would most likely agree on which version is the best. KC
  6. So I have to ask. Bernie, do you have a copy of the first video? If not, how long do you think it will take you to dig up a copy? KC
  7. Another fun one from the archives! Thanks Bernie. Any chance of getting an MP3 of this one? It would be a great addition to some of the other "live" MP3's you've provided in the past. KC
  8. Well, it seems it is time once again to nominate a new post for the "Post Of The Year" award. I am not sure if it allowed within the "Post Of The Year" by-laws, Eric being sort of an insider an all that, but Eric's "I hate when Jeff calls me a "poopeyhead"!" post is without a doubt one of the best, and funniest, messages on this board in quite some time, and surely a shoe-in for the big award. Also, this thread may also be nominated for the Thread-of-the Year, especially for its ability to spawn so many other threads. Thanks for the laugh, KC
  9. I caught part of his show at Summerfest last week. While his style is not my favorite, Robin and his band sounded great. It was some serious, 1970's, "watch-me-play-my-guitar" music. There was probably around 1500 people at that stage, and they all seemed to be enjoying the show. KC
  10. Hey Craig, Thanks for the scavenger hunt. I have to admit it took me more than 4 clicks to find the prize. (I already had the song, but the hunt was fun.) KC
  11. For those interested in new bands, and new music, I have come across another young band I’d like to share with you. The band is called “The Formatâ€. A few months ago, my daughter and I road-tripped to Chicago’s Metro Theater to see this band. I had not heard them much, but they were one of my daughter’s favorites. WOW, these guys sounded great. Great hooks, great melodies, great vocals, fantastic sound, solid pop-rock music with some real power-pop leanings. After listening to The Format’s first album "Interventions and Lullabies" a few times, this band has rocketed to my A-list. It has been a long time since I had an album that has gotten the repeated plays that this band’s music has received. They have one album, an EP, and lots of singles and acoustics, with a new album due out is a couple weeks. I've already pre-ordered it. When I spotted the following excerpt from a review of their upcoming release, I figured I wasn’t alone, and it was time to let everyone know about The Format. Editorial Reviews Amazon.com : "Every great power pop band is all about two things: meaty melodies and oo-la-la choruses, and there's no disbelieving that this Phoenix band have the formula nailed.... ....Like the Zombies, the Raspberries, Dwight Twilley, or the Shins? This record may be for you." --Scott Holter I am not sure I can totally agree with the reviewer, but I’m hooked. There are a couple of songs on the band’s MySpace. http://myspace.com/theformat The Compromise, Tune Out, and The First Single are some fun, sing-along pop rockers worth an extra listen. Give them a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Does anyone else have any new bands worth checking out?
  12. Eric, So what happened to all the other versions of "My Heart Stops"? I think it would be fun to hear some of the other versions of the same song. It would be interesting to see which version the fans would prefer. Also, what ever happens to "a few more songs that Clive felt I should do"? Do they get locked in a storage shed, like "Never Say Die", waiting for Bernie to finish the production? KC
  13. KC


    Trying not to sound too stupid (musically), what is a 'Chart'? KC
  14. Skip the casino Tim, The slot machines will always be there, but Paul and friends do not come around very often. Mrs. C and I will be there. KC
  15. October is an awfully long time from now, but it allows plenty of time to plan. Thanks for the heads-up. KC PS. Good work Marvin! You get "Thread Starter of the Month" award.
  16. Hey Bernie, When BerryMash loaded into iTunes, the general info indicated the song was from the album titled "Bernie's Album". What else is on that album? KC
  17. Eric, Thanks for commenting on subject. It is appreciated. I am with Tony on this one. (I can't believe I just said THAT!) Intervention only as an absolutely the last course of action. KC
  18. Bummer, that means I am 22 years too late to fulfill my fantasy of becoming a rock star. I guess I will have to continue to live vicariously through others on stage! Mrs. C.
  19. I agree with the fact that commercial music has evolved is some pretty bizarre directions. But, time has always proven to be the best judge of quality. It is easy for me to imagine that there were a lot of folks writing plays around the 1600’s, but out of the many, only Shakespeare stood the test of time. Around the 1900’s, there were many musicals written, but how many had the longevity of Cohan’s work? I can also imagine in the 1930’s & 40’s there were many songs written that had some popularity, that had no staying power as well, I only have to look through my father’s old 78rpm records to see proof of that. The 50’s and 60’s had more than their share of trivial music as well. Only the best survive these era’s. It is hard for me to imagine that today’s great songwriters are not out there somewhere. They may not be getting a lot of commercial play (or an Oscar, “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimpâ€, Arrrgghh!!), but I am convinced they are out there. The lineage from Gershwin-Mancini-McCartney-Carmen continues. We just have to keep looking for it. We have to, the record companies and radio stations are not. I try to be a “glass-half-full†guy. Great topic Eric. KC
  20. Bernie, Congratulations for keeping this site new and exciting. Just two years ago the biggest excitement was a new MP3. (Which is what kept me coming back.) Then it was a new EC song, then it was a new book, then it was concerts, pictures, music, another book, now Eric himself, and an iPod is next. Makes me wonder what else is on the drawing board. Nice work Bernie, keep'em coming. KC
  21. KC

    New Music

    One of the reasons I started visiting this board years ago, was to find new music. I figured any musicians appreciated by Raspberries and Eric Carmen music fans were worth checking out. Anytime someone from the board mentions a band, I give them a listen. This has worked out great. Thanks to everyone. Anyway, since I have learned about some great acts from you folks, I thought it was my turn to share. I wanted to let everyone know about a new band that Raspberries fans might appreciate. The band is called “Maeâ€. They are listed under the “alternative†genre. However, they are a modern band with some great Power Pop tendencies. Mae's second album, The Everglow, is full of some great new music. If your curious and want check out the band, some great tracks that are worth a download are Suspension, and The Everglow, and Ready And Waiting To Fall. These are also full versions of some songs streamed at Mae's website, http://www.whatismae.com. My daughter and I have seen them twice in concert, one was as a headliner at the Chicago HOB, they put on a great show. Give them a listen. I am always looking for new music. Does anyone else have some new favorites that are worth checking out? KC
  22. So who is Member #1 now? KC
  23. If anyone would like to see the video "Tonight I Wanna Cry" where Keith Urban references "All By Myself" here is the link: http://music.yahoo.com/ar-295295-videos--Keith-Urban I may post on his website to see if anyone has anymore info on this. Keith puts on a rockin concert, go if you have the chance. I am not a country fan, but it's not twangy country, its rock and roll country and it is great. Mrs. C.
  24. I saw a TV commercial for their album, All By Myself was the backgound music for most of the ad. KC
  25. 1. Raspberries New Years, Cleveland HOB (Mrs. C. was hesitant to travel to Cleveland for the second time in 5 weeks, but her front row center position turned her into one of the new big fans.) 2. Raspberries Atlantic City Sound Check (It was kind of like a concert. Great event, a must attend if we ever get invited to another one.) 3. Raspberries Atlantic City HOB (Best sound) 4. Raspberries Chicago HOB (Cold night, still reeling from three Raspberries concerts in 8 weeks) 5. Raspberries, Waukesha (Great fun, more like a party than a concert.) 6. John Fogerty, Milwaukee Summerfest (WOW! What a show!) 7. Mae, Chicago HOB (New “Alternative†band my daughter turned me on to. Check them out, some great pop-rock, leaning towards power-pop.) 8. Tequila Sunrise Cleveland HOB (Fun crowd, fun band) 9. Raspberries Cleveland Scene (Sorry, bad sound, bad seats, great music) From my “I want my money back†concert list: 1. James Taylor, Milwaukee Summerfest (I had seen him years ago when he put on a great show, this was a dull show.) KC
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