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  1. The Barbie and Ken dolls have been at every rehearsal and every concert including the first reunion show. If you want all the answers you will need to purchase the "Tonight" book from the Raspberries website. There is a detailed interview with Ken and Barbie and how they have become the Raspberries closest fans. Just a note; They have been honored with "All Access" laminates that they wear at every show.

  2. I have a lead on a guy near Athens that is suppose to be very good. I know it is quite a ride from Cleveland but for me its only about an hour and half from Cincinnati. I be checking out some other leads to see who is available near Northeast Ohio.

  3. I have always thought the Bangles were great and at the LA show at the HOB Sunset Strip this past November I got to meet Susanna backstage before the show. During the show she sat up in the balcony right in front of Wally and seemed to love the performance. Now what I would really like to see is a Raspberries/Bangles tour. Together they would fill any house and rock all night long.

  4. Time spent with my daughter in AZ watching her recovery, knowing that she is getting better every day and coming home January 11. The time spent with older daughter and son-in-law before going to AZ knowing that their 1st and my 6th grandchild is to arrive on January 27. The time spent with my very best friend Dave Smalley and Kim sharing a special XMAS. And most of all the time spent with my wife, Kim who has put up with me for 25 years. The only thing missing a list of more show dates to prepare for.

  5. Coming to AZ to visit with our daughter Kim, Kenzie and I had a wonderful XMAS dinner at Dave Smalley's with Dave's Kim cooking up a fantastic Turkey, Chestnut stuffing, Sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry salad. Great wine and even better company. Great relaxing time. You all should have been here.

  6. As we are all getting older and the stage lighting is getting brighter the guys have complained that the set lists were getting hard to read. So for the Cleveland show I printed the lists in landscape mode which allowed for a much bigger font. The only trouble is that now the set lists can be 4 plus pages and I can just see the whole front of the stage plastered. So thank goodness there was an intermission so we could switch out the first & second set. For hopeful future shows I need to figure out something new or insist on an intermission.

  7. Money Down is one of my all time favorites penned by Wally. When the band originally played it in the seventies it was a hard rocker much like "All Right Now". However, when they recorded it they added the horns and slowed it down a step. I can still remember when I got the album I had the capability to speed up the turntable and listened to it at the original speed. The horns sounded a little strange but the song rocked. I would love to see the guys play it once again as it was written.

  8. The mic out by the mixing board was set up by our FOH engineer and it is connected to a computer to analyze the room as things change. It helps him make adjustments to the mix as the room changes. The sound check is done with an empty room and average temperatures. Put 2500 hundred people in a room turn on spots and stage lights and the room takes on a whole new sound. It is pretty neat software.

  9. You know sometimes my sister just gets real confused. The original Secret was Eric Robertson, Wally Bryson, Dave Smalley and Frank Muserra. And what a band it was with all four capable of lead vocals. They did record some demo in my cousin studio on East 24th street but I don't know what ever happened to the tapes. Frank left the band and it had nothing to do with music or the guys and was replaced by a guy from Parma Mark Chambers. This rendition stayed together for quite a while and even played at my wedding. Somewhere there is a video of Mr. Smalley, Mr. Bryson, and Mr. Robertson playing in Tuxes as they were all part of the wedding party.

    Mr. Bonfanti was never part of the Secret.

  10. Eric's black on black guitar is a Variax 700 manufactured by Line 6. This is a modeling guitar which has special software built-in which allows the guitar to simulate various other guitars and sounds including an acoustic mode. When used with the Vox modeling amps we can get all kinds of different sounds. Eric also owns an acoustic version of this guitar that he used in 2004/2005 reunion shows. The acoustic version has many different setting for various acoustic instruments. Pretty neat guitar.

  11. Speaking for the road crew it depends when the M & G happens. If it is a the end of the sound check then we have some down time if it is right before the show we are way to busy and if it is after the show we need to get the stage broken down and truck loaded before any party time. Our day starts very early usually on site by 9:30 am for a 10:00am load-in and the set-up, sound check, dinner and show and then tear it down. Most days we are happy if we are done by midnight. So that makes for a very long day with very little down time. I know that I always enjoy meeting the fans and talking about most anything. If we seem a little wacky it just might be the day or quite possibly the crew member your talking with. So come by and say hello!!

  12. Happy B-day little sis...I remember 50 years ago on a cold rainy night when I was told that a new life was brought into our world.. . . It wasn't you . . .you showed up years later, but still it was rainy and cold and I had to come in early from trick or treat festivities. All the best on this birthday and many many more. See you soon

    All my love,

    Your favorite brother (I have to be, I'm the only one)

  13. The Barbie and Ken story can be found in the "TONIGHT" book published by Bernie & Ken with fantastic photos by Gene Taylor. If you don't have the book, you really need to buy one. Barbie and Ken have attended every show since the boys got back together in 2004 and were part of the VH1 video session (of course they were in all of the video's). It is basically a a little crew humor.

  14. No, we do not have an RV. The crew will be driving the truck and a car, too many people for the truck. Video footage of the ride is pretty boring of a bunch of old guys in a truck driving on the turnpike to NYC (Rusty doing his crosswords and me singing poorly worrying about the load-in and everything else). Maybe someday we will have the opportunity to ride in crew bus and then the videos would be something to talk about.

    As for the strings they are in the garbage as there are way to many and it is so much easier to just loosen and cut rather than carefully take them off and try to keep them as they are used and not reusable. It was quite a chore to keep them an catalog them for Bernie when we provided them as an extra for the "Tonight" books.

  15. From my point of view "No one will be disappointed" We just keep moving forward and one week from tonight we break it all down, load the truck and get ready for a short 10 hour drive to NYC on Friday. Can't wait to get this going again . . .The crew is ready

  16. Well in the old days Wally used the standard extra light set .09 - .11 - .16 - .36 - .46 and I have to tell you we broke a lot of the E & B strings, I was changing strings like a new mother changes diapers. Today we have changed a little bit and use .10 - .13 - .17 - .26 - .36 - .46. Going to the little heavier E, B & G strings have helped to fix the breakage problem and Wally can bend the strings a little more. Wally is from the old world and does not use any effects pedals so he really works the strings and neck of the guitars. There is a pedal that comes with the Vox amps but it only changes the settings in the amp to simulate different amps and change speed of echo, etc. Picks have always been Fender Mediums. I can happily say that on the 05-05 tour we did not break one string at any show. I normally change all the strings on all guitars (Eric & Wally) the weekend before the upcoming show. They will use these strings for the rehearsals and then I will change the E & B strings before soundcheck. I believe this is the reason we have not has any issues with broken strings. We will have to see if we have the same luck this time around.

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