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  1. what type of seats and price? Thanks dwwave@adelphia.net
  2. Bernie, Thanks for the elusive balcony seat info!!
  3. on the 11/26/04 show on that day day of sale tickets went on sale(even though it was a sellout prior) Same thing Happened with Marilyn Manson was sold out and day of sale tickets became available (did not go) was just checking out HOB>com for info on Rasberries show!
  4. My husband was able to get two general admission (standing) this am he was just checking the site and they were on sale! would have been great to get balcony(he tried and they were gone) as he has a bad back 3 spinal surgeries his oprder printed out at 726am?? from HOB confirmation (must be Pacific time) but we are in the "House" and he said standing is ok if anybody has two balcony seats available Please post or e-mail me if you are willing to sell and I will put these two up for sale at cost Thanks debi
  5. Hi, Looking for info on the House of Blues New year's Eve Show heard the upcoming show sold out in 4 minutes. who had the best experience getting tickets 1.Tiketmaster online 2.phone 3.Ticketmaster sales locations(stores etc) 4.Other p.s I heard that the initial House of Blues Show (Cheap Trick) was plagued by sound problems (that were corrected) ? were they using their own gear or the House sound system/board Thanks
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