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  1. And don't forget that Paul and Billy did one show Tom Petty tribute performance at the Cleveland HOB that I had the pleasure to tech for them. It was a fantastic performance and I look forward to the day that they bring it back again. Those are two amazing musicians.

  2. Marlene, I think I remember that concert. Billy Sullivan played with two different bands that day, the house crew knocked over and knocked out EC Vox amp after we played and our own Kevin Dugan had a picture taken with Mark Linsey which later became a prank shot for the crew. as the picture was being taken Mark pulled off his tri-cornered hat and stuck it on Dugie's head. The smile on Dugie's face, priceless. The caption for the picture "Hey little pirate, where's your buccaneers?" Why of course under this bucken hat!!" I will try t find the picture and then send to Bernie so it can be posted.

  3. Yes, those were great days. I really loved playing Geneva -on-the-lake and it was true Rock & Roll. Right next door was the Freeport Inn and we would go over on our breaks and watch Freeport perform. I remember the first time we went over to the Freeport Inn I could not get in, I was only 17 and did Wally and Mike give me crap for being so young. Well they talked with the owner of the club Otto N and he allowed me to come in as long as I agreed not to drink any beer. To this day I still have not had a beer, so I kept my part of the agreement.

    There must have been 7 or 8 clubs in GOTL I remember the Cove where the Jaggers played and Donnie Iris was always packing them in. And lastly we got paid in cash and Mike and Wally would send me down to a bar at the other end of the strip, I think it was called the Sunken Bar to get our pay which was all in small bills and in a paper grocery bag. I would get the bag of money and then walk all thew way back down the strip back to the club. Its unbelievable that I never got robbed.

  4. I was the roadie for Target and Mike was the front man although sometimes he went back on the drum kit. Wally played lead, Mike Chandler played rhythm, I don't remember the bass players last name Vic __ and I don't remember the other drummers name. I remember playing all over the place. Nobody could play the Stones like Target. What a great bunch of guys to work with.

  5. Well, I got mine and nowhere on the package does it say "give to Baby Sister". If you do not get yours by the end of the summer I will consider sharing it with you so you can wear it at WAB. Yes, it will cost you . . who is playing at Blossom?

  6. From a very very good source... The Eagles will start a world tour late this year. This will happen right after the release of their new album. The tour is to last about 3 years and the schedule as I understand is 2 months on the road and then a 1 month break then 2 month on and 1 off and the story continues.

  7. And I agree...Those four guys both on and off stage are amazing. What even blows me away more is when we are in the rehearsal hall and they are just playing around the music is so great. This is one of the perks that as a crew member we get to hear and see. Most people just get to see the results on stage, however we get to see some of the true artistic ability of all four guys and it is spectacular. Eric just playing the keyboards, Wally just dabbling on different rifts, Dave both on guitar and bass and Jim always changing heads on the drums to make them sound so much bigger (hard to believe how he plays that bigger is possible). A couple of months ago they got together (minus Dave due to to health) and just jammed for a couple of hours. I wish I would have had a video camera because it was so great.

    As I have said before, if the stars align correctly and we go back out on tour, it will be nothing short of greatness.

  8. Just a few of my observations: Cleveland shows, 1st sell out, New Years Eve was not announced until after the November 26th show and this limited ticket sales as a lot of people had plans (even crew and Overdubs had to change plans) but the show was basically a sell out. Chicago as far as we could tell nearly a sell out in some of the worst weather Chicago has had in years. Outdoor shows, well they are outdoors and we shared the venues with multiple acts. NYC BB Kings both sell outs. Atlantic City was not a sell out but well attended. According to my sources this venue will be closing very soon due to the inability to sell out shows and LA was a sell out and if not it was really close.

    What does all this mean; the advertising that HOB did for the shows was terrible, if the EC and Raspberries Net board member would have not spread the word who knows what would have happened. For any tour to be successful not only do you need a good product, which we do, but we need some strong promoter backing. With the CD/DVD deal hopefully this could happen and a tour might happen. I know I am ready to hit the road.

    Just a note; these are my thoughts and are not in any way the opinions or thoughts of any of the band members or road crew. Thats my story and I am sticking to it.


  9. Marv,

    As part of crew I think I will agree that IF there is a tour this year (and I am praying every day for this to happen) it would not be a "Reunion Tour" Most likely it would be to promote the CD/DVD. As far as Eric's solo music as part of the show; I don't know why it wouldn't work and I think that with Wally, Dave and Jim being part of the music it would be fantastic. Following along with some of Wally's and Dave's solo work this could become very interesting. Everyone but Jim has written some fantastic music outside the Raspberries family and it would be wonderful to see how they would present the music as the Raspberries. So what do I think, lets go out on tour play some music and have some fun. Promote the hell out of the CD and see where it goes. I am ready and I know the rest of the crew is chomping at the bit to crank it up.

  10. I know where I want to visit once again with a certain group of people

    Cleveland House of Blues

    Chicago House of Blues

    BB Kings in NYC

    Jacksonville House of Blues

    Orlando House of Blues

    Dallas House of Blues

    Las Vegas House of Blues

    LA House of Blues

    and whatever HOB available in let's say June, July, August of 2007

  11. I spoke with Dave today and he is getting stronger every day. He said he feels great and goes back to the doctors next week for his 3 month check up. I guess its time to change the oil!! As far as May, I know Dave wants to come back to Cleveland and visit his daughter and grandchildren since he was unable to come back at Christmas. May was the target date for his full recovery and able to travel.

  12. Hey Paul

    Even with the troubles I had this week in Cincinnati with snow, ice and cold I got to experience your snow heaven just the week before. A week ago Tuesday I drove from Buffalo to Pulaski, NY which allowed me to drive that corridor up US 81. It was an interesting trip to say the least. I had a buddy from Southern Germany with me and he had never seen so much snow. So he took pictures because he thought when he got home no one would believe him.

    I am a believer because I was there and I am not coming back until it melts. See you July!!!!

  13. Down here in Cincinnati first a little snow 4" then a little ice 3". Now the bad part; power went out yesterday at 5:30pm, kept the gas fireplace going, slept on the floor and the temperature continued to drop by morning the temperature was somewhere around 40. Finally got power back at 4:30 this afternoon. Thermostat in the house read 38 degrees when the heat kicked on. Temperature now 70 degrees in the house. I want to move back to the south.

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