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  1. Just received a confirmation email that the tickets were printed by Ticketmaster (and they usually ship shortly after that) so even people haven't gotten them yet... but it should be soon
  2. Concert started promptly at 10:00..same video intro as the 26th. Highlite (sorry for those at the 26th show) was Crusin Music...it was spectacular! Midnight was missed by about 2-3 minutes as the band started Ecstacy about 2 minutes to with Eric noting "if we speed tis up we might make it". No such luck. Concert ended about 12:25 with Go All The Way. No encore..that was the crowning point of the night. The band was whipped by then.Outside temps about 54...inside temps about 85..stage temps probably way higher than that. Set list was essentia;;y the same as the 26th with the addition of 2-3 unplayed songs from the 26th. (Crusin Music included) Other posters will need to fill in which ones. Band was tight..harmnies were dead on again. All in all on par with the 26th, alto for some reason initially (IMHO) Eris and Wally weren't "into it ie-having as much fun as the 26th, but that noticeably changed by the 6th-8th song when things really started to kick in.
  3. OK..here we go.Just back from the concert.....
  4. It actually doesn't matter how much snow is on the ground at the moment (I personally have 12-14 inches just 7 miles south of downtown) just let it be known that ALL the major highways are dry and clear, the secondary roads are wet and clear, and the biggest problem come NYE might be flooding from the semi-rapid melting that is expected when the temps top out in the 40s the next few days. i.e- by then there may be standing water on some streets. Otherwise, things look good for NYE!!!!!
  5. New Year's Eve It Is for me and my 2 not-quite-yet converted Raspberries fans who joined me for the 26th. And yes, Chicago is also in my future!!!!!!
  6. Working 4 / 10 hour days helps. Also being in charge of the schedule definitely helps!!!! I work Monday - Thurs one week then take the following Monday off and work Tues-Fri that week. being from Cleveland makes these shows affordable, and Chicago is close (relatively speaking) so that's doable. I've been to 6 of 8 HOBs (and am loking for an excuse to go back)so a HOB concert tour works well for me!!!!!! Didn't get a chance to meet many members last time (being new to the board, rather shy, and awfully protective of my balcony seats on the 26th!!!)but hope to meet more NYE and in Chicago. If you have Anne's Raspberrie pin make sure you wear it the next couple of shows!!!!!
  7. Excellent photos!!!!! I was rather perturbed that, 10 minutes prior to concert, security told me cameras WERE allowed in the hall aftet all. I bolted the line, ran to my car, only to find I left the camera at home. Hopefully others got the news earlier than I and were able to retrieve cameras from the coat check (where most people sounded like they were going to store them.) But Gene's "behind the stage" look added a new perspective.
  8. OK, this idea is blossoming like ....well, like raspberries, so count me in. I'm Classics99, AKA Ken (from Cleveland) I'll be there with Kathie, Patti, and Yvonne......friends, but not members YET!! (They must not be great friends..but I have time to work on them!!!!!!!)
  9. At the airport follow signs to the parking garage (go down escalator). before going back up the escalators to the garage there is an area to the left marked RTA (Regional Transit Authority) That is the rapid trsnit (sortof a misnomer) that will take you into downtown...Tower City Station to be exact. Ride time about 30 minutes. Go to the 1st floor and follow signs to Public Square. From there you are about a 2-3 block walk east and south to the HIE (passing the HOB) Fare is approx $1.50. Taxi fare do the motel will be approx $25.00..it is all highway and you will be going against any "rush hour" traffic. If you don't have numerous / bulky luggage the RTA is OK. Not fancy, but serviceable. There are about 8-12 stopson the way downtown. Altho unavailable to pick you up Friday if you (or anyone) needs rides back to the airport Sat or Sun I'll be available. Good luck and happy traveling!!!!!
  10. Thanks Ted. Hope I've been able to give out-of-towners a bit of a preview of what to expect.
  11. Just to Clarify... the parade, fireworks, and tree lighting are on Saturday at 6:00. Normally in the past the festivities have traditionally been on the Friday after Thanksgiving but for some strange, unexplained reason they switched things around this year, so pedestrian / motor traffic should be a little lighter since a lot of people will be off work. Conversely, it is the biggest shopping day of the year and Cleveland will be no exception, with most crowds centered around the Tower City area (Public Square) and the adjoining Renaissance Motel
  12. Tables surrounding the floor are elevated since the "mosh pit" is a three step walkdown from the surrounding bar / table / SRO / entrance area. Viewing is good from all tables. The tables back by the sound booth...again, a LARGE booth in the middle of the hall.... probably have the best view unless the Cleveland Cavs decide to show up en mass and stand in front of you. Behind the balcony seats there is a rail / sitting area with seats (probably the best view from the balcony besides the seats themselves). Wait, maybe I should say they are the WORST seats since thats where I'm hoping to be..Yep, that's it , those seats are aweful..DON"T SIT THERE!!!!, and behind those are another goups of tables with good but not great viweing 'cuse it could be partially obstructed with people standing, etc in from. The balcony is steep enough not to worry about not being able to see over the person in front of you... sightlines were well thought out.
  13. There is a public parking garage almopst directly across the street from the HOB on Euclid that costs $5.00 to park. It is a worker's commuter garage so parking before 5 or 5:30 might be crowded. They also have valet parking directly in front of the HOB (there is a roped off curb lane)...cost unknown. Also has valet parking on East 4th street (where the entrance to the restaurant is located) at Pickwick and Frolic directly across the street from the restaurant entrance. Cost $5.00. East 4th is one way only from Prospect to Euclid Ave.) Again, if the restaurant is full Pickwick and Frolic is a great restaurant with a superb martini bar in the basement. VIVO restaurant ($$$) is directly across the street.
  14. As I stated earlier, the sound quality in the balcony was originally better than on the floor but by mid-concert they had adjusted the mix so that anyplace in the hall (and I walked all over) was equally superb (better than 95% of the concerts I attend...15-25/yr, small and large hall) It appears from talking with a cocktail waitress that the tables are all "first come first served" so those attending the pre-show get-together should have first dibs. Coat check is in the lobby just to the right of the security check and costs $4.00!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Price of the coat check is $4.00 BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I did see people with cell phones in the concert hall so evidently they were not confiscating them (how could they.... just about everyone carries one these days) I wasn't paying attention as to whether anyone was taking pictures up close with camera-phones but hey, it was so densely packed that security couldn't have gotten to anyone on the floor anyway!!!! They don't do the security check until going into the concert hall itself so in the lobby and all other private areas (as far as I could ascertain) photos could be taken. But then what do you do with your camera????????
  17. More Random Thoughts (After the hangover subsides)..... Drink prices and quality are, well, lacking, at least this 1st night. $7.25 for a vodka and cranberry in an extremely small cup. My drink of choice, a bottle of Great Lakes Christmas Ale beer was $4.25...try it if you enjoy beer...it's locally brewed and has subtle cinnamon / spice flavoring. They do have food available at the bar (potato skins, hot poppers, etc) for a late night snack. The wait outside the HOB is NOT covered, so prepare if entering from Euclid. Wristbands were given out (21 and over for alcohol sales) outside which either slowed down or sped up the wait, depending on your point of view. ID's were checked if youthful appearing.The seperate entrance for the restaurant has a small covering / doorway. Once inside, security screening line moved slow (they were thorough). Sound quality seemed best on balcony and was a bit muddled at first but improved so by mid-show was probably best concert sound I've heard in awhile. It would be awful not to hear the individual instrumentations of the RASPBERRIES so it should improve by the 26th. Clarifying from before... unsure if HOB personnel I spoke with was a supervisor (it appeared so from her actions) but she was decisive in informing me that the balcony would be open for non-VIP members at some point for SRO viewing for the concert. Take it for what it's worth.
  18. Altho unavailable during the day concert day (WORK SUCKS!!)I'd be willing to help drive people around Cleveland (to HOF, airport, etc.) on Saturday or Sunday if anyone needs assistance or "tour guide" information. Call me at 216-905-8480 (cell phone) C'MON CLEVELAND PEOPLE....LET'S HELP THE OUT-OF-TOWNERS!!!
  19. Almost sounds like RASPBERRIES are sticking exclusively to HOB venues (OK, yeah, I'm basing that on 2 concerts in Cleveland, but still....)so places with HOB might me the first in line to have future concerts IMHO. Much has been said about all the practice time going in to what was supposedly a 1-time gig, but realistically its more feasible to have a select limited "tour" when band members schedules allow.
  20. Rambling thoughts after scouting out the HOB opening night concert with CHEAP TRICK: If you had thought of "smuggling" a camera in (as I did) forget about it....security is tighter than an airport. All purses checked, all coats opened,pockets emptied,AND......metal detector wands are used on everyone. Sightlines are awesome with video monitors well placed throughout the venue. Sound and lighting board are HUGE (approx 18 x 25) and sit dead center in the hall and on the "mosh pit" (that's what they call it) in front of the stage. If you're claustrophobic you might have problems...ceilings are low (because of balcony) and with a full house it is packed. Restaurant personnel stated they are NOT taking reservations (at least in person) until after January 1st. I'm not sure of the results if anyone called for reservations. Side private "boxes" are practically on top of the stage but in some cases sightlines are obstructed by large speaker banks mounted on the walls on side of stage. HOB personnel informed me that the Meet and Greet upstairs prior to the Raspberries show will be by ticket only but after that the upstairs will be open as approx 30% of the standing room area is upstairs behind the seats. Quicker access to bathrooms and bars upstairs also since 60% - 70% of the crowd is on the main floor. Table seating is arranged around the "mosh pit" area (as in most HOB's) and behind seats in the balcony. First come first served!!! Any questions or comments are welcome or contact me at Classics99@aol.com
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