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  1. Very nicely done, Bernie!...as always!
  2. Thank you Billy. Strange though, as I live just a few minutes from where these items are shipped.
  3. Can someone tell me if the signed litho is being shipped separtely from other merch that was ordered in the same order? I only received the t-shirt and pin in my order yesterday, the litho was missing.
  4. I posted something on the forums for Super Deluxe and The Posies...
  5. My birthday is December 9th. I will never forget, waking up to the radio going off in the morning of my 14th birthday, it was tuned to WMMS and Jeff Kinzbach announced that Lennon had died. It was only a few years later that I TRULY discovered The Beatles, what they meant to pop culture and how great a man John Lennon really was. Rest In Peace.
  6. Nice! I was one of those subscribers who couldn't wait to get the next issue in the mail. Of course that was some time ago. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I even LOOKED at that rag. Kudos, Marvin!
  7. Truly one of the best shows I've ever attended and I've attended quite a few! Wally, and the rest of the band for that matter, were at the top of their game. I'm not so sure about gambling on the fact they'll play Chicago, didn't EC say something about a possible tour of Japan only? Hope I'm wrong...
  8. Wow, good stuff, thanks Marvin. I have to pretty much agree with everything he says. Especially when he writes "The Raspberries just might be the most unduly marginalized band in the history of rock and roll. And I say that with no ounce of hyperbole because that's what I've been feeling for the past week since I saw them live and really went back to their records in a serious way." He explained EXACTLY how I've been feeling since seeing them last week, I'm just not capable of articulating it that well.
  9. Gina, I just e-mailed you as well, thank you for offering, I hope you still have some left!
  10. Yeah, that's a great idea! That kind of stuff can be included in the "extras".
  11. Security was tight, both inside and out. Everyone gets "wanded" as you enter the concert hall.
  12. Mannoman, That's funny! It was chilly, but actually kind of balmy for Nov. 26th in these parts, I think it was around 50 degrees that evening. Anyway, the line was long and hopefully you all will not run into that problem. Depending on how close you want to stand to the stage or if you already have an assigned balcony seat, it might behoove you to wait a bit and arrive a little later. Remember they didn't even open the doors to the hall until about 8:15 last week. Let some of the other folks brave the elements, then walk right in! Sounds good in theory, but who knows what it'll be like downtown on NYE. It could be a nightmare with people everywhere or just the opposite, with people electing to stay home that evening. The Flats will be far more busier than the area where the HOB is. I would try to come prepared for anything, give yourself plenty of time and just be sure you're wearing something warm in the event you do have to wait outside. They do have a coat check, that way you won't have to wear your snowsuit to the show!
  13. Mannoman, I was downtown the night after the show as well, my girl and I went to the lighting of the square ceremony. I wanted to take a picture of the HOB marquee that read "Raspberries - SOLD OUT" and saw the same line you did, but it was actually for a band called Hoobastank which was playing after Les Paul. I KNOW Les Paul does not have THAT devout a following of teenagers! My only advice is, dress warm! Wish I could be there again, but my girl and I already had plans for NYE. Have fun everyone, can't wait to read the posts!
  14. Thanks for the tip-off, Bernie! The interview was about ten minutes long. During the interview, he mentioned they will be recording the NYE show as well and may mix up the set list a bit. They talked about the "old days", how "Go All The Way" was a bit risque back then, the suggestion in The Free Times review that Eric has a "big ego" and that the writer might want to call him personally and talk to him before making a claim like that, as Eric doesn't know the writer. He did mention the band will go on about 10:00 PM on NYE and will play up to midnight. Then kiddingly said they might have a few drinks and play until 4 in the morning, who knows?. Very cool! Bernie, I did tape it if you need a copy.
  15. I second that! I realize this board is for fans, but I would also love to hear something from the man himself. Not that the reunion isn't enough or anything, I guess I'm just a bit surprised he hasn't written anything.
  16. Ditto for me too, I was quite pleased with the review, although it should have been at the top of the review section and a picture would have been nice, but that's nitpicking. It suggests the 'Berries were MORE influential than Big Star or Badfinger (still two of my personal faves) on the power pop genre, it mentions Eric's genius at writing pop songs, along with the fine contributions from Wally, Dave and Jim. Remember, this is an "underground" newspaper and while it may be local, doesn't necessarily mean they'll be kind to local acts, even though they do a fairly good job of spotlighting local bands. Besides, even the the most unbiased person could not come away from that show unimpressed, it was truly something to witness. In NO WAY did it seem they had not perfomed together in 32 YEARS!
  17. Very cool! Wow, you did the Right to Chews compilation as well? I'm familiar with that one too. I love Not Lame Records, I find so many hidden pop treasures there.
  18. Being PowerPopJames, I of course have that Shoes tribute album, The Tearaways play on that track as well, correct? Great version of that song, by the way. That's gotta be Scott at the end doing his spot-on Macca impression, right?. It's a great collection altogether and includes Matthew Sweet, DM3, The Lolas among others. Great job John, wish I had your job!
  19. My pleasure Darlene! I'm happy to help out in any way I can, especially since there are so many out of towners on the list. I only found out about this site a couple of weeks ago and I've been addicted ever since! I log on at work and at home, it's crazy, but I HAVE to know what's going on. And everyone is so nice! I apologize for never introducing myself, I just kinda dove right in. Good luck to everyone, I hope you all can get tickets. Let me rephrase that, I KNOW you all will get tickets!
  20. This just in... RING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH RASPBERRIES AT HOUSE OF BLUES CLEVELAND! Raspberries fans have reason to celebrate – again! Due to the success of the long-awaited reunion performance of the original Raspberries at the House of Blues, HOB proudly announces the return of Cleveland’s prodigal sons to rock the House’s Music Hall again – this time to ring in the New Year! Plan to spend your New Year’s Eve with Eric Carmen, Wally Bryson, Jim Bonfanti and Dave Smalley! Raspberries at House of Blues Cleveland -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The House of Blues restaurant will be open exclusively for Dinner Package reservations from 5:00 PM through 9:30 PM on New Year's Eve. The gourmet Dinner Package will be $60 per person and will be a true culinary experience. Tickets will go on sale Saturday, December 4 at 10:00 AM.: To order dinner packages and concert tickets for New Year's Eve, call the House of Blues box office beginning Saturday at 10:00 AM at 216.523.BLUE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- event info Friday, December 31 House of Blues Cleveland Cleveland, OH price: $75.00 - $125.00 * door: 7:00pm / show: 8:00pm ages: all Additional New Year’s Eve activities will be rocking the House in our famous Cambridge Room and also in our Restaurant! Visit www.hob.com/cleveland for updates and announcements.
  21. Still no information on the details included with the ticket prices.
  22. 12-04 House of Blues Cleveland » 308 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, OH 44114 216.523.BLUE price : $74.00 - $124.00 * date : Fri, December 31 door : 7:00pm show : 8:00pm genre : Classic Rock age : all
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